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February 26 - in memorium, Hunter S Thompson

'Few people understand the psychology of dealing with a highway traffic cop. Your normal speeder will panic and immediately pull over to the side when he sees the big red light behind him...and then we will start apologizing, begging for mercy.

This is wrong. It arouses contempt in the cop-heart. The thing to do -- when you're running along about a hundred or so and you suddenly find a red-flashing CHP-tracker on your trail -- what you then want to do is accelerate. Never pull over with the first siren-howl. Mash it down and make the bastard chase you at speeds of 120 all the way to the next exit. He will follow. But he won't know what to make of your blinker-signal that says you're about to turn right.

This is to let him know that you're looking for a proper place to pull off and talk...keep signaling and hope for an off-ramp, one of those uphill side-loops with a sign saying "Max Speed 25" ... and the trick, at this point, is to suddenly leave the freeway and take him into the chute at no less than a hundred miles an hour.

He will lock his brakes at about the same time that you lock yours, but it will take him a moment to realize that he's about to make a 180-degree turn at this speed ... but you will be ready for it, braced for the Gs and the fast heel-toe work, and with any luck at all you will have come to a complete stop off the road at the top of the turn and be standing beside your automobile by the time he catches up. He will not be reasonable at first ... but no matter. Let him calm down.

He will want the first word. Let him have it. His brain will be in a turmoil: he may begin jabbering, or even pull his gun. Let him unwind; keep smiling. The idea is to show him that you were always in control while he lost control of everything.

It helps to have a police/press badge in your wallet when he calms down enough to ask you for your license. I had one of these - but I also had a can of Budweiser in my hand. Until that moment, I was unaware that I was holding it. I had felt totally on top of the situation...but when I looked down and saw that little red/silver evidence-bomb in my hand, I knew I was fucked...'

February 25 - signs of the times

1. There's a world-wide shortage of condoms.

2. There's a world-wide shortage of solar panels.

3. There's no shortage of guns anywhere.


February 22 - fur christ's sake, what are we?

Seems impossible that after so many years of anti-fur trade campaigning, the fur trade is still flourishing. Still, rich, ugly bitches the world over think it cool to wear the skin of dead animals draped over them. It would be bad enough if the animals were shot in the wild having had a natural life, still sick and unnecessary, but compared to the actual reality of the fur trade it would be humane.

When undercover investigators made their way onto Chinese fur farms recently, they found that many animals are still alive and struggling desperately when workers flip them onto their backs or hang them up by their legs or tails to skin them. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal's leg, the free limbs kick and writhe. Workers stomp on the necks and heads of animals who struggle too hard to allow a clean cut. When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals' heads, their naked, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of those who have gone before them. Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. Some of the animals' hearts are still beating five to 10 minutes after they are skinned. One investigator recorded a skinned raccoon dog on the heap of carcasses who had enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare into the camera. Roll on bird flu ... amd I hope it gets some of the human filth who operate this vile trade which makes me ashamed to be human. I think that after reading about this I shall find it hard not to physically attack the next fur-wearing whore I see in the street.

Here in the UK the brain-dead chatterati have been getting their stained knickers in a twist over Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, refusing to apologise for comparing a reporter from the odious Evening Standard, one of the right-wing Associated Press group of sleeze rags, to a nazi concentration camp guard [I'm only doing my job]. The fact that the reporter is Jewish somehow makes this a crime worse than any other, and some Jewish groups have been stridently demanding a craven apology from Ken, along with all the fellow travellers who bend over backwards whenever a right-wing zionist voice is raise.

Ken is, of course, the popular choice, a people's hero who, unlike most of his party, is unchanged by election to high office and who is still totally down to Earth and honest and would be elected with an overwhelming majority tomorrow unlike Blair. Of course Blair hates him because he is an object lesson to everyone of what a politician should and could be like, contrasted with everyone's nightmare of what a politician is usually like. He has been harrassed by a succession of grubby reporters from this right-wing rag for decades, they hate him because he's a socialist who is incorruptible and sincere. They have tried many times to drag him down into some invented situation where he could be criticised, and always failed.

This time, he was leaving a gay pride party so there was probably some homophobic agenda this grub-street hack was following, and Ken, rather than felling him there and then with a smack on the face, responded verbally. You'd think he'd defended nazi guards by the fuss there's been, rather than accusing a prick with a notebook of behaving like one. Everyone knows that Ken is dedicated to combating racism of all kinds, so what this all boils down to is; you can't say things like that to a Jew because Jews are special, are all oversensitive about the holocaust and so need to be protected from any criticiasm which might compare them to nazis. Perhaps this is why so many act like nazis, including Sharon and the whole Israeli government, and why defending the nazi actions of Israel is so important to many Jews. They think they have the moral superiority because of nazi crimes against them, as if they were the only ones who suffered, or is it that they were the only chosen ones who suffered? Gypsies don't seem to have this same protection from criticism, but perhaps that's because most of society despises gypsies, so tacitly approves of the nazi murdering of them.

Farmers have been made benefit junkies by the CAP and are about to lose what they have depended on for decades, their handouts. I forecast sales of new Range Rovers will plummet as the current changes takes hold and begin to bite into the subsidised country way of life. These 'guardians of the countryside' would have us believe that it is they who care about the environment, and who manage the land sensibly and sustainably. Which explains why they tore out millions of miles of hedgerows to grab a little more profitable land, thus devastating the habitat of many species in the process ... because they care. Actually it was because they care about their subsidies, and at the time were being paid handsomely for every mile of hedgerow they trashed. Then they were perfectly willing to replant hedgerows as long as the taxpayer shelled out again.

February 21 - that leaden feeling

WASHINGTON - Lead in paint, water, soil and elsewhere may not only be affecting children's intelligence but may cause a significant proportion of violent crime, a US researcher argued on Friday. 'When environmental lead finds its way into the developing brain, it disturbs neural mechanisms responsible for regulation of impulse. That can lead to antisocial and criminal behavior,' said Dr. Herbert Needleman, a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Not difficult to see why the general intelligence level seems to have dropped in the past thirty years, and how levels of violent crime are soaring in developed nations. Even much of TV is now low-level, yob TV, with voyeurism and gratuitious pleasure in violence as the norm.

Bush is visiting Europe, or at least the politicians of Europe. He's swept everywhere in bullet-proof limos, meets only the top politicos surrounded by security, and is apparently keen for them all to ignore the last four years and cooperate with his next four, however illigitimate he may be. He still has the look of a Forest Gump, who can't quite believe he's the most powerful man on the planet, neither can we George.

Hundreds of instant meals and other foodstuffs are removed from the shelves of supermarkets because a cancer-causing dye was used, and at last the food standards agency has acted after having the information for several days, it's all so slow. The complete list seems to cover a wide span of products, the normal diet of many, and is further proof that cooking your own food and knowing it's not coated with chemicals is probably a good thing. The problem is that many people don't know how to cook now, just how to heat up microwave meals, and many kids don't even know where vegetables come from or what they look like in their natural state. Further proof of the unviable nature of most citizens of 'advanced' nations. TV chef Jamie Oliver has gone way up in my estmations; he's been working for a year as a dinner lady in a school in Bermondsay, London, and was so horrified by what was going on that he has reorganised the whole of the borough's school meals service to use real food, cooked on the premises. As a lot of the kids get junk food at home, he felt it essential that they get real food at school. I expect his action is connected to recently becoming a parent, which makes most people sensitive to schools and their failings. There's little chance that lead can be removed from the food though, as it's in the soil from which [the brighter kids know] the vegetables come. Wouldn't count on many politicians being able to join up the dots.

The whores of politics are out promising everything; 'give me your money deary and I'l give you a better time than those other whores'. No promises to sort out any of the problems of the world, just 'look at my tits'. Howard, the creator of the loathed poll tax when he was last in power under Thatcher, is aiming at the geriatric vote presumably because they are the largest section of the electorate which actually votes, and offering them loads of tax cuts along with paying pensioner's poll tax, or as it's called now, council tax. It will get worse; more flesh will be bared in the lead-up to the election, more promises to deal with the things their focus groups tell them the electorate is concerned about, more promises which will be ignored once they have the voter's money/vote, and have the power over us this simple x on a form gives them. Charles Clarke is going to have a hard time in Norwich South due to his desire and intention of making us all carry identity cards, last used in WW2, and burned ceremoniously on bonfires across the country in the early fifties. Blair, Hoon, Straw and the rest of the upper echelons of the power clique should be similarly targeted and thrown out, a Labour majority without its leading figures would be a much more controlled and sober affair. Until power corrupted all over again and the next lot had to be thrashed. This would be a good method of controlling the effect of power corruption, sack anyone showing too much overwheening arrogance at the next opportunity and put the most sensible, down-to-earth sounding alternative in their place. Blair is years past his power-mad sack by date.

February 19 - hunting the hunters


Well the hunting ban is now in force and not surprising that the many thousands who signed up to break the law have dwindled to nothing. Seems the bullies don't want to be prosecuted after all, lost their bottle which is not the case when facing a defenceless fox or peaceful hunt sab. The Countryside Alliance has finally declared itself the armed wing of the Conservative Party, and the League Against Cruel Sports has over a hundred observers in the field gathering evidence. 'We didn't see any observers' said the leader of the alliance, a chinless, ferrety individual called Simon, precisely, well hidden then. If they're doing it properly they'll all have hidden cameras and look just like hunt supporters. Various examples of rural charm have been interviewed by the media who are just hoping for trouble so they can get exciting footage. All the hunting types seem to think that we, the ones who want it banned, don't realise how upset they all are at having their traditions removed. Yes we do, and we love it. It's a pleasure to see such people upset, angry, pissed off, or even catatonic.

Yet few people know what they are really like, the facade for general consumption is miles away from the reality which is mean-spirited, vicious, cruel, and callous. But then, what could you expect from people who get their dogs to do things responsible dog owners train their dogs not to, and all for the pleasure of seeing them tear another creature apart. If it happened to a cat, and it's not uncommon for excited hounds to run through gardens and kill anything they come across, people would be outraged, but because it happens to an animal they have labeled virmin, we're all supposed to say well done. And so deranged are they that they don't get why we don't. They put it down to vague things like being 'townies', or hatred of toffs. Truth is, there's a strong element in the latter; anyone who has time to chase about the countryside on horseback three times a week while the rest of the population is hard at work earning money to pay taxes which are then handed to them by way of subsidies, has got to instill a good deal of wll-deserved hatred.

Charlie Windsor, who's not the first royal to say 'my kingdom for a horse' is having to marry in a registry office, even if a somewhat grand one. One, moreover, which is used by commoners, and the couple booked after them are thrilled that the royal couple will be using the same facility. This throws up a problem for the senior men in frocks of the CofE already facing rebellion from the African Anglican Church of Born Again Happy Clappies who don't want to acknowledge that most clergy are gay, but still want to wear frocks and keep women and gays out, the only ones entitled to wear frocks. Is it likely that god would approve of a divorced man, remarried in a registry office, being his rep on Earth for his fave religion, the CofE? The easy way would be if Charly foresook the chance of being king and moved with his unprepossessing bride to Mustique and set up home next to the Jaggers, but he apparently wants desperately to be king and have the 'reigns' after being told all his life what to do by mumsy. Or maybe a republic?

February 17 - too little too late, too bad

So Kyoto is signed, except for the US, India, Brazil and China, the four dirtiest, most polluting nations, and the rest of the world has agreed to inadequate restrictions which won't cost them too much. The global aviation industry has been spared even from paying fuel tax, and carbon trading is the latest buzz word - there could be profits in it for some. So still, at this eleventh hour, the men in suits still haven't got it ... Oh, you know all the words, and you sung all the notes, but you never quite learned the song [Hedgehog's Song, Incredible String Band]. Although global warming is one everyone's lips now, most people seem to have a very vague idea of what it actually means and commentators still seem to think it can be business as usual, when it's our consumptive lifestyle which is at the root of it. The US attitude of 'it'll hurt the American economy so we ain't gonna do it' epitomises this inability to fully understand what's happening with the climate, despite the forest fires that have raged across parts of the US and the floods that other areas have suffered. But I see no sign in Kyoto that the nettle has been grasped and the urgency of the situation fully understood. Yet hippies and other downsizers have been aware of the implications for decades; it means a total change to the norm of economic growth, a curtailment of consumption, and, rather than development of 'undeveloped' nations to the level of the 'rich' developed nations, it means a diminishing of the developed down to a simpler, less destructive way of life, and that's just too much for most to contemplate.

Whether it's a choice that's made by us or one forced upon us, this is what will inevitably happen. We are living on borrowed time, the countdown happened at the birth of the industrial revolution and there's no way the clock can be made to stop ticking. Given the understanding and the acceptance of what is necessary, and allowing for the fact that there will be massive human fatalities, we could still rise to the greatest challenge our species has faced and change ourselves and what we are doing, but there's no sign there is any of that, so Kyoto will exist as a seminal point where humans failed the big test and the result will be mass starvation as major crops fail, whole areas flooded either regularly or permanently, making them uninabitable, wars over vital reducing resources such as oil, food and water, civic breakdown as the means to satisfy demands reduces and angry people have to be controlled by force, chaos in the major cities which rely on vast areas of agricultural land and a massive transport infrastructure for their survival, disease pandemics which can't be controlled and a rapid reduction of the world's human population. Survival will be the name of the game then, and some will be better equipped for that than others. By rights it ought to be the hippies of all generations.

For those who don't understand, it will be inexplicable, confusing and frightening, for those who do, and who are prepared, resourceful and determined, it will be a time of danger but also opportunity. For some indiginous people who barely know of the existance of our world, it will be life as they've always known it, but hotter. Still existing hunter gatherers are the best equipped to survive a disruption of these proportions, the rich city dwellers with investments, and their gold, jewels and furs [all wrenched from the natural world] will be the least well equipped and, without the thousands of the poor who labour to ensure their perfect lifestyle, will perish unpleasantly and violently [there's always a silver lining!]. Hollywood will be a bloodbath worthy of a movie if there were anyone left to make it.

February 13 - oh dear

I've just discovered why I've had no mail from here. I thought I had set it all up, but seems messages have been going astray into who knows where, a result of not fully understanding code and not cleaning out previous code quite meticulously enough. If anyone has sent me mail via the contact form, I apologise for appearing rude and not replying. I didn't get it, and have still not received any, so must assume they are lost in a virtual data warehouse and will never be found. So I've removed the link [I hope!] for now and will reinstate it when I have something simpler which works and delivers messages to me.

Been out and about in the town today as the meadows were too waterlogged to take the dogs. Explored many alleyways which often led to expanses of green where the dogs could run about chasing each other in the age-old canine game of tag. Wolves play it too. Plenty of overgrown areas to sniff out including old churchyards where ancestors who may once have built the black and white houses which still stand in profusion in this part of the country lie quietly among the moss covered tumbled stones, a cross here a slab of granite there, snowdrops carpeting the grass around, while the world changes. A changeable time, of sunshine mixing with flurries of hail and half-hearted rain, the sky a constantly changing backdrop of white sculptures against a blue that can change in minutes from brilliant blue to angry blue-grey. Everywhere, the land was squelchy underfoot and the dogs returned, bellies spattered and legs mud-caked to be towelled in the hall before being allowed further. They know the drill now and stand patently, raising first one leg then the next and the next and the next. I wonder what they think we are doing, without our intervention they would stroll in and lie on a couch until dry when it would all fall off anyway. Furniture can't mean the same to them as it does to us.

February 11 - saps rising everywhere

If spring isn't about to happen there are going to be a lot of plants and animals rather surprised. Everything seems to be budding and shooting as if the starting pistol went off. Speaking of saps, the sap's rising in politicians as well, they seem to be getting excited by thoughts of an election, which is only natural as it's the job and lush living up for grabs, and all us plebs suddenly become very important. The latest Labour big idea is shorthand slogans, which sound a bit like Blair speaks so have doubtless come from the mouth of the great man. I'm not sure if it's an unconscious result of his arrogance making him clip his sentances like a general, removing unnecessary words as wasteful for important messages, or he thinks the population are so thick that more than four words at any one time will confuse them. Of course there's also less to criticise as there's nothing substantial to start with to get your teeth into; ... 'families & children, better off'...'Britain forward, not back' meaningless foam from the mouth.

A complete mixture of reactions over Charly Windsor and his hunting partner Camilla deciding on having a ceremony to legitimise their relationship in some eyes and not in others. Don't know why they're bothering as half the country are unmarried and it ceased to matter a long time ago. It's certainly polarised those who care, some outraged and others 'understanding', I heard one naive simpleton reply that he shouldn't have to spend the rest of his life celibate! As if. There's always the horses if Camilla's too busy. Polls conducted about it have conflicting results, some wanting to sack him, others wanting a Queen Camilla, which sounds like something out of a Disney fairy tale, and many not having an opinion which is even more devastating for the lot of them because it indicates a deep disinterest. They've all been shown to be pretty inadequate human beings, offensive and arrogant, their gross wealth being everything and nothing. Can't be long before we become a republic and send them all off to their island refuges. The toadying Blair era won't last, and when things start to get tight, people will be less complacent and happy with their lot.

February 10 - have you clicked recently?

Good to be back, trip somewhat of a disaster, but confidentiality forbids me from gossiping about it in too much detail. At least I spent some time with my web guru, and am returned with fresh ideas and another layer of understanding of how it all works. Which means more work still. Haven't checked my google account since I got back, probably won't have changed much. I wonder some times why I do this, it takes up too much time I could spend doing things which might make me some money. But I live in hope that eventually some small money streams will start up which will at least make enough to cover operating costs, if that doesn't happen soon it will have to go, however much I enjoy letting rip.

February 2005 - testing the equipment

I'm readying to set off on a cross country journey, investigating a well-known car dealership for a well known market research company as a mystery video shopper. The equipment has arrived by courier, and I'm familiarising myslef with its operation from very inadequate instructions. I'm familiar with ordinary video cameras up to professional ones, but this is the first time I've encountered covert equipment which isn't exactly MI5 quality [or I hope it isn't, or we have even less reason to trust our security services] in fact it's edging towards the Heath Robinson in some way and I have to wear a bum bag on my hip to carry the recorder, although the lens/camera is embedded into a not very stylish fake-suede blouson jacket, intended to hide the bum bag. No information on how long the battery lasts, or how many hours videoing I can do before I'm in need of a power point. I shall wear it for the walk with the dogs tomorrow and give it a proper outdoors test. Perhaps the first dog walker I encounter will ask 'what's that under your jacket?' at which point I will know the enterprise is doomed to failure with sharp-eyed car dealers.

I shall therefore not be posting for a few days as I struggle to find the showrooms in unfamiliar towns, although I guess a search would come up with all the addresses and locations, these not having been supplied me as yet. In the meantime, those lovely and fascinating google ads, don't they beg for a click or three? Donation button at the top should take anyone feeling really generous to the secure PayPal site where they can enter any amount and their card details and make a much welcome addition to the 'keep the fool ranting' campaign which should be global by now if there was any justice in the world. Instead, Bush says he needs a few more billion to kill foreigners and willing cheque books are raised. Not that I'm comparing myself to Bush, I have far more brain cells and know how to use 'em, George on the other hand knows how to mouth meaningless, simple-minded platitudes and get standing ovations from the very people he is willing to sacrifice for oil and global domination. But as I said, if there were any justice in the world.

February 3 - weather 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

Just as I'm about to set off across country the weather for the UK appears to be about to change again, from spring back to winter. Snow forecast right across the country, which should make driving fun. Perhaps I'll pack my survival gear including wellies and spade for digging out the drifts. Or then again, the forecasters might be wrong, as they so often are, and the cold front from the north will veer off and attack the US again, I do hope so. All the signs of spring are around now, snowdrops and catkins, birds nesting, green shoots appearing through the soil. Tree, being somewhat more sedate lifeforms, have seen it all before and will wait for a while to check it out before putting out their greenery.

I can't imagine that if here in the UK an election was clearly marred by fraud on a grand scale, there wouldn't be uproar, with demonstrations in the streets, the media screaming foul, and party workers taken in by the police for questioning. In the Ukraine, the people were immediately out on the streets and wouldn't go away until it was declared void and another planned. In the US, there seems to be a monumental apathy, the media and everyone else seem to have just accepted the Bush 'victory' despite everything, and it's all hail to the chief, who, smugger now than ever before, grins simian-like as he outlines his awful plans to make his friends richer and destroy much of the social progress this weird country has managed to achieve in the past forty years.

He didn't mention his latest assault on the environment; letting in the oil drillers and loggers into the last remaining wilderness lands, reversing species protection, allowing aerial hunting of wolves when they were just becoming successfully re-established in several states after being wiped out in the last century. It's like the opposition are either too cowed to do anything, or have lost the will to fight and are too comfortable to care that much [or have already left the country in shame]. I remember when there was an anti-war movement in the US, when students were radical and on the streets. Now, radical is applied to Bush's policies and students are just out for a good time. All they seem capable of doing is saying sorry to the rest of the world, but it's really not good enough, countless people expected better from a country that preaches democracy to the world, but can't, seemingly, organise its own. There should have been UN election monitors there, but that's apparently for 'new' democracies like Ukraine.

Was this what it was like in Germany when the Nazi party crawled into power in the Bundestag, people too scared to stick their heads up? At the point in history when the world could have benefited from a co-operative and responsible US, willing to do all it could to mitigate global warming and reduce American over-consumption of resources, we get a fascistic monkey intent on plunder and with the cross of Jesus behind him. Four more years will just about put the last nail in the coffin of our species. It might already be too late, but at least we could all have perished, proud of our vain attempts to reverse what we did in our ignorance. Shame on America for letting the world down. And now Iran is getting the treatment, as if a nation bristling with nuclear missiles and bomns has any moral right to object to another country possibly thinking about it. Wouldn't it be refeshing if the US and UK led the world in nuclear disarmament and got everyone to sign up to a no nukes treaty. Iran is only considering it because Israel has them and they've learned that nobody dares use nukes against you if you've got the big ones to retaliate with.

Heard the other day that the antarctic ice shelf is unstable and, if it breaks apart it will raise the world's oceans by 18 feet. That's most major cities which are usually coastal, a fair number on rivers or estuaries, and all the mega cities with populations numbering in the billions. It might happen any time. It would make the recent tsunami seem like a very minor event.

February 2 - HELP!

I'm in desperate need of funds to pay the ISP costs or the Fool is going to disappear. It's gone on for too long as my finances have worsened, and now they're about to pull the plug on me. Donations are very very welcome and can be done via the PayPal link. Alternatively, clicking on the google ads on the right, and clicking through to other pages of the sites earns me tiny amounts which can all add up. It's always interesting clicking on linked ads, and you never know, you may find yourself on a really useful site. I'm not advocating random clicks just to clock up cents for me, but careful click throughs and exploration of the sites as a genuine search for ... things of interest. The more clicks the more I make, and hopefully I'll soon get a cheque from google and be able to pay what I owe before losing it. This isn't a bluff, it really is about to be chopped, so if you enjoy reading my insightful ramblings, please help.

The terorists are capturing American toys!

Army investigators believe pictures of a 'US marine' taken hostage in Iraq are of an Action Man style doll. US army investigators say this image of a 'kidnapped US soldier' - posted on a militant Iraqi website - could be a toy doll. An Iraqi militant website posted the photograph of what it claimed was a kidnapped US soldier but doubts quickly arose about its authenticity. The US military said no soldiers were missing and toy firm Dragon Models USA said the figure in the photograph looked like one of the company's action dolls. Spokesman Liam Cusack said: 'It is our doll... to me it definitely looks like it is. Everything the guy is wearing is exactly what comes with our figure. He said the figure resembled a military action figure originally produced for sale at US bases in Kuwait. [for soldiers to play with???]

February 1 - ancient and modern

In rural Herefordshire you still occasionally see the kind of characters that would be at home in the Ozarks - beard down to the waist so strange they look like a walking mountain range, and that's just the women. Driving pick-ups with a resident barking sheepdog in the back, ancient hat and clothes, and boots tied with string, strangely out of keeping with the modern market town they occasionally visit, with its video shops, hairdressers and cash machines. Sometimes a horse and cart will trot through town slowing the impatient car drivers to a more leisurely pace for a while, or parking in a supermarket carpark. The horses too look rugged and mean, tail in dreadlocks almost to the ground, have your fingers off if you try to pet them. I expect the ancestors of these people provided the original settlers to the new world, and the accent often reminds one of rural American. They probably live in a black and white house that's been in the family since it was built and which affluent city folks would pay £250,000 for as a second home. And there's no telling their wealth from appearances, most are sheep farmers, and look as if they are half sheep, not surprising as their diet consists of a lot of sheep, and you are what you eat. They undoubtedly receive massive payouts from the taxpayers in subsidies for keeping sheep.

Blair's recent moves seem calculated to deliberately alienate voters. His latest idea is to harrass disabled people in receipt of invalidity benefit to 'persuade' them to find work and stop claiming benefits. This will go down really well, not just with disabled people, but with their families, heqalth professionals and anyone else who feels society should help those who through no fault of there own cannot support themselves. The benefire amounts to around £200 a week, not a fortune. Blair is on a salary of £175,414 or £3,373 a week less tax [no wonder he's against increases in tax for higher earners] and he pays no rent. Makes you want to cripple the bastard.

My theory is that the longer he is in power, the more the Thatcherite tendency surfaces. He'll soon be disclaiming 'Rejoice!' whenever anyone criticises him or his right-wing policies. It may even be more sinister than that. The person he chose as his minister for education is a particularly micro-brained member of Opus Dei, an extreme right-wing and secretive sect of the Catholic church, the members of which are into self punishment in order to 'get closer to god', which seems like a hiding to nothing to me. Founded by an admirer of Mussolini, Hitler and other fascists, Josemaria Escriva has since been canonised by the Vatican. Not sure whether this was out of genuine admiration or fear that Opus Dei was powerful enough to cause even the pope some problems. It looks as if his successor as top dog in Opus Dei, Javier Echevarria, is a worthy successor to Escriva. He has been quoted as saying that if you are handicapped since birth this is probably because your parents did some sinful sexual practices, so Blair is just punishing the children of sexual deviants! It all makes some kind of sick, perverse sense. The sect is secretive, manipulative and dangerous and it's possible that Blair, already a catholic, is also a member, as their policy is to enlist influentiual people who can put their hidden agenda into practice. They habitually lie as a weapon against critics, so Blair is a natural member. His disingenuous refusal to answer the question 'do you and Mr Bush pray together?' speaks volumes. Just what the world needed in these dangerous end times, a couple of crazed religionistas steering us towards oblivion, with hordes of evangelicals cheering from the sidelines convinced that their version of the end of the world is running true to the script; rise of the Jewish state, and it's onslaught on the whole region, vanquishing of god's enemies, blah blah blah ... the simple minded will inherit the Earth, and they won't stand a chance because they don't understand ecology. Oh well, back to hunter-gatherer society. Careful with that axe Eugene, and set the controls to the heart of the sun.


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