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February 2 2007

Eggs from an eagle

Eerie, dramatic new pictures from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope show newborn stars emerging from 'eggs', rather dense, compact pockets of interstellar gas called evaporating gaseous globules (EGGs). Hubble found the 'EGGs', appropriately enough, in the Eagle nebula, a nearby star-forming region 6,500 light- years away in the constellation Serpens.

Star-Birth Clouds in M16: Stellar "Eggs" Emerge from Molecular Cloud

Which kinda puts the antics of a species of naked ape on a rock light years away into perspective, and reduces our pathetic self-obsession to the status of ants.

January 31 2007

Iraq-gate comes closer

The shit is coming perilously close to the fan in the cash for honours police investigation, Bliar's close buddy, the nauseating 'Lord' Cashpoint-Levy, has been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, which immediately calls to mind Watergate. So we have his bag man and his personal assistant both arrested on suss for this serious offence, and the policeman heading the investigation looks like he'd relish fingering Bliar. The nation has its fingers crossed.

I find it strange that so many seem mesmerised by the possibility of a gigantic mega casino coming to their city as a solution to all ills. The winners, 'lucky' Manchester, whose councillors think the arrival of the American mafia intent on siphoning off as many millions of pounds as they can will somehow benefit the city with jobs and wealth, don't quite understand what casinos are all about. With gambling now out of control in the UK, this has to be the most difficult-to-justify, pro-American move this corrupted gang of retards called newLabour could have done. A mega-casino is going to be making many thousands a week, that's a net loss to the city and country, where do they think the supposed 'regeneration' is going to come from? Most of the staff needed will come from outside, possibly the US, apart from cleaners and other menials who will come from the ethnic minorities in this gem of a multicultural city.

January 23 2007

A criminal lack of care

We hear a lot from the media when a dog injures a human. There is now a story coming out of Scotland that a stray Greyhound was handed into Dalkeith Police Station, where it was placed in a holding kennel without food or water and promptly forgotten for ten days. It was only when people complained of the smell that it was discovered.

If anyone starved a dog to death they would be prosecuted by the police. 'I forgot' would not be an acceptable excuse, and neither is it in this case. Those responsible should be prosecuted.

I am totally appalled that this could happen. No one handing a stray dog into the police expects the animal to be abandoned in a cell without food or water for ten days. As greyhounds are very quiet dogs - I've never heard one bark - the poor animal probably suffered in silence, with no idea what it had done to deserve it, slowly dying from dehydration.

The telephone number for Lothian and Borders Police is 0131-311-3131, and their email address for complaints is The telephone number for Dalkeith police is 0131-663-2855. I'm sure they'd love to hear from as many people as possible.

January 18 2007

A matter of caste

What an astute choice Channel 4 made when looking for housemates for its voyeuristic Big Brother show which thrives on controversy. An Indian Tamil 'princess' of Bollywood fame, Shilpa Shetty high caste, beautiful, intelligent and talented, and Jade Goody, a member of the UK untouchable caste known as chavs [well I wouldn't touch one], ugly, untalented, thick and a previous Big Brother evictee, her only claim to fame. Her appeal is presumably with all the other thick chavs who now have a role model.

Of course someone like Goody [and her chav family apparently] were bound to pick on a priviledged Indian actress, but it's probably not racist, it's a class/caste thing. Now angry crowds are burning effigies of 'Channel 4 executives' in Mumbai [they like to burn efigies whenever possible] which, considering they can't have any idea what said executives look like, must be archetypal white man effigies. Thing is, should I take that personally as a white man, and claim my feelings have been hurt by these Indian demonstrations and I am now in need of compensation?

Famous Goody quotes:

* "Where is East Angular, is it abroad?"
* "Rio de Janeiro - that's a person"
* "Saddam Hussein - that's a boxer"
* "A ferret is a bird"
* "I had my first birthday when I was one"
* "Who is heinzstein?"
* "The Union Jack is for all of us, but the St. George is just for London, isn't it?"
* "I am intelligent, but I let myself down because I can't speak properly or spell"
* "They were trying to use me as an escape goat"
* "Do they speak Portuganese in Portugal? I thought Portugal was in Spain"

I'm sure Ms Shetty knows more about the UK than the pig hybrid does.

January 14 2007

Brazilian car maker going for funky trybrids

Obvio! Automotoveiculos SA of Brazil has picked Lotus Engineering to help it develop two new microsports cars that are being dubbed trybrids. Obvio! will initially be building two new cars, the 828 and 012, for markets around the world. Lotus has been given a full development program that includes the vehicle safety structure, integration of engines capable of running on gas, ethanol or natural gas and other variants. The flex-fuel internal combustion variants will hit the streets first followed eventually by electric versions.

Obvio, funky tribrid car that runs on gas, ethanol or natural gas.

And continuing on a positive note [it must be because the sun is shining] here's another good idea to reduce your personal footprint on the planet. It's a downloadable program to control your PC's power consumption called Local Cooling, a 100% Free power management tool from Uniblue Labs that allows users to optimize their energy savings in minutes and as a result reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. It automatically optimizes your PC's power consumption by using a more effective power save mode. You will be able to see your savings in real-time translated to more evironmental terms such as how many trees and gallons of oil you have saved. They say it will:
Cut your energy bills.
Reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions as a result of your reduced PC power consumption.
Give you full control over your power mode settings.
Improve your overall computing experience and efficiency.
Show you in detail how much you have saved since installing the software.

So it's think globally, act locally at its best. Only for Windows XP users unfortunately, which means I can't use it at present as I'm still using 2000. It might persuade me to upgrade though.

January 11 2007

20,000 targets

Poor challenged George the chimp is incapable of thinking outside his limited box, so has compounded his error in invading Iraq and is now sending 20,000 more targets to inflame the insugents. It's been pointed out to him that the very presence of US troops in the country is what is fuelling the insurgency, as if that isn't obvious to anyone with a brain, so the dumbarse, rather than acknowledging he was wrong, sends more of the same, showing he is incapable of learning from his mistakes. So more grunts will die. Not that I'm against that, the shaven-headed, rightwingnuts who join the US army need culling from time to time anyway, and hopefully the final body count will knock Amerika back into some semblence of normal non-belligerant behaviour for a few decades as Vietnam did. They just couldn't see this was another Vietnam, just because Iraq has sand rather than forests.

I have had a triumph over my bank, who I shan't name as all the banks are the same money-grabbing bastards so it would be unfair to single one out. I have for years complained bitterly to them about their totally unaceptable charges when you go over your overdraft limit by the tiniest amount, in effect fining you. For those on low income this was a particularly pernicious act and made life so much harder when you were already struggling to manage. These amounts were typically £30, when the amount of 'illegal' increase of overdraft was only a pound or two. Having refused to refund these charges on several occasions, I took the advice of a website I found and wrote them a formal letter informing them that I was going to take them to court for return of my money unless I heard from them to the effect that they were going to refund all charges of this nature. I have now received a letter from them which goes to great length in explaining that they are not in the wrong, are perfectly justified in charging me these sums and how I can avoid going over my overdraft limit again, and then says that in this instance they will refund the charges from August 2001 as 'the amount you're asking for is less than the cost we might face in dealing with your complaint if you took it any further. They continue that this doesn't mean they consider they have any legal obligation to so! So I'm getting £285 refunded, which may be nothing to a bank, but is very useful to me. They are still not out of pocket however, as they have charged me interest on all these charges which have featured as increased overdraft since 2001, butI can't be bothered with quibbling over a relatively small amount and will accept their 'generous' offer in the spirit it was intended.

January 7 2007

Pig power

Just heard of a Norfolk pig farmer who slipped over and was attacked by a sow who was then joined by several others who set about him, and he was only able to crawl to safety after they had inflicted some [unfortunately minor] damage. Seems like instant karma to me, I'm all for pig power if this is what it means, long may they get their revenge against the two legged creatures who pen them up in filth and send their babies for slaughter before they're full grown. Pig farmers are the lowest form of life on the planet, lower even than those who raise cows and sheep, themselves pretty low down the food chain. Confining pigs in sheds in huge numbers when it is known they are a very intelligent animal is no way justified, and a good reason for never eating them. A local animal producer has just lost dozens of sheep which ate diseased chicken farm waste including dead chicken from a nearby broiler shed he spread on the land as fertilizer, and he's put cows and their half grown calves into the river meadows where I and others walk our dogs, despite the fact that at this time of year they are usually in sheds being fed proper food. To save money, this rural bumpkin has put them out into waterlogged fields where the grass, not growing again yet, provides no nutrition and is being trampled into a muddy swamp. They are so underfed they are eating the hedgerows of ivy and bramble. The soil is being churned so much it will be lost to erosion that much quicker and an already marginal soil will disappear to the underlying rock. But the 'livestock' raiser will have made his profits, including the huge subsidy from the taxpayers.

January 4 2007

Dangerous people not dangerous dogs

Yet again a small child has been attacked by a dog, this time mauled to death. Yet again the media are off on a dangerous dogs hysteria, are reporting any story about a dog attack and the police are taking in likely but entirely innocent dogs for questioning and probable death penalty. The only good thing is the dangerous dogs act is being examined, but it's unlikely any sensible conclusions will be arrived at. The authorities appear to think there are less than a hundred pit bull terriers in the country as they only know of those registered when the [illogical and stupid] act came into force. This is because people in authority rarely if ever venture into scrote-land where fighting dogs have continued to be bred by and for the inadequates who want them for macho street cred. Anyone who doesn't live in a comfortable middle-class bubble knows that far from reducing, dogs of the pit bull type have been increasing since the act, none of them registered. The poor dogs are not socialised but trained to be aggressive which entails abusing them until all they know is anger, fear and pain. Their ears are mutilated to give other dogs less to grab hold of, they only receive attention and praise when they attack.

On the council estates across the country, ignorant, uneducated scrotes own them to give them kudos amongst their class, in their simplistic, addled way they think it makes them hard to have a hard dog. Occasionally, a child is attacked and scarred for life, sometimes, as in this case, the child dies and everyone is shocked. But it could so easily be avoided if only politicians could think, and had experience of the lives of the underclass and knowledge of what goes on on the estates. Drug dealers dispensing momentary respite from a hopeless life have dogs to protect them from those who would steal their drugs or money. Kids grow up with these as role models. None of them anticipates the dog turning on a family member, but in the middle of the night, a child waking and wandering to find someone might easily trip over a sleeping dog which, woken suddenly from sleep and believing itself under attack will fight back, probably not comprehending who is attacking it. The lesson is that no dogs, least of all those bred and trained to fight, should be alone with a small child at any time, day or night. Our dogs are the sweetest animals you could meet, but I wouldn't take the chance of leaving them alone with a child, there's always the opportunity for misunderstandings, and dogs' teeth are very dangerous.

What's needed is a reintroduction of the dog licence which should never have been scrapped. It should not only cost money to get a licence, but it should be dependent on a vet's inspection and interview, assessing both prospective owner and home to check suitability. There should be compulsory chipping so that every dog is traceable if it is lost, and the owner is traceable if it is abandoned or attacks anyone. If you get a dog from one of the many pedigree rescue homes which try to cope with the many thousands of dogs abandoned or removed for ill treatment every year, you have to have a home visit from an experienced dog owner to assess that both you and the home are suitable before you can have your dog. They charge almost as much as a pedigree breeder so you have to be serious and responsible enough to be given care of the animal, rather than picking up an unwanted puppy from a neighbour for a fiver. Any mutilation of a dog, whether ear trimming or tail docking should be made illegal and anyone caught prosecuted. Aggressive dogs should be rehomed and the previous owner prosecuted, it is always the human who is responsible.

With all this put in place, accidents will still happen, but they will be few, not the 5,000 attacks that currently take place every year. The way some people treat dogs makes me wish for a cull, of the scrotes who do this. It seems a dog's life is worth very little, and one mistake can lead to a death sentence, when all that was necessary was training, firmness and affection. Every puppy is a loving bundle of fun looking for someone to be loyal to, what happens is inadequate humans get to do what they like with them.

January 1 2007

Of death and dieoff

Saddam didn't make it to 2007, and although few will mourn his departure, the manner of it was unseemly, distasteful and over hasty, and will likely reverberate and cause many more deaths as a result. As yet another sectarian Iraqi death, it will doubtless fuel the cycle of violence that has engulfed the country as a direct result of Bush and Blair's adventure in death diplomacy. The image of Saddam looking like a dignified, brave old man in the grip of hooded terrorists clinically removing his life force will be with the world for some time. Judicial murder is always distasteful and no opponents of the death penalty will have had their opinion changed by this tacky, rushed performance. On the same day seventy other Iraqis dies but we won't ever know their names.

Climate change dominated 2006 as it will continue to dominate the coming years, but there are still too few signs that anyone apart from the greens appreciate the severity of the threat; to the media it just seems like the latest thing to get excited about, and they'll fly thousands of miles to make a five minute programme insert on it! Forget archive footage of glaciers melting, these guys want the perks of the job, no matter the cost. Nails in the coffin.

December 19 2006

Pot is No. 1 crop in the US

I'm indebted to a fellow blogger for this information from the US For years, activists in the marijuana legalization movement have claimed that cannabis is America's biggest cash crop. Now they're citing government statistics to prove it.

A report released today by a marijuana public policy analyst contends that the market value of pot produced in the U.S. exceeds $35 billion - far more than the crop value of such heartland staples as corn, soybeans and hay, which are the top three legal cash crops.

California is responsible for more than a third of the cannabis harvest, with an estimated production of $13.8 billion that exceeds the value of the state's grapes, vegetables and hay combined - and marijuana is the top cash crop in a dozen states, the report states.

Nationwide, the estimated cannabis production of $35.8 billion exceeds corn ($23 billion), soybeans ($17.6 billion) and hay ($12.2 billion), according to Gettman's findings.

You just can't keep a good herb down. But the police can still prosecute people for mixing it with chocolate and giving it to MS sufferers to ease their pain and muscle spasms as three people recently found out. More

December 15 2006

Stevens washes whiter than white

So, Diana and Dodi weren't assasinated by the secret services, the driver was drunk although he appeared unenebriated minutes before on CCTV, it was a simple high speed crash. That's allright then. How reassuring. And about as believable as Dr David Kelly commiting suicide. The British elite know how to do a thorough whitewash and don't care how dodgy it looks, such is their monstrous arrogance.

The hottest year since records began, with the hottest single day ever and the hottest winter on record, and it's barely begun yet. No need to panic, everyone knows it's all to do with our children's children, so the distant future. There seems to be a general air of amused bemusement on the part of the media, who report on such things as showdrops blooming, trees with new leaves and grass having to be mown as if this wasn't December and Christmas wasn't a couple of weeks away. Soon, dreaming of a white Christmas will be as inappropriate here as it is in Australia which is at this moment mostly on fire, so they sure aren't going to have a white Christmas, more a grey one from the ash. Migratory species are still hanging around unsure whether to head south yet, and people are strolling around at night in shirts, very seasonal.

December 14 2006

Services don't exist any more

Having opened up the market for postal services to their entrepreneur friends who have raked off the most lucrative parts from the Post Office and are now doing very nicely, the government are now closing thousands of Post Offices because they are loss making. 'We can't continue subsidising loss making businesses' said Blair, which reveals the deep sickness at the heart of this once socialist now sick capitalist party which sees everything in terms of profit, and the service that, especially rural, Post Offices delivers to people is of no importance, and isn't a service but a business. Losing [or costing for those who prefer] a mere £200 million a year, the postal service can't be compared to Trident, which these suits don't mind subsidising for billions, as it apparently makes us safe and no one will attack us if we keep it, which means replacing it. Try telling that to our current enemy, Islamic terrorists, who don't have a base we could attack with Trident, but who are everywhere. Having survived the insanity of the cold war, we are now supposed to accept that we need to keep up the insane and immoral possession of nuclear weapons to deter any future enemies who might develop them and threaten us. The monstrously ugly and intellectually challenged male impersonator Anne Widdicomb, defending the renewal of Trident, claimed as her only argument that the US would never have bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki if Japan had possessed nuclear weapons. That kind of aberated thinking leaves me speechless. As rural post offices only affect a small percentage of the population, I assume the thinking is that it won't affect parliamentary seats any more than the fox hunting bill. I think everyone living outside the major cities will be pissed off with them, whereas only a minority cared about blood sports being curtailed, and many rural dwellers supported the government over the issue.

The current spate of murders of prostitutes in Suffolk lays bare two related issues. The necessity to legalise prostitution so that women who choose to work as sex workers don't have to duck and dive in dark alleyways where they are vulnerable to psychopaths just to avoid the police, and the legalisation of drugs which are tied in with these women's need to keep doing such a risky thing. If they could get their drugs legitimately from a doctor for a fair price, along with advice and counselling on breaking the habit, they would no longer be compelled to earn the sort of money needed for the habit. Afghanistan has plenty of opium which could be bought for the purpose for very little, thus removing it from the black market and attacking drug supply from the other end as well as supplying the shortfall in morphine currently affecting pain control in the NHS. This of course goes against the two most disapproved of activities by many people like the risible christian Widdicomb, yet are integral with personal freedom to choose, in which the state has no business interfering. It is also too logical ever to appeal to control freaks.

December 11 2006

Pished as a bish

The Bishop of Southwark arrived home after a party without his briefcase, spectacles and mobile and sporting gashes to the head and a black eye, but with no memory of how he aquired these injuries or lost his briefcase and mobile phone. Having contacted the police with this story, suspecting he must have been mugged, a family in London has contacted the police and media to tell them that he left his belongings in their car after breaking into it, drunk, throwing toys out of the car and then announcing 'I'm the Bishop of Woolwich'. It seems he even got his diocese wrong. Naturally the owners of the car were unimpressed, how many drunks have claimed that? And say he banged his head when removed from their car, and then scarpered after they called him an ambulance. If he'd made it to A&E, he'd have made a worse spectacle of himself. The Bishop is not going to resign.

The polonium 210 trail continues across Europe. I suspect the detection equipment is so sensitive these days that soon heavy smokers who have nothing to do with Russian spies either ex or present will be giving positive readings.

December 10 2006

Who's crazy?

The search for the radioactive poisoners of one Russian ex-spy continues with a radioactive trail stretching from Russia and back several times, and the media are agog with such an important story. Yet curiously uninterested in another radioactive poisoning, that of Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium shells, bombs and bullets. As we have so much of the stuff from nuclear energy generation (set to expand if Blair has his way), we'll have to keep having wars so as to dump the stuff somewhere other than the UK, although some of it is returning on and in the bodies of British service personel, who should be checked with as much attention to detail as is currently being directed at bar staff in a London hotel.

Still on the subject of Polonium 210, commercially grown tobacco is contaminated with the stuff from the phosphate fertilizer used to increase yield. The big US tobacco companies all use chemical phosphate fertilizer, high in radioactive metals, year after year on the same soil. These metals build up in the soil, attach themselves to the resinous tobacco leaf and ride tobacco trichomes in tobacco smoke, gathering in small "hot spots" in the small-air passageways of the lungs of smokers. Tobacco is especially effective at absorbing radioactive elements from phosphate fertilizers. The phosphate is taken from a rock mineral, apatite, that is ground into powder, dissolved in acid and further processed. Apatite rock also contains radium, and the radioactive elements lead 210 and polonium 210. The radioactivity of common chemical fertilizer can be verified with a Geiger-Mueller counter and an open sack of everyday 13-13-13 type of fertilizer (or any other chemical fertilizer high in phosphate content). More Here and Here

Katy Mellua, pretty but dim, whenever she gets the chance lately is banging on about intellectual property rights and the need to prolong them so pop stars can continue to wallow in riches for decades after their creative juices have dried up, along with the likes of the economically challenged McCartney and the ludicrous poser Bono. Saint Geldof will be in there as well, poverty has been good for Sir Bob, even if it has been other people's poverty and he'll be keen to ensure his parasitic children never have to lift a finger, but can remain fat and stupid like the talentless Osborne brats and still rake it in (I hear their equally talentless mum Sharon sends parcels of her shit to anyone who upsets her, very grownup behaviour from this ex-groupie who got the ugly stupid one). Marina Hyde of the Guardian did an excellent piece on these obscenely rich posers trying to get intellectual property right law extended which can be read here. Marina is what the Guardian should be all about but rarely is these days.

Good riddance Pinochet, just announced dead, I hope he was in pain at the end. It would have been better if he'd languished in prison for twenty years, or been strung up from a lamp post a la Franco, another odious dictator. The rancid old fascist bitch Thatcher, will be the only one grieving him, that's if she doesn't think she's a teapot by now.

December 5 2006

Can you see Jesus?

December 4 2006

We're all animals

There are two new organisations afoot, dedicated to changing the way people think about and treat other species.One, called Animals Matter, is a worldwide organisation with support from a long list of animal pressure groups and charities, and with a website where you can sign a petition, upload photographs of your own favourite animals, download PDFs and publicity material to publicise the campaign in your area and doubtless a lot more I haven't discovered yet. They say:

You can help us achieve recognition and protection of animals around the world by joining a global voice of 10 million in support of our campaign. Animals and our treatment of them matters to everyone, including you.

The second is more interesting, a new UK political party called Animals Count. Concerned with animal experimentation and animal welfare legislation, this is a political party I could join, and I intend to do just that. I shall report more fully when I've got the literature and found the time to read it. I think the political system is about to find out just how many millions of people in this country feel strongly on this issue.

It's early days but already they have many thousands of signatures on the petition and it's climbing daily. Time to get onboard and add your voice on behalf of all those species who don't have one. The fight back against the sick perverts who torture animals for so-called medical research to benefit humans has begun, and we all need to join to make a difference.

I was about to write about Steven Hawking when I heard about this, and it's relevant to him as he's all in favour of animal testing and doesn't care how many animal lives are sacrificed to improve his life. Just because he sounds like a Dalek doesn't mean he has to think like one.

Hawking's latest pronouncement is that we have blown it with planet Earth, destroyed it [even he can see that much] and should cut our losses and can, according to this reputed genius, make it to another [or several] suitable planets within six years, using matter/antimatter drive not yet invented and no more than a sci-fi fantasy [maybe he's become a scientologist]. This illustrates clearly that motor neurone disease doesn't just affect the body as he's clearly gone raving mad. Of course his 'solution' for environmental damage to Earth doesn't take account of all the other species which have to make do with this planet - even if it were remotely possible for us to decamp to another distant system en masse this clearly wouldn't be an inter-stellar ark trip - but that's to be expected of someone who cares nothing about the suffering inflicted by scientists for unprovable benefits to the naked ape. He doesn't address why our deranged psychotic species is worthy of saving, having trashed our only home. I think that shows conclusively that we are unfit for anything other than extinction, which all signs so far show we are well on the way to, leaving the planet to slowly recover and balance the disruption we caused in our short span, shorter by far than that other ridiculous species, now extinct, the dinosaurs.

Talking of extinction, idiot Blair has just announced his conviction that Trident has to be renewed at vast expense so the UK can continue posturing round the world as if it mattered, while protesting loudly at other nation's desire to join the nuclear club. But then he would.

December 1 2006

Now, what's the least cost-effective way of tackling car pollution?

The government's 'think tank' on transport, chaired by ex Chief Executive of BA [!] Rod Eddington, has reported and it's as depressingly predictable as I had feared. Foreswearing the obvious cost-effective and instant method of reducing road usage by increasing tax on fuel [and introducing it on aviation fuel] they have opted for the most expensive and long winded 'solution' of equipping every car in the UK with a sensor which enables a computer to record it's movements, introducing road charging, and designating certain congested roads as high cost. "Given the scale of the congestion challenge, I believe that there is no attractive alternative to road pricing," Sir Rod said. He went on to say 'However, road pricing on this scale is new and at this stage has unknown implementation costs. There are very significant risks and uncertainties involved in delivering a pricing policy.' [which will enable him to squirm out of any responsibility when it all comes unstuck.] This will take a minimum of ten years to introduce and, if the government's record on introduction of massive IT schemes is anything to go by, will cost several times the original budget and will never work properly. It won't address such issues as people sitting in their cars with the engine running while they wait for someone, sometimes for up to an hour, motor sports of all kinds where usually fuel-hungry vehicles are over revved by boy racers, or any of the myriad of ways people invent to waste fossil fuels. It might reduce some congestion, but it won't reduce emissions at all. Those not driving on the expensive 'congested' routes will find other routes, probably through quiet villages. More fuel will be consumed, not less. Of course, on the subject of air travel he said that there remained 'a strong economic case for additional runway capacity' as could be expected.

It's so aberated that one is tempted to think a conspiracy is afoot; either it seemed like an ideal opportunity to increase the police surveillance state to a new level, or someone somewhere not that far from ministers is set to make a lot of money from contracts to install the monitoring devices and run the charging system [a close examination of share holdings in the companies who get the contracts is advised]. Non-governmental criminals will find ways to reprogram the sensors to someone else's ID for a price, and there will be a surge in court cases where people prove they weren't where the computers say they were, and the whole thing will falter in disarray and bickering. A hike in fuel tax on the other hand could be introduced merely with a statement from the chancellor, could be in operation in a day and would concentrate minds wonderfully on conserving fuel. Driving slowly in tailbacks on congested roads will then not only be irritating but will cost a lot of money. It would result in a substantial reduction in unnecessary journeys, and have the overall effect of reducing both pollution and congestion. That's why this government of wankers wouldn't even consider it. That's why carbon emmissions have risen every year they have been in power despite the spin that they care about climate change and the lectures they deliver to the rest of us about reducing our carbon footprint.

Chances are that it's not a conspiracy but just another case of blind stupidity that is leading the human race to extinction.

November 8 2006

From monkey to lame duck

America appears to have woken up to the damage Bush has done, and the danger he poses for the stability of the world. Hundreds of thousands of deaths later and America finally decides it's had enough of the incoherent one, and the rest of the world is asking, what took you so long? At least Dr Strangelove-Rumsfeld is gone. There are plenty of decent, intelligent, caring, progressive people in America, but they've been outbred by the extreme right wing, religious dumbarses who think [if that's the right term] in slogans and homilies, and who view the rest of the world with arrogance and suspicion. The hope that erupted in the sixties with the explosion of talent and radicalism seems like a world away from the present political climate in the world's biggest debter nation - its debt now owned by China, so don't expect too much criticism of the fascistic asian monolith whatever party gains power. The biggest hope is that America starts to take climate change seriously, although this is probably asking too much as any action to curb carbon emissions would affect their economy - headed for bancruptcy anyway - and as they believe as fervently in capitalist exploitation as they do in god, there's unlikely to be a whole heap of change even with the democrats running both houses.

Winter seems to have finally arrived in Britain, better late than never, so the trees should start to change colour soon. Sweden already has deep snow which caught them by surprise before they got the chains on their car wheels leading to traffic chaos quite unlike the ruthlessly efficient Sweden. I thought it was only the UK which was surprised each year with snow, but it seems that our Scandinavian neghbours can be a little bit British at times.

My photographs have finally arrived in the Stockholm gallery, and I'm looking forward to brisk sales in the run up to the present buying season. They will be produced as cards and postcards as well as limited edition framed prints, and are in wonderful company. Here I'm printing them as cards myself also, so anyone wishing to order cards can do so by visiting here, and / or emailing me for prices. As I shall be charging wholesale prices for all orders, they will be the same price as shops will [hopefully] be paying, so a bargain indeed.

November 2 2006

Joined up thinking

It's not difficult to spot the lack of joined up thinking in this report from Planet Ark at

"The current drought highlights how vulnerable we are to climate change," said farmer Mark Wootton. "We will never solve the drought if we don't solve climate change." Australia's cities are also suffering, with every major centre imposing strict water usage restrictions as reservoir levels fall. Sydney, the largest city, is examining a desalination scheme to guarantee future water supplies.

Australia, a major coal and gas exporter and the world's 10th largest greenhouse gas emitter, negotiated a rise in emissions, setting a Kyoto target of limiting emissions to 108 percent of 1990 levels.

Australia and the United States later refused to ratify the pact, saying it unfairly excluded big developing nations such as India and China.

"Australia and the globe are experiencing rapid climate change," said the Australian government's Bureau of Meteorology. Australia's 20 million people have one of the biggest ecological footprints in the world, producing more greenhouse gases per person than most other nations, according to a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) report.

So there you have it, they want their cake and they want to eat it. Forever the white man. Eventually, Australia will return to the Aboriginal people who know how to survive off the land, the remanants of those consistently murdered for centuries. As the aquifers run out and rainfall decreases, the country becomes less and less sustainable. The dieoff is coming closer.

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