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Fool on the Hill is a ranting anarchist blog which attacks lies and dissembling of all kinds and exposes the environmental destruction that threatens life on Earth


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December 31 2008
Seasonal normality, but for how long

Freezing fog has arrived, pretty normal for this time of year in Britain, not an easy time for wildlife, especially birds, who have to find enough food during the day to stay warm and thus alive through the freezing nights. I feel for them, huddled in trees all night, waiting for the light to return when they can seek food again. At least those who have discovered our garden know where food is in abundance; high in protein, fat and sugar.

Walking the dogs early before it was light, the meadows shrouded in fog, frost coating the grass and trees, was eerie, especially when cows slowly materialised out of the fog, standing still like models in a farm theme park.

I'm reading the book Six Degrees by Mark Lynas, a degree by degree charting of global changes as the planet heats up. I'm at two degrees so far, which is bad enough, even for someone who's lived with the reality of climate change for more than twenty years, but for those new to it, it must be quite scary. Mark Lynas, although not a scientist, has done a good job of assembling all the data from scientists around the world who have been mapping climate change. I think that the research for the book scared Mark, and he has decided that nuclear power is ok and a necessary tool to tackle global warming. This was the same conclusion James Lovelock came to, I suspect for the same reasons, the future looked too scary with no way out for humans. The blandishments and lies of the nuclear lobby seem able to capitalise on this fear and con intelligent people into once again thinking nuclear is the answer. People are arguing it right now on his website with the usual idiot trolls jumping in with global warming denial. I have yet to figure out why all the people who deny anything is happening are so right wing; perhaps it's because they see the environmental movement having started with the hippies in the sixties [they got that bit right!] and feel such antipathy to the free spirits that they have been forced into a contrarian attitude based on nothing but their hatred of hippies and greens.

One thing's for certain, climate change respects no human political posturings, and their denial will achieve nothing. As climate change becomes ever more apparent, I suspect the denial merchants will slowly become silent and their inane websites will languish forgotten down the dusty cul-de-sacs of the web. Survival sites with tips and advice on how to will become popular as the full enormity of the changes underway sinks in to the majority of people who have so far managed to carry on with their lives as if nothing was happening.

Last post of 2008, another year full of human ineptitude and violence, of wars and destruction, of selfishness and greed. Still Israel behaves like a fascist state, having engineered an excuse to launch yet another murderous assault on Gaza - during six months of Hamas ceasefire the Jews continued their blockade of Gaza, constantly cutting off water and electricity supplies, preventing aid getting in or Palestinians out, the territory was already a humanitarian disaster [quoted from Christian Aid] before they started the latest round of bombings, and today an Israeli spokesnazi said 'there is no humanitarian disaster in Gaza'. There's plenty to protest about, but the most famous Jew in the world, Bob Dylan, remains silent. How disappointing to those of us who helped make him very rich over the years. No protests these days eh Bob? No 'Masters of War' for the 21st century? Israel has the fourth largest armed forces in the world, so after China, USA and Russia, all massive countries, comes tiny Israel armed to the teeth with American weaponry and taking in every rabid right-wing Jewish expat bigot from all over the world to become a settler of Arab land. It's easy to see where Islamic extremism comes from.

December 29 2008
Nazism breeds Israeli fascism breeds Islamic fascism

I watch small children, covered in blood and dust, scared and confused, being rushed into hospitals and hear from a doctor that over three hundred people have been killed in the latest nazi Israeli state's answer to a few Hamas hotheads firing relatively innocuous rockets over the border, and I hear a government spokesman [oddly with an Australian accent, so having no claim to live in the area other than his Jewishness] say 'we mean the Palestinian people no harm, we are their friends' and I wonder how low these sickos will sink in their blatant disregard for world opinion.

The rockets are mere flea bites to an elephant, they are more a semiotic that the Palestinians do not concur with Israel's occupation of their land, and want it back. They would settle for the occupied territories and an end to Israeli incursions, air strikes on elected government members which usually kill whole families, and a recognition of their state. You'd think this would be infinitely preferable to a foreseeable future of constant killing; air strikes followed by rocket attacks followed by air strikes followed by ... but to the nascent nazi state Israel is becoming, this would amount to surrender to terrorism, or tewowism as Barak has it, and that they will never do. So they are locked in a conflict that would be easily solvable if each side wasn't saddled with a belief system which put their tribe at the centre of god's universe.

A new generation of suicide bombers is being created with every bomb that drops on Gaza. The usual Israeli reaction to a suicide bomber is to wipe out their family. Now where have I heard that before? Ah yes, French resistance and the occupying Nazis.

December 23 2008
What PETA don't tell you about the animals they 'rescue'

In 2006, an official report from People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows that they took in 3,043 animals, of which 1,960 were cats, 1,030 were dogs, 52 were other companion animals, and 1 was a chicken. Of these, they killed the chicken, killed 1,942 cats, 988 dogs, and 50 classified as “other companion animals.” They found homes for only 2 cats, 8 dogs and 2 of the other companion animals. More than nine out of 10 pets who end up at PETA are killed there. More

Ingrid Newkirk, formerly held a job killing homeless dogs and cats at the Washington Humane Society, a shelter with a consistently poor record for saving lives and the subject of historical public acrimony for its over-reliance on killing. Then she set up PETA.

"we do not advocate 'right to life' for animals" Ingrid Newkirk, head of PETA


In 2003 we learned for the first time that Ingrid Newkirk - tireless defender of animals - has another face. During the 1970's her chosen profession was "dog catcher" and killer. Newkirk unabashedly describes her zeal for killing in her own words: "I'd go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself...I must have killed a thousand of them, sometimes dozens every day." She was so good at it she rose through the ranks to become director of the District of Columbia's high-kill pound where she reigned for some years. There, under her rule, untold thousands more died.

Newkirk turns PETA'S home office into a death chamber
The next revelation is even more appalling: Newkirk has never stopped killing. Not only is she non-apologetic about her murky past, she quietly continues her murderous vocation. She turned PETA's Norfolk, Virginia headquarters into her own personal killing field. There she hauled in more than 17,822 puppies, kittens, dogs and cats since 1998 and executed 14,419 of them.  This does not include wild animals - in 2005 alone, PETA admits to killing 141.  In 2005 Newkirk killed 90% of her defenseless captives and adopted only 6% - a ratio far worse than almost any pound in the US. So when you next see a PETA ad with fluffy bunnies, endearing puppies and cuddly kittens, you'll know they were photographed just before they were killed. This is beyond hypocrisy, it brings to mind the activities of Dr Josef Mengele.

On the PETA website, they make a lot about euthanasia and dwell unhealthily it seems to me on the methods used. The emphasis is constantly on being kind to animals, and they claim that no kill shelters end up with animals being ill-treated, kept in small cages in misery, and/or starved to death. But nowhere is there evidence of this, and the arguments for a no kill policy seem to me persuasive; no kill gets more volunteers to work in shelters, more word gets out about the animals needing adoption and more people come forward to release them. In other words, the problem can be solved once people accept that killing unwanted animals is not the answer, it is part of the problem. By treating animals as disposable, PETA as as guilty as the people who abandon them on a whim, and as guilty as the people they despise; the animal experimenters, farmers, slaughterers and fur wearers. Otherwise, they would be advocating that unwanted children should be 'disposed of' as a kindness to prevent them suffering the sadness of an unhappy life. I believe animals have a right to life, certainly no less than humans. In the case of too many pets, it is humans who create the problem and it should be solved by humans, not by murdering all the inconvenient excess numbers thus created.

December 20 2008
What extraordinary times

True to form, no politicians know what to do with the sudden [to them] recession, though some of us have seen it coming for years. Their latest idea, on both sides of the Atlantic, is to borrow yet more on the promise of the taxpayer eventually paying off the debts, and handing it over to industry, not, this time, the financial industry which is largely responsible for the collapse, but to car manufacturers who, despite raking in excessive profits for decades, haven't got the money in the bank [what bank?] so are close to collapse because no one is buying their over-priced metal and plastic pollution boxes for now.

Other industries which are actually essential for the survival of our species such as the renewable energy sector, still struggle on without help. But cars, well, thousands of workers overpaid jobs are involved [especially the US where the auto industry seems to have the clout of the mafia], yet these privileged relative few, who have union-negotiated extra high wages which in the good times the limos paid for, barely do more than lift a finger these days, protected as they are from any strain by robots; they guide them with a flick or a wiggle, press a button and the car part sinks into place. The worker then fits some nuts and bolts. In both the US and UK the car factories only assemble, the parts having been manufactured in cheaper countries. They are owned by foreign companies, in the case of the UK, the only remaining car industry, Jaguar-Land Rover, is owned by Tata, an Indian company, yet still Brown, stuck for ideas and panicked, is considering handing over yet more taxpayer debt to prop them up. As Jaguar and Land Rover cars only sell to the rich and farmers [often to rich farmers], I think if they wish to continue using these forms of transport they should dig deep and keep the company afloat, the average taxpayer has nothing to gain from their continuing except for the few who work there.

In the US, the ones getting the money are the old dinosaurs which have failed to change and who keep rolling out ugly, fat American Automobiles with monster tyres [tires] and engines, and with the carryoing capacity that would accomodate a small African village. They do about a mile a gallon when loaded with fat Americans. They have three months to clean up their act, develop new ideas, reform their structures and labour and relaunch themselves as the new sustainable GM, Ford and Chrysler. Not a hope, about what you'd expect a monkey to come up with. As the recession is going to deepen and deepen and last for a minimum of two years, and possible much more, these firms are going to fail, and throwing any more money at them is about as pointless a waste as invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

As capitalism eats itself, many find it difficult to adapt to the new world; they thought they had a set of certainties and they've been swept from under them. Perhaps a new capitalism will rise from the ashes, I really can't see the old one rising again to fall into thesame old habits and end up collapsing again. The word on everyone's lips is sustainable these days, and as capitalism is inherently unsustainable, depending as it does on constantly accelerating growth just to retain confidence, a better, green way of organising finance is desperately needed; able to not just include environmental considerations but to make them central to all thinking and acting. This will inevitably mean a lot of regulation due to the greed factor moving ever in the wrong direction, and a certain amount of social responsibility wouldn't go amiss either. KInd of sounds like a green-socialism to me. We've given greed and freedom to crush the opposition a good try out, and it's come to this; a trashed planet and even greater divide between rich and poor. Already a nascent green-socialism is developing in Latin America, and it's in countries like that where the new ideas are likely to blossom.

December 16 2008
A dog is for life

I'm not one for regulations, bureacracy and licences generally, but I think the UK dog licence should be reintroduced, but with much stronger legislation. The old licence was a joke, few people ever bothered to get one, and it wasn't even compulsory. With so many people having dogs, and often for the wrong reasons, I think a strengthened dog licence with restrictions and penalties should be introduced to limit the number of irresponsible and uncaring people who get a dog on a whim.

With the economic downturn leading to the recession we are now in, increased numbers of dogs are just being abandoned, turned out onto the streets to fend for themselves. For an animal which has lived since a puppy with a family, this is the ultimate betrayal, how confused and unhappy the poor things must be, cast out from the people they love, but who clearly don't love them.

If all dogs had to be micro-cripped, abandoned dogs 'owners' could be identified, and prevented from having a dog again. If they care so little for the animal that they would abandon them as soon as times got a bit hard, they are clearly not fit to have a dog, period. Even homeless people have dogs, much loved they are too, and they share everything their person gets, and are fiercely loyal to them as well. The relationship is one of mutual trust, companionship and love. Those who buy an expensive pedigree dog when affluent as another thing to own, have no feelings for the animal, it's just another part of their lifestyle, which, when it turns sour, is thrown away as too expensive, without a thought about what the eventual fate of the animal will be.

Rescue centres are crowded with dogs now, and are getting more all the time as jobs disappear and those who once thought they were in the money and could spend and spend, suddenly find out about the realities of existance, of survival, and have to cut back on spending. Given that dogs don't have to cost a huge amount to care for, getting rid of the dog doesn't make a lot of financial sense even. I would scrounge from the backs of supermarkets rather than part with my dogs. They are members of my family, and I could no sooner give them up than I could one of my children, it's unthinkable.

With a properly regulated scheme of licences, vet home visits before being allowed to have a dog, regular check ups and insurance, there would be less dogs uncared for, suffering because the owners can't afford veterinary treastment. Strays could be reunited with their humans rapidly, and the practice of abandoning dogs to their fate on the streets would disappear.

As usual, most people don't need regulating, but the rest just don't know how to behave.

December 15 2008
Roads could produce electricity

Experiments are being conducted in Israel on a new design for road surfaces which can, with the aid of pizo-electric crystals, produce electricy, estimated to be in the region of 400 kilowatts per kilometre of dual carriageway. Using the vibration produced by cars travelling along a road, the crystals create small amounts of power, but when this is translated into kilometres of road surface, it's easy to see how it could mount up to a significant contribution to the power supply. It remains to be seen if the production of the crystals is environmentally friendly enough to make the equation viable.

This is another example where technology can reduce our impact even in the most unlikely places. Whether Palestinians will be allowed to create the same energy as Israelis, or benefit from it, remains to be seen. Some things don't change.

Currently, the weather in the UK is untypically normal for the time of year! We are having hard frosts, which sometimes last all day, and the plants which were starting to respond to the recent warm weather by budding, will have to change and shut down again. It's reassuring to have proper winter weather and to look forward to snow again, rather than wall to wall rain which has left the land soggy [but now frozen solid] and the rivers full. Of course, with snow, the effect if merely delayed and eventually, with the melt, the water fills the rivers and flows back to the sea.

Champagne growers are looking towards the UK for vinyards as the Champagne region becomes too hot and dry, with the UK now said to have the perfect weather for the grapes used in producing sparkling wines as well as the chalky soil. Whether it will be allowed to be called champagne when grown in Britain is something they will have to decide eventually. Currently, only wine grown and produced in the Champagne region is allowed to use the name, all others must be called 'sparkling wines'. A 'bottle of Kent' doesn't have the same ring to it. Maybe 'Kent Sparky' is a brand name to consider.

December 10 2008
Eid al-adha again and more animals die brutally

If anything sums up the utter deviant barbarity of Islam and it's adherents it's this photograph of the festival of Eid al-adha in Pakistan, the most toxic and dangerous of all Muslim countries. [Don't look if blood upsets you]. Not only do they 'celebrate' this festival by slicing the throats of cows, camels, goats and sheep, but it's a spectator entertainment, only for males, including children who have to be perverted into the religion with such displays. There's something deeply sick about all the Abrahamic religions [Judaism, Christianity and Islam], and their obsession with mutilation, blood and killing, usually of innocents. They all love a sacrifice, as long as it isn't them being sacrificed, and share the same attitude towards all other species; no respect, no kindness, they are all on the planet for us to do whatever we wish with. After all, the hairless ape is 'special' among all other species, blessed by an imagined creator. The killers slither on the spilled blood, arms glistening red from the spurting, and the audience is thrilled, gleaming eyes taking it all in, in an orgy of violence against unsuspecting and peaceable animals. No wonder India is on edge.

Would you want any of these people living near you? Well, they already are if you live in the UK, they are the single biggest group of immigrants, getting larger all the time by means of large families and arranged marriages with cousins who are then brought into the country. And they have not changed their backward culture or religion one little bit. In fact, British law on animal welfare has been deliberately ignored to allow them to slaughter animals in this way, whether for food or entertainment; throats slit, they are left to bleed to death, usually by being hung upside down fully conscious.

British culture has a strange attitude towards violence; it defends it as a tool of international relations and keeps standing forces armed and ready to kill on command of the current sicko in charge of number ten. Being so influenced by the US, we have adopted the American culture of death, with violence in every imaginable form and perpetrated against anything sentient the dominant entertainment genre. Blood spurts more or less continually on cinema and TV screens, many of them viewed by children. Yet there is currently a chatterati frenzy about a film on TV tonight showing assisted suicide which, gasp, horror of horrors, actually shows the moment of death. This is apparently a first for TV, although I'm sure people are dying all the time when bombs go off and the cameras track about showing the scenes of carnage, turning us all into voyeurs. What they really object to is the challenge to the accepted attitude that despite us having enough compassion to animals to assist them to die when their time has clearly come, we are not allowed [apparently it would upset the Christian's god this time, although the Muslim one seems not to mind a bit of suicide] to extend this same humanity to humans.

We apparently don't own our own life so can't end it when we choose as that's god's special perk. Gordon Brown wants to extend this ownership to the body after death with the state playing the role of god and claiming ownership of all our bodies as a rich source of spare parts. What monumental arrogance.

As techniques improve, and whole face transplants are common, some relatives could get a nasty shock encountering the face of their dear departed. If this insulting legislation is ever enacted, and I don't count it out on present showing, I will make quite sure that there is nothing usable of me when I decide it's time to leave. I am from the Earth and will return to it to nurture new life.

December 5 2008
A slight hiccup

A problem suddenly occurred with the Ecobutton; when I pressed it to close down, it got part way there and froze saying preparing to shut down, and everything locked. I had to pull the power lead to get out of it, then rebooted and everything was fine again. But it happened again, and I lost some time getting back to where I had been working. This wasn't looking good.

So I emailed the Ecobutton people through the website and explained the problem. Within a short time someone got back to me and helpfully explained that, although rare, there was occasionally something about the bios of a computer which could cause a problem with the software [it is after alleffectively closing Windows and resurrecting it with all programs open that you had open] but that the incidence is 1 in 50,000 systems. Trust me to be that one!

It was suggested I uninstall the software Ecobutton uses and then reinstall it. This I did and it's been faultless since, so let's hope it stays that way, because unlike everything else I run on this machine, this actually saves me money, so I wouldn't want to lose it. I'm well on the way already to recouping half the purchase cost then it's all plain saving. With a house-full of energy efficient bulbs, double glazing and triple roof insulation, the computers remained major energy users, but apart from closing up to a dozen programs and as many files, then Windows every time I took a break, there wasn't much I could do about it, until now.

You can buy one here for just £12.67.

December 2 2008
Corruption is good for the planet

The blockade of Bangkok airport has been a hoot; thousands of quiet, peaceful, happy protesters, clapping and singing in protest over a corrupt government, and thousands of irate westerners not getting their own way for once and incapable of taking an objective view let alone one sympathetic to the Thais. Why so many people flock to Thailand is largely to do with the currency rates which make most westerners feel like millionaires, and under tha false impression they are superior to the people who make their holiday possible, and the sex trade, which is for the same reason. One tourist described the demonstrators as 'childish and selfish' the two qualities she was displaying in abundance! I love these little ironies.

The main reason to be happy over this temporary [alas, it's been announced it's ending] closing of a major airport is that thousands of planes have been stopped from taking off and landing for at least a few days, thus making a larger contribution to Thailand's emissions reductions than anything the government could have done.

The problem for the spoiled of the developed world is they are selfish and expect rather a lot for their money. Immediately something happens out of the comfort zone, they can't hack it, and they aren't used to being proactive, so rather than just accepting that this was going to be the situation for some time and taking the opportunity to explore the country further, or just have a few more days lying on a sun lounger at the beach if that's what they went there for, they wait. They stay at the airport just in case it all clears up suddenly and they can go home, despite it being obvious that it would take some days to clear the backlog even if it did end suddenly. And they complain, indulge in sleep deprivation on uncomfortable benches or even the floor, and queue.

The police can't commit unlawfull killings apparently, according to the coroner conducting the Jean Charles DeMenezies inquest who has instructed the jury that they can't bring in a verdict of unlawful killing. The coroner, Sir Michael Wright, said that having heard all the evidence, a verdict of unlawful killing was 'not justified'. This betrays the illusion of juries; one man, doubtless a pillar of the establishment and more interested in the good name of the police than the death of a foreigner, can decide for himself what the evidence indicates and the jury are there to rubber stamp it. They are given a choice, either an open verdict or lawfull killing. An open verdict is meaningless, no action is taken as a result, it is just left... open. A typically British fudge. An unlawful killing verdict, however, would mean someone had to be guilty of it, and we all know who that was, the two police executioners who pumped eight bullets into his head without even bothering to find out if he was the person they thought he might be.

If I were on that jury I would feel duty bound to vote for unlawful killing and argue to convince all the other jury members that it is the only verdict that could possibly reflect the appalling crime that was committed against an innocent young Brazilian on his way to work that day. The lies and delays which have ensued since make a mockery of justice and this inquest was finally a chance for it to be aired thoroughly and make amends to the grieving family. So all police killings are, by definition, legal. Thought so.

November 25 2008
It's mounting up

Charting the progress of my Ecobutton savings, here's a picture of the screen that appears when I come back after a break.


If you can't make it out, the text on the right says CO2 8.959KGs, and above it £4.5832 [6.95591 US$], a sum not to be sniffed at for less than two weeks savings. It means that I'm likely to save in the region of £150+ a year, and 250+ KGs of carbon. For something only costing £15, it doesn't take a math genius to figure it is cost effective. If you have your PC on all day, in other words, if you work on it, whether at home or at an office or studio, this small object could save you money, and what's more important, it will save carbon, and the more people get one, the more carbon we'll save, and that is what we all want isn't it?. What are you waiting for?

The media are now discussing whether the recession can have some positive benefits such as on people's health. A no brainer, of course it will improve health; less junk food, less overeating, less drinking, more people quitting smoking, less excessive consumption generally, and less obese people. The real benefits though are for the planet; a constantly growing economy sounds the death knell for the environment, so less shopping, less commuting, less truck deliveries, less useless stuff, has all got to be an improvement, and I welcome the recession, the planet has needed it for a long time. As someone who has lived frugally for most of my adult life, it holds no worries for me; when you know you can survive the best and worst of time, what's to fear? Unless widespread starvation ensues [more likely with environmental breakdown that financial] when I guess I could get killed in a food riot, I don't see much change. Those addicted to conspicuous consumption are already feeling the pain, and will feel it increasingly, but as with any drug, they have to get through that and come out the other side free of their addiction. It can only be good for everyone. Welcome to the brave new world of uncertainty!

November 24 2008
Ask the grandmothers

A scientific team has examined the buggy, that familiar means of transport for small children, and it's design, and found it wanting. Their report says that the modern buggy is leading to children with poor communication skills, because the child is seated facing forwards and can't see or interact with its mother, instead it is strapped to the buggy and propelled into the world full of threatening and scary things and people, with no interaction or control. My partner has been saying this for at least ten years, having noticed that the old style pushchair, which seated the child backwards and facing its mother, had given way to the much more modern buggy, with chunky wheels and go faster stripes [there's even an all-terrain buggy, though why any mother would want to push her child up and down trailbike courses is not immediately apparent]. Her answer to why so many children were starting junior school barely able to talk was change the buggies and let the mother talk to the child as she once did.

The buggy must have been designed by a man without any input from a serving parent. It's the only explanation why they should reverse the child and remove contact with the parent pushing them. Walking with a pushchair was always full of interest, communication and learning; the mother [usually the mother] chatting to the child as they progressed. Now, the child sits alone at the front, with no one to talk to them, no feedback to their gurglings, no communication. It took a team of 'scientists' to 'discover' what one woman [and I'm sure many more] knew instinctively.

A government minister, Hazel Blears [not the brightest penny in the box] has stated that the white working class are abandoning the Labour Party in favour of the British National Party [BNP] and that Labour should pay attention to why. The reason why is obvious, and I've mentioned it here once or twice over the years; Labour became NewLabour, adopted Thatcherism in place of socialism and sucked up to rich people, who it courted shamelessly, even promising not to ever raise tax on the better off and dishing out knighthoods to rich supporters including a number of Asian businessmen who donated to the party. Along with the politically correct doctrine of multiculturalism which has resulted in uncontrolled immigration into the UK, along with the creation of separate ethnic ghettos where British culture is rejected, even derided, this has resulted in working class people feeling disenfranchised and abandoned by the party that always represented their interests, resentful against the flood of immigrants who the government give precedence to for social housing and benefits, and seething at the injustice; many other long term immigrants who did integrate, feel much the same. The BNP were only waiting for just such an opportunity, and are now gathering disaffected labour voters in increasing numbers.

A similar thing happened in Germany when the Nazis came to power. And we are now in a recession just as Germany was at that time.

November 23 2008
A proofreader's lot

I'm always irritated by those ads for making a living in your spare time from home proofreading for publishers. I'm sure countless gullible people fall for it every year and fork out sums of money for 'a course' which will supposedly give them the skills and the keys to this glorious future of working a few hours a day, even by the pool, which you will have miraculously have been able to afford. The truth couldn't be more different. The pay for proofreading is crap, largely because the only proofreading that is done these days is on academic books, and these are extremely budget driven due to their very small distribution. Other than art books and coffee table books, and quality fiction, no other books are proofread, a spellchecker is all they're likely to get. It's pure economics, shovel them through the mill and into the bookstores and airport kiosks.

Proofreading isn't anything like reading a book. It's more like unpicking a knitted garment to see how it all hangs together then reassembling it. You have to detach that part of the brain which engages with the content, and examine the text for structure and meaning; how the sentences work; that nothing contradicts; that there is consistency in spelling, terminology and acronyms; and then that the typesetter hasn't introduced errors of his or her own, as some will do. Indian typesetters whose first language isn't English and who have a certain arrogance when it comes to knowing what is right can sometimes introduce their own without knowing. My favourite is the inappropriate hyphenation which can cause such things as anal-ytic to appear on two lines when introduced by a non-native speaker. I found this twice in an academic book that wasn't at all about anything anal. The majority of books both fiction and non-fiction are typeset in India and China now, and UK typesetters have largely gone out of business as a result.

For pulp fiction, mistakes are nothing to bother about, standards have lowered considerably due to economic pressures to cut costs and it really is pulp, or will be soon enough. So the idea that anyone could earn a good living reading the fiction they like to read, along with spotting the occasional mistakes and being paid, is a fantasy. Which doesn't stop the spurious 'academies' from selling their proofreading tuition courses. The thousands of disappointed people [I get emails from some of them asking about work] who fail to even land one freelance proofreading job never get to tell anyone else about their experience, and certainly don't get their money back. It's a cruel world full of of sharks looking for unwary surfers.

The actual job of proofreading is incredibly draining, tiring on both the eyes and brain, grindingly slow and so poorly paid that the national minimum wage doesn't come close to it.

November 22 2008
An eco-solution for PCs that's saving me money

I was given a totally useful tool recently, which can make a real difference to the power consumption of my PC, thus it will save money on energy bills and help cut global emissions, and if enough people at home and in offices take it up, it could make a real contribution to reducing the burden we place on the planet. It's a little gizmo called Eco Button. The website has full details about it along with a software download and sales page, so I'll just briefly explain here how it works, and anyone interested [and that should be everyone] can get more details from the site.

eco button

It's a retro-fit computer device, acting as a strong visual reminder for you to save electricity each time your computer is left idle. It's illuminated [see picture above, although this doesn't show it pulsing slowly off and on as it does] and it sits on your desktop next to the keyboard, connected via USB.

Each time you take a short or long break, such as a phone call, toilet break, make a coffee or anything else that takes you away from the computer for even a few minutes, you simply tap the ecobutton™ and your computer is put into energy saving 'ecomode' which ensures that both your computer and monitor draw only the same nominal power as when they are shut down!

Under normal circumstances people generally don't like turning off their computers except at the close of day due to the time it takes to boot up, restart software and find and load the files you were working on. But by hitting the eco-button as you leave and simply pressing any key on your keyboard when you return, your computer instantly goes off and then returns to where you left off; the programs you had open are still open at the place you left them. It takes a couple of seconds.

An additional bonus is that each time your computer is put into ecomode the software calculates how many carbon units and how much power and money you save and when you return, the ecobutton screen shows these totals for today and since fitting it. I am using it all the time now, and have so far saved 7.6K of carbon emissions and that means £3.90 off the electricity bill for just a week's use!

The cost to buy this device in UK money is £14.99+postage, and it's available at comparable prices in other countries' currencies and with international stockists accessible online from the site. Lots of companies are giving them away as free corporate gifts, but if you aren't lucky enough to get one, I recommend you buy one as you're likely to recover the cost in a few months and from then it's all savings in money as well as carbon. More here.

The only downside is the company didn't reply to my email asking for opportunities to earn by promoting it, they don't seem to have an affiliate program, boo hoo, but it's so effective that I want to tell everyone about it anyway, even if there's nothing in it for me other than knowing I'm helping the planet.

To check out your carbon emissions try the ETA's carbon calculator.

November 21 2008
The Hypocrites of Australia

I had intended to write about something else entirely today, but it will have to wait as I just got an email from Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd talking of the hypocrisy of the Australian government, and I felt it was too important not to pass on.

In The Politics of Pretending to Save the Whales, Paul writes:

The Labor government of Kevin Rudd came into power a year ago on the crest of numerous promises to the people of Australia. One of those promises was to get tough with the illegal activities of the Japanese whaling fleet.

As someone who has spent a lifetime defending whales, I have to say that the performance of the Australian government in regard to the defense of the whales has been dismal and impotent. There has been plenty of posturing and posing, meetings and diplomatic ping pong but the plain simple truth is that the government has done nothing at all. MORE

The Japanese intend to kill endangered whales in an established whale sanctuary in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling and in direct contempt of an Australian Federal Court ruling specifically barring Japanese whalers from killing whales in the Australian Antarctic Territory. Yet the Australian government is actively working to bar Sea Shepherd from Australia; making it impossible for them to birth their ship without outrageous costs, detaining Paul at the airport for questioning for an hour and a half, refusing to allow the delivery of Kevlar vests for the crew - it was a Kevlar vest which saved Paul's life last year when he was fired at from a Japanese whaler.

Anyone who objects to the hypocrites [especially if you are Australian, but everyone else as well] should write to the Australian environment minister Peter Garrett here and tell him what you think of his cowardly acquiescence to Japanese financial pressures and his victimisation of Sea Shepherd, the only people opposing Japanese whaling. Those wishing to leave a message for the Japanese government can do so here

November 20 2008
I blame Johnny Depp

The current surge in piracy off the coast of Africa is surely partly the fault of Johnny Depp making pirates appear sexy. With his pursed feminine mouth and saucy good looks, Depp has changed the image of the pirate from a bloodthirsty, murderous rogue, often with a leg [Long John Silver] or arm [Captain Hook] missing, in other words, a bad guy, into a cheeky scamp and a good guy, making it a more attractive career choice for anyone, including Samalians looking for a way to make a living, with their country a failed state without a government. Having apparently got away with capturing a cargo vessel, The Faina, packed with guns and ammunition a few weeks ago [and still not released], they went on to take an oil tanker, the Sirius Star in the Gulf of Aden, the 9th ship captured in 12 days, and have demanded $25M. They even thought they'd grab an Indian Navy warship wanting to search them, but warships tend to have guns unlike cargo vessels, and they were blown out of the water and sunk.

Last week, Indian navy commandos operating from a warship foiled another pirate attempt to hijack an Indian cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden. The navy said an armed helicopter with marine commandos prevented the pirates from boarding and hijacking the Indian merchant vessel. So the Indians seem to have the right idea. Perhaps they could give some tips to the USA whose warships are also in the area, but who have failed to engage any pirates since arriving there - the world's only 'superpower' with a massive navy can't sort out some drug-crazed Somali thugs in search of easy money. I say call in Steven Segal and Bruce Willis, that's bound to scare the shit out of them.

All in all, Hollywood's got a lot to answer for.

November 11 2008
A question of poppies

As every year for the whole of my life, Royal British Legion poppies have been sold everywhere, outside shops, in the streets, at every place where people walk. They are said to be to commemorate those who were killed in WW1, and the few remaining old chaps, mostly now in wheelchairs, are wheeled out, replete with chestfulls of medals, to take part in the grand war celebration at the Cenotaph in London. I have never bought or worn a poppy.

The poppies are made by disabled military personnel, not, however from WW1, or even WW2, but from more recent wars. And far from being the war to end all wars, WW1 is just an excuse for the militaristic caste to celebrate and wallow in sentimentality over all the old soldiers 'who gave their lives for us' and all the rest of the hypocritical, self-serving rubbish. It's an opportunity for all those who are excited by war and killing, to don uniforms and parade about with brass bands and flags, medals jangling. There is no determination to end wars, despite the mealy-mouthed words uttered on these occasions, quite the opposite; the two ongoing wars the UK is involved in are equally celebrated. But to criticise or question the morality of this is, apparently, to disregard the 'sacrifice' the old soldiers made back before we were born. Yet WW1 is agreed to have been the most pointless and brutal waste of life, a whole generation of young men slaughtered for no good reason other than they got excited and volunteered in large numbers for 'the adventure', only to be mown down by machine guns like a crop to be harvested.

Currently, one of the wars we are embroiled in, Afghanistan, involves British soldiers destroying poppies, a nice irony as paper immitation poppies sprout on every lapel in the media and everywhere else in public life. Weasel words are spoken in sonorous, serious voices, the old tired cliches trotted out like a litany, and then the old chaps are wheeled away, to appear next year, smaller still in number, their trembly lips unable to say anything much other than 'terrible waste of life', and then the flags are packed away again and normal life resumes.

Disabled soldiers making poppies merely absolves government from properly caring for them. It places the wounded from more recent conflicts in the same situation as the soldiers who defended this country against Germany in two European wars, however avoidable those two conflicts were, and ignores the fact the the invasion of Iraq was widely opposed. Having tried to subjugate the Afghans in the nineteenth century, and failed, you'd think the British state would know better than to become embroiled once again in that country. Comes from having a 'special relationship' with the USA. Not a relationship which benefits us, but one which provides willing assistance when America decides it wants some killing done. The British warrior class will doubtless continue celebrating war and morally blackmailing others to support them and wear a poppy; they claim that the British public holds great affection and respect for its Armed Forces. But it's their scene, aberrant as it is, and no need for those who oppose war as a method of solving differences to take part in the national exercise in hypocrisy.

November 7 2008
A new camera

I just bought a camera. It's my first DSLR, something I've been lusting after for years, and I seem to have struck incredibly lucky.

This is it below, sexy or what?

Olympus E-1 DSLR

I knew nothing of Olympus other than they made cameras, they never figured in my wish list which started with Canon and ended with Sony. But I had had a look on Ebay, and marked five DSLRs as possibles, one was an Olympus, an unknown quantity. The first two went over my limit of £200, both Canons, and then there was this one. I liked the look of it, and, having lost out on two, I decided to have a try for it. Being canny with ebay I didn't bid, but put it on my watch list and bided my time. A day passed and the top bid hadn't changed - £120 - the hours went by and the end of auction approached. I held back, waiting to see if any of the six existing bidders would come in with another bid. It jumped to £140, the minutes went by, and with a minute to go I bid; I was immediately outbid by ebay bidding up for the existing bidder, I bid again, I was pipped again, I slapped in my last bid of £190 just a second before the auction ended, and it was mine! Sounds of trumpets and clapping, a roll on the drums, I take a bow; the classic way of winning an ebay auction; wait till the end and act fast and decisive, know your limit and stick to it.

Since then I've been finding out about this camera, a professional DSLR which seems to be highly rated by everyone who owns one, some people saying that it's their favourite despite having more expensive, later models. I found a price for a new one here and was astonished to see it selling, still, for £1,160! Another site had it for £1,030. Mine is second hand, but in superb condition with many years useful work left in it and the price was perfect.

I've joined an Olympus E-1 user forum. quite the friendliest forum I've ever joined, and already had loads of encouragement, advice and help. Everyone there loves their E-1, most appear to be professional photographers, and the standard of the work there is stunning. I have high hopes I can take some equally stunning shots, but I'm far too busy now to take it out and about, and must content myself with reading the manual and familiarising myself with it in readiness for the day I take it out for a spin.

Those who don't have the camera bug won't understand my feelings for this kit. But the feel of it in your hands, the lens with its matt black nobbly rubber outer grasped in the left hand, turning to focus and zoom in and out, is a joy only avid photographers could understand. Point and click cameras just don't cut it, useful as they are for quick, candid shots out of the pocket. There's just no control. Serious picture making demands a seriously chunky camera, and the E-1 is that camera. I'll post some shots here as and when I take them. Prepare to be amazed and enchanted!

November 5 2008
Now the healing can begin

I woke at 4pm UK time and turned on the radio where the BBC announced 'Obama has definitely won Virginia, and the BBC is stating officially that he was won overall and will be the next US president.' Good timing or what? My subconscious was even on the case. Deep relief that the dirty tricksters had failed this time and a landslide was happening. I hope he lives up to expectations and that expectations aren't too high. He's just a man, not the messiah, although the descendants of slaves could be forgiven for thinking of him as such.

America's standing in the world has just taken an enormous leap with this one act, the hope is that it will no longer be the global bully, but will start to work to get on with people no matter that they have different cultures, religions or worldviews. We'll see how he shapes up in the following months, but on his utterances over the last few months, I think he'll do allright. He must be brave to even want to take on America in the grip of a worsening recession and embroiled in two unjust wars. Iraq is the easier one to extricate from; Afghanistan, as the Russians found out, can suck you in and wear you down, and Obama's plans to increase troop numbers is the least appealing utterance he's made. From the British in the 19th century, Afghanistan has been an impossible country to control.

Money doesn't talk, it swears

The Scottish Parliament, under the control of Alex Salmond, has bowed down to billionaire waster and trasher of the environment, Donald Trump, and given the go-ahead to destroy an SSSI [Site of Special Scientific Interest] in Scotland's coastal dunes to build a millionaires golf course, going against the planning committee which turned the application down. How anyone in this point in time and the world suffering environmental degradation on an unprecedented scale, could make such a retrograde move is staggering, I suppose individual greed and corruption are at the heart of it as usual. The obscenely rich walk the planet as if a different species with no stake in the future, their only concern making yet more money. What a wierd sicknes they suffer from. Perhaps Trump's toupé will strangle him one quiet night and spare us any more of this tasteless oik's grand plans.

November 4 2008
Lone Ranger and Tonto

I can't not mention the US election as it's the last day and, but for the Republican's habit of lying and cheating, would be a done deal for a new president Obama, and the world heaving a sigh of relief.

A friend and collegue in the UK just yesterday morning got an email from some retard end of the GOP who clearly doesn't understand British citizens don't have the vote in Amurka. It's long, clearly took a long time to fabricate, and is full of the most appalling lies and distortions a fascist could come up with, and all couched in a pretend family email as if the writer knows you. It includes loads of links to youtube where their misinformation campaign seems to reside [I have yet to visit the links and verbally smash the retard's brains into the gutter where they belong], and all the usual lies about him being a Muslim [they don't consider the American Muslims feelings, but then they're probably all in hiding by now], stress his middle name Hussein as if it's an illegal name in America - if the dieing McCain were inexplicably to get in, it probably would be illegal along with freethinking and publishing books with big words in - and Obama's so-called 'links' to terrorists and his intention to treble taxes on 'ordinary Americans' and bring in a communist state forcing women to have abortions and breeding babies for consumption [those two being mutually exclusive shouldn't bother the lame brains that think Palin is sexy, no, that brain cell will remain untroubled by contradictions].

If it weren't for the fact that America can do such damage, the world would largely ignore the election, but the outcome is so vital to all of us, and especially to Iraqis and Afghans, and of course Iranians as well as Cubans, that it looks like it's dominating the attention of the world.

So panicked are the nazis of the Republican party, they will literally try anything to grab power again, including sending out an official looking letter informing voters that voting for Republicans is to happen Today, and for Democrats the day after polling is closed. But there's a flaw in this fiendish plan, it would only fool retards, and they already vote Republican. The Nazis [the German ones over half a century ago] didn't even stoop this low to grab power, but these bastards have so much to lose; a Democratic president and administration are likely to set up a few investigative committees to look into the crimes that have been going on under the Monkey-President, that's on top of the war crimes, and they have so much to lose from that. These are dangerous fascists and if they do manage to cheat yet another election, I for one would donate to a civil war fund to arm Democrats to take them on - I suspect most of the arms are in retard hands, dangerous indeed.

With the dieing McLone Ranger looking lumpier by the day with the cancer that's eating away at his face and brain and has spread according to accounts I've read, the idea that the severely challenged LipstickTonto could be the most powerful person on the planet is understandably giving the world bad dreams of armageddon outta here.

We'll know soon if the Diebold voting machines [owned by Republicans] have once again successfully been fixed [it looks like they have] so best to insist on paper votes, however arduous they are to fill in. All polls indicate, President Obama will have a landslide victory. I think he would be well advised not to go on a motorcade through Dallas, or anywhere else in anything but an armoured car. The real killers of the Kennedies and Martin Luther King were never convicted.

November 1 2008
Parking really isn't difficult

Whenever I drive, which is as infrequently as possible, I'm struck by the fact that nine out of ten people don't know how to park their car. It's first order desire - there's a space, I want to park, drive into the space - without a thought to later when they leave. Perhaps parking isn't part of the driving test these days, so not part of driving tuition.

No matter how many times they park, it seems the majority of drivers just aren't capable of learning a simple thing; reversing into a space is a million times easier than reversing out of one. Whether the parking space is off a road or in a supermarket carpark, the majority just drive straight in and off to shop. But reversing out of a narrow space with cars either side means you can't begin to turn the wheel until clear, so it's straight out and then a five point [or more] turn to get the car positioned to drive away. If the parking space is beside a road, it's that much more difficult as you're backing out blind into oncoming traffic, and unless you have someone to see you out, this can be dangerous.

To reverse into a parking space is easy; drive past, turn the wheel, reverse into space, being sure to check mirrors as you go. The front moves round sideways and the back leads into the space. Driving off is easy, you get in and drive straight out and away! As the front turns the back keeps coming straight and no cars are scraped or mirrors knocked. I'm still left wondering why most drivers fail to see this.

Halloween waste

Our NO Trick or Treat notice in the window worked last night, not a single knock on the door. Call me a killjoy if you like, but door to door begging shouldn't be encouraged, no matter how elaborately the kids are dressed up, and how much money the parents blew on costumes. I know it's a big thing in the US, but it bears no resemblance to the actual ancient traditions it's been copied from, relying instead on consumerism supplying ready-made all the gear, which seems mostly to be related to movies, and yet another marketing opportunity to relieve the saps of their hard-earned cash. Shop assistants dress up too, presumably because serving in a shop is such a total bore that anything to relieve the tedium is welcome.

The worst thing about it is that all the pumpkins that are carved out [it was once a potato in Ireland, with a candle inside] are wasted as a food source and the contents trashed, or at best put on the compost. Don't people know how to cook pumpkin any more? Being a member of the squash family, it can be made into delicious, nutritious soup, pumpkin pie, or sliced in fat chunks, oiled and garnished with garlic and roasted. If the whole pumpkin is used, the inside can make soup, and the outside, including the hard skin which turns crisp and delicious, can be roasted, making two meals.

I hate the very idea of throwing food away, and I suspect we'll be seeing less of this waste as the recession bites and people have to make do on less.

You too can have a solar backpack to charge your mobile or anything else while on the move.



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The time to move to higher ground link [above] will change from time to time, illustrating how this phrase has become more and more common of late; from New Orleans, to Fiji to East Anglia to Holland.
I moved to higher ground in 2000 when it was clear that flooding was becoming the norm and climate change was happening now.
On the journey west, we passed flooded fields right across the midlands, it felt almost apocalyptic.
Since then, floods have become common in the UK and many other countries.

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