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Fool on the Hill i a ranting anarchist blog which attacks the lies and dissembling of all kindsand exposes the environmental destruction that threatens life on Earth


April 22 2006

Gordon just doesn't get it

Gordon Brown, set to take over from Blair without an election in a supposedly democratic party, is clearly not a deep thinker. He should not be lecturing the world about oil, he clearly doesn't understand a fundamental fact about oil; that it's a finite resource and is already running out. There are about fifty years of it left at present rates of consumption, which means there will be none sooner than that as consumption os soaring all the time. Arguing for lower oil prices to allow economic growth to continue unchecked, Gordon exposes his pathetic obsession with money and the fatuity of his belief that somehow economies can continue to grow and grow in a finite world. This level of stupidity and ignorance is especially horrifying in face of the massive problems facing humanity, if this is the calibre of those who make the decisions which affect all our lives, then there truly is no hope. At the point where we should be making serious attempts to reduce our use of fossil fuels, we are increasing that use, and have reached the point where the oil 'producers' literally can't produce at an increased rate to satisfy demand. So even if supplies were limitless [something people like Gordon would like to pretend] and no damage was being done to the planet, with China and India coming online as major consumers, there is no way the price of oil can possibly stay stable.

We will continue to trash the planet as the full effects of our trashing become more and more apparent. The suits who run government, with their short-terms minds and simplistic grasp of things, are consigning everyone to a future where the planet will make the decisions for us, where we have been incapable of making them ourselves. This continued growth people like Brown cling to will be swept from their control, and the global economy will be plunged into chaos and decline. Famine will ravage the human population as land is lost to the sea and the weather becomes more and more chaotic. Without food people die, society breaks down, essential services fail and yet more die. The time for complacency is over, even the rich are not protected as they rely on the actions of so many to sustain their lifestyle, and eventually money won't buy them anything, even a barrel of oil.

April 9 2006

Spring finally arrives, but there might be a further delay

Strangely late spring after it looked like it was going to be earlier still, and all the plants have been waiting as if holding their breath for that extra degree or two before bursting into growth. And with spring comes avian flu to the UK, whereupon the media decides it's up for a good 'public panics' story and despatched excitable reporters to Scotland where the infected swan died, and was left floating in the harbout for a couple of days despite being reported to Defra. Despite the efforts of the media, the public has remained unmoved by the whole thing, and refused to stop buying chicken and eggs from supermarkets, a story the media have been rehearsing for months. No regard for the wild bird population who are the victims of this disease, and only large birds like swans and ducks appear to attract attention, but the main thrust has been - how does it affect us - and the answer is not a lot. When H5N1 has mutated in its own time in the fetid chicken sheds of SE Asia, it will make its way round the planet courtesy of international airlines, not swans. That's the time to panic, and, food stocks full, seal yourself away from the rest of humanity for the duration.

As the dead swan had been partially eaten by the time it was taken away, probably by gulls, there's a very good chance there are a lot of sick birds around in Scotland, who, over the next few weeks will be infecting more. Their corpses will be eaten by scavengers like foxes, badgers, stoats and weasels, as well as avian carrion eaters like kites and buzzards, and they will most likely also suffer the same fate. It's unclear whether maggots and worms can catch it. But there's no real threat to hominids from all of this, only exposure close up and personal passes it to us so far, and that's unlikely with wild birds. Despite which, many people have stopped feeding birds in their gardens and have removed or blocked off nesting boxes just as spring is sending them all nesting crazy; I watched a crow wresting with a long frondy branch in the top of the silver birch until he broke it off and set off with three feet of nesting material hanging below him.

April 2 2006

A shared taste for blood

Jack Straw, the UK's lying foreign secretary and arch apologist for the illegal war, has had his best buddy and fellow professional liar Condo-Leeza over for a dirty weekend, where he showed her all round the holes in Blackburn, Lankashire [reputedly 10,000 according to the Beatles] his home constituency where, despite all the killing and lies, his obedient serfs re-elected him. So if any terrorist bombs go off there in the future, they know who to blame, themselves. "It was not a mistake to overthrow Saddam Hussein. It was not a mistake to unleash the forces of democracy in the Middle East" said Condo. Unleashing democracy, now that's a new angle, not unleashing the dogs of war [why dogs? canines never go to war] or unleashing the forces of terrorism, sectarianism and civil unrest, but democracy. Democracy is clearly just waiting to be unleashed all over the world, all it takes is a campaign of US/UK blanket bombing and - shock and awe - democracy breaks out. Well, it's a theory.

Having been booed, jeered, screamed at and demonstrated against wherever they went up north, he then whisked her off to the green zone in Baghdad which he obviously thought was safer than Blackburn, and where they were able to see much more blood and indulge their visceral hobby. Every media shot in the UK showed he couldn't take his eyes off her, obviously sick, humourless females who smile coldly all the time while excusing the utmost barbarity are just Jack's cup of tea, and he clearly has the hots for this evil bitch as the pic below amply illustrates. They are said by a mole to have enjoyed a few Bloody Marys in the mess before boarding another military plane to experience the pleasures of near weightless sex, said to be akin to near guiltless killing for such perverts.

March 29 2006

Electoral triumph for a sack of lard

So a sack of lard in a coma has won the Israeli election, which tells the world a lot about Israel. I expect the machines will be turned off soon, having kept Sharon 'alive' until his newly created party won power, albeit not an overall majority. The sack must be looking pretty wrinkled by now without the multiple dinners he ate all his life to keep it inflated to its former gargantuan size. If it's ok for a comatose sack of lard to win an election, it ought also to be possible to prosecute it for crimes against humanity.

He isn't the only political leader in a coma mind you, Bush has been for years and is in charge of a nation. Most countries would be a lot better off if their politicians were all in a real coma, leave people to get on with their lives without interference, fail to declare wars, not indulge in the pathetic macho posturing which is all politics is about; I've got a bigger one than you and I know how to use it. How come the whole of the history of the naked ape has been conducted on the level of eight year old boys? Why do the adults let it happen?

March 27 2006

Even Americans are starting to take it seriously

In an issue of the journal Science focusing on global warming, climate scientist Jonathan Overpeck of the University of Arizona reported that if global trends continue, Earth could ultimately see sea levels 20 feet (6 meters) higher than they are now. http://www.planetark.com/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/35794/story.htm

For maps of how parts of the US will look for a variety of sea level rises; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 metres, here is a good link..

Anyone under the delusion that Canada is a civilised nation should take note that again this year they are clubbing and shooting baby seals, this year 325,000 will be killed in what the Canadian government describes as humane. The Humane Society of the United States is monitoring the killing along with Greenpeace and says there's nothing humane about it, as the Canadian scum go about trying to wipe out the seal population because seals eat fish and human greed doesn't allow for sharing as fish stocks plummet due to human overfishing. So buying anything Canadian, especially seafood, puts anyone on their side and jointly responsible for this murder. Canadians love to think of themselves as superior to Americans, but every year that they indulge in this barbarity lets the world see what they're really about.


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