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February 19 2006

Oldies fight back

A wonderful and useful invention has surfaced which could tip the balance back in favour of older [wiser] people. It's a device which emits a noise that's only audible to teenagers, and they find it unbearable. Older people, whose hearing has deteriorated somewhat, can't hear it. Now, shops experiencing trouble from teenagers hanging around till late and causing trouble can install one of these machines and be relieved of the problem instantaneously. In fact, anywhere which wants to be free of the bored teen menace can buy one and relax again. Old people should be issued with them by their local council, the police could present them as an alternative to sending officers to disperse crowds of roudy teens making others lives a misery - lets face it, the days of there being police on the streets to control this are well past. Once a mobile version is developed, anyone feeling harassed by the knobbly, semi-civilised monsters can carry one and exert a ten foot exclusion zone round their body at all times. Wonderful. They thought they ruled the streets, they thought adults were too cowed to take them on, wrong again. A group of adults, acting like sheed dogs, could herd a group of teens together and usher them out of an area. I think the inventor deserves the Nobel peace prize.


There's a new word buzzing round, and the word is Skype. Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers.Once you download the software and install it, Skype enables you to make and receive phone calls via your PC. The big thing is that calls between Skype users are totally free! And calls to anywhere in the world to non-Skype using phones are charged at the local rate. You need a microphone to use it, along with the speakers everybody has, or you can get a hands free microphone and earphone set. Another way is a regular phone which plugs into your USB port, if you feel more comfortable with the traditional phone receiver. There's an introductory movie on the site here, and lots of information to fill in the gaps and answer any questions you have.

February 16 2006

Feed it to the goat

When I first heard about the Oxfam idea of giving goats to poor people in Africa I thought 'whaaaat!' And it reminded me of the arguments I've had over the years with development people with tunnel vision. Seems Oxfam still hasn't learned anything, and the dev-trained 'experts' in poverty there doubtless thought it was a good idea at the time when in their brainstorming session someone came up with goats as a way of getting more donations. The trouble with goats is that they are the single most destructive species on the planet after man, and the cause of desertification since man started herding them for milk, meat and profit.

To provide thousands more goats for marginal and overstressed land to 'help the poor' while sounding to the unaware like a good idea, is actually totally crazy. Marginal land will be pushed into desert and the people there will be poorer as a result, unable to feed themselves and dependent like never before on food handouts.

Many years ago, with a verdant if not to say overgrown garden, we thought a goat would be a good idea as a pet; keep the grass trimmed. In two weeks, the half grown goat transformed the garden into a desert, devoid of a single growing thing, killing even a young tree by stripping it of bark, the only thing left a clump of nettles. After spending hours a day gathering plants from the surrounding countryside as well as buying food for her, we finally gave up and gave her to someone who already had goats, and a vast field to keep them in. Our garden eventually recovered. Presumably no one at Oxfam has ever had this experience, it's all theory to them.

Once the truth about goats was revealed by an enviropnmental charity however, you'd think they'd recant, rethink and accept. Oh no. Too arrogant to accept the wisdom of someone with better knowledge, they put up a spokeperson to defend this scheme [which has been a very good earner for Oxfam] who entirely missed the point, and kept insisting this was a good way to help people whose cattle and sheep had mostly succumbed to drought! Failing to connect the death of the sheep and cattle with worsening environmental conditions which could only be exaserbated by goats. Some joined up thinking is needed at Oxfam.

February 13 2006

The English disease

It has always been called the English disease, brutality towards foreigners. It used to form the basis of the pornography favoured by the English ruling class; pictures of brown skinned women slaves hung in trees, acts of barbaric cruelty against anyone obviously not English. Now we have a video of British soldiers beating young Iraqi stone throwers, with accompanying commentary from a sick individual gloating [at times growling with unsupressed blood lust] over the pain being inflicted, and the British media without exception [not even the so called liberal Guardian] turning somersaults to minimise and excuse what is appalling but not unexpected behaviour. They all seem more concerned that this video will increase opposition to the illegal occupation of Iraq, as if the actual brutality it shows won't already have created dedicated insurgents out to kill the perpetrators, or 'our boys' as they fondly refer to these animals. The usual cries of 'a tiny minority' don't cut it any more, we've seen too much to accept that it's anything less than the majority. It's how the British army behaves, we've seen it round the world, especially when they get the opportunity to do it to brown skinned people, for they are, above all else, deeply sick racists. They cause enough trouble in garrison towns while waiting for a country to invade, and the army, which has trained these psychopaths to kill, bears much of the responsibility. They even kill their own sometimes as the deaths of recruits at Deepcut Barracks have amply shown, although no one has ever been prosecuted for them.

This is the English disease, known throughout the world for centuries. The ruling class even developed a special pornography of brutality to foreigners which they used for sexual gratification. Despite all the attempts by the media and politicians to calim the British army doesn't do this sort of thing, there is ample evidence throughout its history that this is precisely what it does. The difference is the evidence presented to the world.

They brutalise, rape and kill wherever they are let off the leash. What else does anyone expect of them? They are a major cause of violence in garrison towns in the UK against their own countrymen and women, did anyone really expect they would be behaving like 'gentlemen' when faced with the opportunity to do it to brown skinned people? Racism plays an important part in their mental makeup. Without the army, these thugs would be on our streets 24/7. The army just trains them to kill, scurrilous politicians like Blair use them for their own dishonest purposes.

The Big Freeze

America is suffering, or at least the Eastern seaboard is, with New York snowed in and unable to function, electricity cut off over vast areas and even rich Americans shivering in their penthouses. Now which part of disrupted weather patterns don't you understand Bush? Global warming doesn't just mean everywhere gets hotter, it means violent storms, floods, unusual weather at all times of the year, and even droughts such as the UK is suffering at this moment, with reservoirs all across the country depleted to less than half what they need to be at this time of year. I predict there will be severe shortages by mid summer, unless of course, the weather turns again and we get floods from over the top rainfall later in the year, which, because of massive building on flood plains will result in floods rather than topping up of reservoirs. The wrong type of water and in the wrong place! To paraphrase the Blair anthem, things can only get worse.

February 8 2006

The oil sheiks get jittery

Mandating costly alternatives to oil in the name of a cleaner environment could impoverish people and lower living standards, the Saudi Arabian oil minister said on Tuesday. 'I believe that we should not impoverish people [us] in the name of a cleaner environment,' Saudi Oil Minister Ali Al-Naimi told an energy conference. 'Lowering living standards, or limiting peoples' ability to rise out of poverty [he can't mean Saudi's!], in order to improve the environment trades one potential health hazard for another.' He said that would be the result of asking consumers to give up oil for a less efficient and more costly alternative fuel that would otherwise be uneconomical.

Naimi's comments came a few days after Bush said America was addicted to Middle Eastern oil and committed the US to raising alternative energy funding by 22 percent for clean coal, wind and solar power, ethanol, and fuel cells.

Which just shows that a camel-racing illiterate from the desert made rich by the west's addiction to oil has no idea what's at stake, but sees his country's unearned riches slipping away. If global warming wasn't happening so rapidly, Saudi Arabia would slip back into unviable desert wasteland once the oil ran out anyway, but this jumped up Saud family idiot can't see that, but hates the idea of an alternative drug to wean the junkies off the drug he's grown rich on. Pretty much like dealers everywhere.

I see the camel abusers have now bought an invention to deflect criticism of their habit of forcing young boys onto the backs of camels in their national sport; they are now using robot jockeys which whip the camels automatically, but don't get dislodged and crushed under pounding hoofs which was happening too frequently with the kids. Presumably there's a remote on/off switch or the camels could take off into the desert never to be seen again.

February 7 2006

The boil is lanced

At last, they've jailed stumpy, aka Abu Hamsa, the hate-filled self styled Islamic cleric who, when he arrived in Brighton knew nothing at all about Islam, and still knows next to nothing as he's an ignorant islamo-fascist with a brain equivalent to Nick Griffin's, who should be with him in nick tonight. I've been wondering for years why this excitable inciter has been allowed to stir up hatred for our society while living off benefits in two council houses to accomodate his several wives and small tribe of children. At last the DPP has decided to prosecute, and the jury did the only thing they could do. Seven years isn't nearly long enough though, 70 would have been better, but if they send him to the US he'll get 700, at least, so that'll do.

Time for the rabids to start worrying they may have gone too far, they did. Now the public have said enough is more than enough, and the politicians, ever the reactors to public opinion, are doing what they should have done decades ago when London was known as Londonistan amongst the Al Quaida crew who literally had persmission to operate a terrorist network from London which bombed and maimed around the world, as long as London didn't get any of it. The 7/7 bombs changed all that, and people have woken up to what was going on and are angry. The Muslims also are angry and intent on having the extremists locked up as quickly as possible. Time for an Islamic reformation to surface, time for some rethinking. Perhaps the cartoons will have served a useful function if they helped bring the boil of Hamza puss to a head. Lancing a boil is never painless, but has to be done.

February 5 2006

The crisis continues

The debate rages on, and now embassies are being burned by the mobs who are in need of a severe twatting. Calls for the over the top demonstrators in London to be prosecuted are rising, and all parties except the government are becoming highly critical of the hands-off attitude of the police, who have actually warned people who objected to the bullies' slogans which were clearly threatening, and incitement to violence, that they faced arrest for exercising their freedom of speech! Many Muslims are choosing the moment to criticise the ignorant loonies and it could be the impetus for an Islamic reformation, long overdue.

The link to the cartoons I posted two days ago has now taken them down, but this site still has them for anyone wishing to see what all the fuss is about. And to expose the lie that Islam forbids images of Mohammed, this site has an interesting archive of ... images of Mohammed!

February 3 2006

Time to stand up to Islamofascism

The trouble with Islam is that it has been widespread in countries which are backward and undeveloped, and it has not progressed into the modern world. Christianity had its reformation, absolutist medieval Christian attitudes are rightly derided even by most Christians, and once Christian countries are now secular democracies where freedom of speech is valued above all else. Fundie Muslims just don't get this. They are used to getting their own way, threatening and bullying to stifle opposition or criticism, the image of the angry Muslim man is everywhere; shouting, gesticulating, burning flags, hitting symbols of their hatred, jumping up and down, always in the company of other angry Muslim males. In Muslim countries, street scenes rarely contain women, just men and boys.

The reason for this is that Islaam is fundamentally anti-female, it wishes to suppress what it sees as dangerous women, to prevent girls from being educated as they may then become more knowledgeable than some of these men and make them feel inadequate. So the boys learn the verses off by heart, self brainwashing on a massive scale. And the men, ignorant because they have studied nothing but the Qur'an, force their abberated views onto the next generation of boys, and gather in the streets to shout and threaten whenever anyone criticises or derides them. What a sad aberation they are. Frightened of women and their magical power, reduced to being wankers who would rather beat a woman with a stick than make love to her, it's surprising that they haven't already died out, become extinct as a failed attempt by evolution - which they know nothing about as they've not studied science either. This is why Islamic countries have had to import science and technology from the West, without whom they would have no mobile phones, sophisticated weaponry, air conditioning, planes, radio, TV, cinema, computers, cars or trucks. Islamic countries have invented nothing, they are the recipients of modern progress and can only pay for it by selling oil if they have it, which is also extracted and processed by western companies. If they don't have oil, they rely on charity from others, both rich Islamic and Western countries alike. The Palestinians rely on Europe and America to survive, which doesn't stop their loonies from threatening to bite the hands that feed them.

Now the cartoon war has erupted with Denmark leading and the rest of Europe following in solidarity, with the sad exception of the UK which has so far chickened out from exciting the wrath of the shouty beardies, even the Guardian has suddenly lost its radical balls. Few of those screaming their opposition on this 'day of anger' have not seen the cartoons of course, their own countries are heavily censored. And the appeasers are now at it apologising to Muslims for offence caused, thus encouraging the bullies to redouble their efforts. Toady Jack Straw, who supports the invasion of Iraq, is falling over himself to criticise the newspapers who have published the cartoons. What the self obsessed little fascists just don't get is that the rest of the world really don't care about their aberated fantasy faith and the way it controls their minds, it doesn't accept any strictures on its freedom by people with no sense of humour.

Although not outstanding examples of the cartoonist's art, the cartoons are pretty inoffensive to most eyes, but to a fundy, constantly in a state of sexual frustration and anger, they doubtless enrage just by portraying Mohommed which was declared illegal by someone who came after Mohommed, these guys like to lay down the law. My personal favourite is this one...

And the rest can be viewed here

The brainwashed followers of an autocratic religion find it difficult to understand freedom or speech, it's a foreign concept their little minds have so far failed to grapple with. They still think that if they are enraged that's enough to ban something. That's why the European press have published in solidarity with Denmark, they are standing up to be counted. A shame that the British press, so often trumpeting about freedom of speech when it's non suicide bombing Christians it upsets by so doing, have not chosen to stand alongside their European neighbours, when this country has done more to enrage Muslims than any of them by making unjustified war against two Muslim countries. Modern, moderate Muslims are not bothered by these cartoons, which hardly reflect what Mohommed actually looked like anyway as it's not known. It's the fundie males who are enraged and threatening murder, and it's they who have to be dealt with by having it rammed down their throats that their bullying won't work, and if necessary arrested and dealt with like the psychopathic little shits they are. I think the world should treat them with humour and disdain, cartoonists and humourists generally should unite against them and make them a laughing stock, and perhaps then they'll creep back to their caves and stop trying to change the world in their own image. I think this lady has a message for these guys, and we should all echo it.


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