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August 29 2007


Having just returned from a week's camping in Dorset, I'm still exhausted, and taking ages to recover from the unaccustomed hill walking, sea swimming, inflateable rowing and other diverse physical activities. Spending most of the year in front of a VDU means I'm ill prepared for all this exertion and, while enjoying it at the time, must pay the price later. I need a holiday to recover.

Having bought a brand new tent for the break, I was sorely disappointed as it failed to measure up, and in the winds we had at the beginning of the week along with heavy rain, it looked at one point it wasn't going to survive and would collapse on us in the night. The tent, which appeared to be German manufacture and therefore one would expect dependable and ruthlessly efficient, was more like a Chinese product; thrown together by slaves without any care. Seams failed to match up, vital tags which anchored the structure came off in our hands as we erected it, windows leaked because the covers didn't fit, and the groundsheet seemed to be from an entirely different tent, being too small to attach to all four corners. I have contacted the company concerned and await their suggestion for a resolution. Nothing short of a full refund and compensation will be acceptable, and if they don't behave I shall be mentioning their name here along with a list of faults. Until then I shall refrain from details.

Teenagers seem to be sensing they have no future and are behaving in a nihilistic manner suited to the end time with news of more being shot or stabbed almost every day. Now an eleven year old about to embark on the adventure of secondary school has been wiped out by a casual shot from a BMX bike. Human life gets cheaper every day.


August 16 2007

Growing up

The blackbird young are almost grown now. But the growing of adult plumage isn't an all-over process; it starts from the tail and works up the body. So a few weeks ago they were two tone; brown baby feathers and black adult, and now they are looking most odd, as if wearing dad's overcoat, with a black fully-fledged body and on the top a little brown chick's head. While being perfectly able to feed themselves, nevertheless, when dad arrives to see what we have put out, the chicks immediately take up a baby pose; wings trailed back and down, body crouched low and head stretched up with mouth agape. The poor parent can do nothing but respond to this enticement, and duly pops some food in, before stuffing his beak and flying off, presumably to feed his mate or, we suspect, another clutch of chicks, the second this year. At that point the the baby goes back to feeding itself. I suspect this is a universal; young clinging to dependence when perfectly capable of being self sufficient. With humans it can go on for years.

With a camping holiday in Dorset approaching, we are scanning the weather forecasts to glean a clue of what we face, given the scenes of flooding we've had recently. It's looking fairly hopeful, but how much of that is optimism is anyone's guess. I have an inflateable anyway, so if the campsite is inundated we can escape downstream if need be. Failing that, we'll have lots of fun in the sea with it, it's rightful place where no underwater obstructions are likely to tear the bottom out. I imagine the boat will be handy in years to come as 'unusual' weather events become more usual, even the norm. While always being careful to find a house on a hill unlike the comatose ones who buy in flood plains, there will doubtless be opportunities to use it if only to go shopping.


August 11 2007

Acting unlawfully to suppress dissent

Utterly incapable of acting to prevent terrorists killing people wherever and whenever they choose, the police, encouraged by the neo-fascist new-Labour, are using anti-terror legislation to harrass peaceful climate change protesters wishing to make the point that the increase in flying and a proposed further runway at Heathrow are going in the wrong direction for tackling climate change. Already, two protesters have been arrested while cycling near the airport and kept locked up without charge for 30 hours. The police know these people are not terrorists, even the plods can tell something that fundamental, but, true to their reactionary masters' instructions, they act to prevent dissent. After all, what's a few dozen tube passengers blown to bits? Nothing compared to the 'harm' these anti-growth, anti-pollution, anti-flying campaigners could achieve by appealing to people's sense of what's right, persuading them to cut down their flying.

So wedded to the capitalist mantra of perpetual growth, these utterly dumb and unscrupulous politicos will do anything to stop anyone rocking the boat, including locking up radicals who are trying to do something for the future of everyone. The twisted methodist control freak Brown, slyly posing as a socialist concerned with doing the right thing, gives the nod to these anti-democratic police state tactics just as Thatcher did; miners were similarly stopped for no legal reason just as road and air protesters are now. Months down the line, the judicial system may decide the police acted unlawfully, but they just don't care. They achieve what they set out to achieve, and months later when the tabloids have forgotten what it was about, who cares that the protesters are vindicated. The police never have to face the consequences any more than politicians do.

So more than a thousand police will be on hand to arrest and detain peaceful, legal protesters who will be photographed, finger printed and most likely DNA recorded, detained illegally for days and probably released without charge as has happened so many times at the G8 summits. Meanwhile, Islamic extremists fester and plot in northern terraces, download Islamist snuff videos from the web, plot murder and encourage racist bigotry, and when Channel 4 exposes them, the police make a complaint about Channel 4! One is entitled to ask exactly whose side the police are on, and what they think they're doing.


August 10 2007

Putting your foot and mouth in it

Right when foot and mouth is making things difficult for meat farmers, it's being pointed out that animal farming, especially cattle, is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, and thus global warming and climate change. Cows belch and fart methane in huge quantities, and producing 1kg of beef results in more CO2 emissions than going for a three-hour drive while leaving all the lights on at home. A study, which is published in today's New Scientist magazine, shows that the production of 1kg of beef releases greenhouse gases with a warming potential equivalent to 36.4kg of carbon dioxide.

So anyone wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, should first of all give up eating meat before tackling other aspects of their lifestyle. Even those unmoved by the animal suffering, should think again about what their flesh-eating vice is doing to the planet and their future chances of survival on it. And that's not counting the millions of hectares of rainforest annually destroyed to create range to raise cattle.

It's quite sickening seeing meat farmers showing emotion to the cameras at their herd being slaughtered; doesn't seem to bother them that they routinely send animals off in trucks for slaughter, or that all the babies born to keep cow's producing milk are either sent off to Europe to live their short lives in crates, or have their brains scrambled with a bolt gun, no tears then. Perhaps it's the moral sleight of hand they practice, out of sight out of mind, and the problem for them now is in actually seeing their animals shot in front of them. And now restrictions have been eased to enable them to send animals to the abatoir, they are jumping to do it, it's all money in the account, and to these people money is everything.

It seemed like poetic justice for a group of cruise ship trippers polluting as they sailed round the arctic, were injured when a massive lump broke off and the resulting wave threw the ship about, causing loads of injuries. No one needs to sail round the arctic to see global warming in action, and these tourists deserve all they get. Perhaps now they'll stay in their boxes.


August 9 2007

An epidemic of brain virus

The end of the 20th century and start of the 21st, has seen a surge in brain virus infection around the world, with hotspots in a number of countries. One of the most virulent, and one which is infecting record numbers, is the islamic brain virus, spread from backward countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan where it has festered for centuries, and now infecting large numbers in the West, once though to have long term immunity to these religionista viruses since the outbreaks in Europe in the middle ages, and since protected against with rational anti-viral defences through education and secularism.

Akin to computer viruses, the brain viruses are more software creatures than micro-organisms, but lethal nonetheless; the most virulent, like the islamic virus, can cause untold misery, family breakup, murder, suicide, denigration of women, abuse of children and insanity. A major problem is that sufferers don't know they are infected, so don't seek or accept treatment, and the condition is liable to become more critical as time goes by, leading to ever more deranged delusions, anti-social behaviour, absolute certainty and the growing of fierce beards. Pioneers of free-thinking rationalism like Richard Dawkins work tirelessly to counteract the infection by providing logical-rational vaccination with such books as The God Delusion, but among the heaving masses of immigrants dreaming of the caliphate, little education or rationality gets through, most haven't heard of Richard Dawkins, and many can't read anyway.

Multiculturalism has encouraged this infection spread. Communities of immigrants have kept themselves and their antiquated beliefs apart from the macro culture, encouraged to do so by PC idiots intent on proving they are not racists, and the ignorance and superstition are allowed to fester, fanned by immigrant imams preaching hate. This has happened across a wide area of the midlands, and Channel 4 recently screened an undercover investigative programme, Dispatches, about it, exposing these mad mullahs for the racist hatemongering viral spreaders they are, and consulted with the West Midlands police as clearly hate crimes had been committed. What did the policeand CPS do? They decided there was not enough evidence to charge anyone despite hours of footage, but instead decided to attack Channel 4 for selecting those bits that were incriminating, claiming they had been selective; of course they were selective, that's what happens when you film for dozens of hours to make a one hour programme.

The PC multicultural brigade have clearly learned nothing from the terrorist attacks on the UK, and are still bending over backwards to placate these screaming morons who are full of their human rights when it comes to being criticised, but unconcerned with the human rights of women and gays or anyone who disputes their simplistic view of the world. The police, whose job is to protect the citizens of this country, have decided instead that they are TV critics and would much rather jump on the 'bash Channel 4' bandwagon than address a very serious problem in our midst. We should expect more outrages where innocent people are blown apart, maimed and have limbs torn off. The entirely unelected and unrepresentative Muslim Council of Britain which should be working to marginalise the extremist islamists is instead joining the bashing, siding with these hate-filled creeps who advocate throwing gays off cliffs and preach that women are inferior to men, cannot think properly because of their hormones, and should be kept in subservience without education [they fear an educated woman more than anything these sad little beardies].


August 7 2007

A solution to warfare

Yesterday I caught a programme on TV about the India-Pakistan border crossing at Wagah, between Amritsar, India and Lahore, Pakistan, which gave me the best laugh I've had in quite a while. Facing each other across the border every evening, the gates specially opened for the occasion, two teams of high-stepping vaudevilleans replete with ferocious moustaches, extremely angry eyebrows, chests full of brightly coloured medallions and seriously shiny boots worthy of a principal boy in panto, stride threateningly towards each other bristling with theatrical fury like Hindu demons come to life from the carved beams of a temple, occasionally throwing one foot energetically skywards in a kick to put John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks to shame. Weapons held stiffly ready, they march to within a whisker of each other, faces contorting, every muscle of their bodies straining with barely suppressed rage, only to peel away precipitately at the last second like scorned lovers and stride back to their fellows tyo much applause from the crowds on both sides, appreciative of the ritual.

One is reminded of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army who may well have been inspired by these impeccable performers. And then it struck me, what a brilliant way to diffuse a bad situation where men completely fail to resolve differences, but persist in aggression for decades; in Iraq, Sunni and Shia could similarly prance up to each other, daggers drawn and Kalashnikovs ready, mouthing verses from the Koran as they indulge in eyebrow dueling above chequered Kafia masks. On the border between Israel and Palestine, Israeli troops in full metal jackets could face off Hamas fighters equipped with suicide bodices, throwing insults at each other as they twirl and pose in attitudes of stark aggression, the cameras catching every nuance, and the crowd giving them marks out of ten like Ms World beauty pagents or ballroom daancing contests. Now wouldn't that be preferable to blowing children apart in the hot dusty streets of a place not worth fighting over?

Talking of warfare and tensions, the fighting in Aceh province of Indonesia having recommenced after the lull caused by the Asian tsunami, is having unexpected and welcome side effects; a blessing in disguise for the orangutan, the fighting is preventing logging firms and palm oil estates [granted permits during the 1990s] from entering one of the world's richest expanses of rainforest, which has helped the critically endangered mammals to flourish, at least for now. The 2.6-million hectare (6.5 million acres) Leuser Ecosystem, roughly the size of Belgium and the largest protected rainforest area in Southeast Asia, covers parts of Aceh and adjacent North Sumatra province.

Heavy rains hit northern Greece overnight, in the middle of an unusually hot summer, causing floods and power cuts in the city of Thessaloniki and other towns in the region, having suffered baking weather with thousands of forest fires so far this summer. You'd think rain would be just what was needed, but these days it never rains but it pours seems to be the maxim.


August 5 2007

Own goal

Looks like the current foot and mouth outbreak came from an animal health lab only three miles from the infected farm, so a facility that's supposed to be part of disease prevention is actually spreading disease where none existed. Whatever the eventual excuse that's settled on, this is yet another case of human ineptness, of slipping standards and a lack of care. The lack of care extends to the treatment of the animals; callous disregard for their feelings mixed with a brutal determination to kill, animals penned and slaughtered where they stand in front of their fellows, motherless calves chased round sheds terrified until finally shot in the head, no respect, no humane concern for fellow creatures. But this is the reality of the flesh industry, and the upside of all this is that more people will foreswear meat eating as a result like they did last time, and flesh peddlers will find it more difficult to offload their bloody carcases and bank the profits.

It will also have the effect of detering people from visiting the UK as it did last time, so fewer flights and less carbon exhausted into an overburdened ecosystem which, if Peru is anything to go by, is undergoing a speeding up of warming as glaciers melt and life slowly becomes untenable for people whose lifesyle is least damaging but who are among the first to suffer. The meat industry is a major contributor to climate change from the emission of vast amounts of methane from cattle, and the less people eat its products the better on a number of grounds. When CJD finally comes home to roost and the burger eaters start dropping like flies in their thousands, there will be even less meat eaters.


August 4 2007

2001 revisited

Here we go again with cows tested positive for foot and mouth and the whole UK meat industry locked down and not going anywhere. This is an improvement on 2001, when the government was so disorganised that they allowed free movement of cattle for weeks after the first cases were discovered. This time, with Gordon rushing back from his just started holiday to be seen to be in charge due to a little thing like a re-election in the offing, the government seem determined to get on top of it, but we will see if they are successful as the incubation period for this organism is around two weeks, and a lot of infection spread can happen in two weeks, given the amount of movement of animals that livestock farmers routinely indulge in.

There lies the problem, meat farmers do not leave their animals to peacefully graze in familiar fields for the whole of their lives before being humanely slaughtered with a minimum of stress and fear, they are traded much like antiques are within the trade, a little bit of profit here, a little there, all on top of the EU subsidies for each animal as well as the price they get when eventually they are sold for slaughter. [I see them all the time being carted about the countryside to and from markets, and I've lived on a farm and know the habits of farmers as a result]. On top of being kept in unsanitary conditions, often intensively; crowded into stinking damp sheds with no sunlight, standing in their own shit and piss, this more or less guarantees that if any infection appears, it will be rapidly spread.

Healthy animals living in open fields do not usually get sick, but few cattle are kept this way now they tend to be let out now and then if lucky, and farmers have only themselves to blame when their animals get sick. The same applies to TB which, despite their efforts to blame badgers, is also down to the appalling, cramped, damp and disgusting conditions most animals are forced to live their short lives in. This ban on all movements may well reduce the incidence of TB if it continues for long enough, but will these flesh peddlers learn anything? No, they are by and large thick, inbred, brutish peasants without any sense of care or responsibility for animals, obsessed with money and profit, and living off the rest of us taxpayers while being incapable apparently of doing the right thing unless forced to do so by the government.

On top of the floods, this will deal another blow to the UK tourist industry as pictures of carcasses being burnt flash round the world and people decide to holiday elsewhere. Farmers will all be compensated, but that won't stop them whining about their imaginary losses and demanding yet more handouts. Those of us who don't eat their 'product' wonder why they should be paid anything, meat eaters should pay the real price of raising animals for food, not an artificially low price because of subsidies.


August 3 2007

Eating dogs in just plain wrong

Every year over 3 million dogs and cats in South Korea are slaughtered by electrocution, hanging, boiling and being skinned alive. Prior to being killed they are caged and transported in crude, unsanitary and disgusting conditions. The pictures are really disturbing and I wouldn't want them here, but it is important people see what these unevolved scum are doing to sensitive, intelligent creatures.

In South Korea many people believe that if you torture a dog or cat before its death the rise in its adrenaline makes the "meat" taste better and that the "meat" is an aphrodisiac. Cats are often beaten over the head, thrown into a bag which is then pounded on the floor, and then thrown into boiling water (often still alive) to make a stew called Goyangi soju, which is mistakenly thought to cure rheumatism and joint problems. This is how backward this country is despite its embracing of new technology. Cearly they have a long way to go to be considered a civilised nation.

Dog eaters are growing in Korea. Pro dog meat politicians like Kim Hong Shin have many young followers. Koreans just view this as a cultural difference between the east and the west. Korea also has an animal protection law, but only as a front to pacify the internationally community.

More information

And here's a site with details of the Korean politicians who are trying to make this vile trade legal.

You can do something

Addresses to let them know what you think:

President Kim, Dae-Jung
Blue House
1 Sejong-Ro, Jongno-gu

Seoul, South Korea 110-050

Korean Tourist Bureau

Prime Minister Lee, Han-Dong
77-6 Sejong-Ro, Jongno-gu
Seoul, South Korea 110-050

Minister Choi, Sun-Jung
The Ministry of Health and Welfare
1 Joongang-dong
Kwanchun City, Kyoungki-do
South Korea 427-760

Minister Kim, Dong-Tae
The Ministry of Agriculture
1 Joongang-dong
Kwanchun City, Kyoungki-do
South Korea 427-760
EMAIL: ( )

Mr. Yang, Kyu-Hwan
Director Korean Food and Drug Administration
5 Nokbun-dong, Unpyoung-gu
Seoul, South Korea 122-704

Governor Yu, Kun-Man
Governor of Jeju Province
312-1, Yeon-dong, Jeju-si, Jeju-do 690-700
TEL. 82-64-710-2362,



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