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Febrary 29 2008

Harry the Prat

Harry the Prat, it can be revealed, has spent the last several months shooting guns off, getting his face dirty and generally behaving in a way his mother wouldn't like. No change there then. That he's been doing it in Afghanistan and impressing a load of grunts rather than at Sandringham impressing a bunch of Hooray Henrys with his protected raptor-killing skills was kept from the general public in case any of them was so incensed on behalf of Afghani raptors that they decided to do something about it; getting their Bradford mates to have a pop at him.

Now a foreign media outlet has revealed all [that's the trouble with foreigners, they don't have the deference towards the British Royal Parasites as the British media do] and the UK media are having a field day with all the footage they've been allowed to shoot but had to sit on for months.

We see Harry playing the tough Army officer loved by 'his men', we have Harry firing a machine gun - every boys dream - we have him sharing some grub with ordinary soldiers [now how democratic and new age is that?], and revelling in being dirty and not having to wash daily. Every newspaper has it on their front page, the tabloids with the expected idiot headlines - Harry takes on the Taliban being my favourite - only the Taliban weren't allowed to know he'd taken them on. I wonder if there would have been panic among these battle hardened Islamist psychos if only they'd known the killer prince was gunning for them. The war could have been over much more quickly if they had been told. Pictures of him with his tough look could have been printed and stuck up to bring fear and despondency to the insurgents. He's coming for You in Arabic would surely have done the trick?

Harry remarked on camera that it was probably the most normal thing he'll ever do, which just shows how detached from anything normal this spoiled, irritating oik is. Not his fault, I hear you say. Well he has the choice, just like any one of us, to walk away from his upbringing and privilege, but seems he likes the idea of being part of the most wealthy, privileged family with all that means, so we won't be seeing any rebellion just yet.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Sea Shepherd are still chasing the Japanese whaling fleet, which can't seem to get away from them; possible because they stuck a tracking device to one of the whalers' ships and can follow them wherever they go. As the ice thickens and the weather worsens, the end of the whaling season draws near. Over the next few weeks they intend to continue to stop the whalers from killing any more whales, and after they return from the whaling campaign, they will be off defending baby seals in Canada, as the Canadian's still haven't decided that clubbing new-born babies over the head with a stick with a hook on the end which goes into their skull, in front of their mothers, is a sick, deviant thing to do.

If Harry wants to know what makes a real hero, he should study Sea Shepherd and the truly heroic actions on behalf of endangered species they routinely participate in - this year with the threat from an armed Japanese protection vessel. That, Harry, is heroism, not firing away on a machine gun from behind a wall at people you can't see and have no idea whether they are fighters or children, and when they turn out to be fighters calling in air strikes to kill them for you and make your little life safe again.


Febrary 25 2008

Evolution: has it been the same for these idiots

This time they're attacking evolution, no longer a theory but an established fact in the whole of the enlightened world, but not to some Muslims apparently. A tin-pot organisation known as Harun Yahya which claims there was no Stone Age, that god taught parrots to talk and that Darwinism - evolution to the rest of us - is at the root of all terrorism and must be eliminated, recently organised a meeting called The Collapse of Evolution Theory which was going to be held in, of all places, a hall bearing Charles Darwin's name, built in the grounds of his former home, which was arranged by University College London's Islamic Society as part of Islamic Awareness Week. After howls of protest from people who thought it inappropriate to have idiots denying evolution in such a building, it was moved elsewhere. Why a seat of learning such as University College London should have an Islamic Society isn't clear.

Considering that all Islamist terrorists come from the most ignorant, least educated parts of the world who haven't heard of Darwin or evolution, to blame terrorism on Darwin is extraordinary, but those who are aware of how deranged many of these people are will see nothing odd in it. Logic doesn't come easily to Islamist fantasists.

Rather than be accused of banning this rabble of thirteenth-century thinkers, the University authorities were perfectly prepared for such a display of illogicality and pig-headed refusal to learn anything that isn't contained in the Qu'ran to go ahead in another building; that's the trouble with liberals, they are just too damn liberal at times. I hope many people are planning to attend this meeting to pose difficult questions for the speakers whose grasp of science is rudimentary. Questions such as where do you suppose fossils came from? Or, do you understand the concept of carbon dating?

All religion stems from ignorance combined with an overriding sense of the importance of homo sapiens and the elevation of one species above all others. This is handy intellectual dishonesty, it enables humans to behave as they wish towards all other species [because we're worth it], and has led to the environmental trashing of the planet. I therefore look on all religions as anti-life, anti-responsibility and anti-logic. Yet the actual reality of evolution from simple to complex organisms is so breathtakingly amazing in its infinite variation, in the sheer beauty of animals perfectly adapted to their environmental niche.

For me, the strongest argument against so-called 'intelligent design' is the external testicles of mammals. What designer worthy of the name would have placed them outside the body where they are subject to being kicked, punched, struck by flying objects, kneed by small children or otherwise painfully injured? Now how intelligent is that?

Further investigation of this shadowy organisation reveals that Adnan Oktar (pen name: Harun Yahya) is claimed on his web page to be a 'world renown and respected scholar' who has devoted himself to writing about scientific and faith-related subjects such as the theory of evolution and miracles of God. He is further described by supporters as a respected 'scientist' who has publications in incredibly diverse areas of interest (actually he is not even a university graduate).

The fact is that his publications and his foundation (Science Research Foundation) have recently been banned in Turkey, and most members of his 'sect' have been sent to court. This was not due to their Islamic and scientific activities, but due to crimes such as blackmail, extortion, possession of unlicensed weapons and sexual intercourse with minors.

He is opposed by many Muslims, who are striving to bring Islam into the 21st century from where it has resided for far too long, and there are plenty of Muslim sites criticising him and his cult followers. University College London has no business inviting people like this to give talks, it spreads the poison, and if only one young person is fooled, that could be one more suicide bomber a few years down the line.

Harun Yahya International is based in the US, the 'spiritual' home of creationism. I think the US authorities should investigate it if they are serious about counteracting terrorism. One of this pompous idiot's claims [or prophesies] is that we are heading for a war between the West [Satan] and Islam [The Mahdi] and that Islam will triumph and establish Shariah in every country. That sounds like incitement to me.


Febrary 22 2008

Wahabi brains trust

Saudi Arabia, long the most hardline Islamic country of all with an extreme form, Wahabism, has now declared there is nothing in Islam that forbids women from driving cars. A team of scholars has apparently pored long and hard over the Qu'ran and could find nothing in it saying that women should not drive cars; that it took them this long is a measure of the combined stupidity involved, cars not having even been dreamed of in the time of Mohammed [then as now camels were thought perfectly acceptable], but so convinced are these fantasists that they are following the word of god, who would know the internal combustion engine was going to be invented in a few centuries, that they thought there might just be some mention of it, however obliquely, in the word of god, or Allah as they like to call the fictional character god, and the book he is alleged to have written with some help from a few men as usual. This is a triumph for deep thinking, and indicates that in approximately two thousand and a few odd years these scintillatingly brilliant minds will have concluded that women can actually do anything men can do, often much better, except running at a brick wall head first or pulling a large truck with their teeth, and why would any woman want to?

But let's not be mean spirited though, we must recognise achievement however late. Some men find the subject of women doing things for themselves enormously threatening; all they have going for them is the ability to grow a beard, which some exploit to its utmost. They are called Mullahs and, despite often being illiterate, are the interpreters of this book that doesn't mention the car. They would make crap mechanics anyway, big beards are notorious for getting themselves trapped in moving parts.


Febrary 22 2008

Now it's the wolves turn again

Yet again the US Fish and Wildlife Service has shown itself inadequate to the task. Having seen the reintroduction of gray wolves into the Rocky Mountains result in modest rises in wolf population, with 1,513 wolves in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, including 107 breeding pairs, according to Edward Bangs, western wolf recovery coordinator for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bangs and his fellow public servants have decided that there's now plenty and it's ok to remove protection from them, thus allowing the sick deviants who get some kind of kick from killing these beautiful animals to shoot, trap and otherwise kill them under what is euphemistically called the state wildlife management plan. More

Gray Wolf

You would have to be some kind of sick inadequate to want to harm this beautiful creature. The US, unfortunately, has plenty of sick inadequates. Idaho and Wyoming have stated their intention to kill the majority of wolves living within their borders, so those state's governments should be targeted with as much protest as possible. Idaho's governor, CL 'Butch' Otter, publicly announced his intention to kill more than 80% of the state's wolves, and the state has already begun planning large scale wolf eradication efforts through hunting and aerial gunning. You can see from the pictures on this site what a bunch of backward cowboys these people are. He doubtless feels really butch when he kills a beautiful wolf from a distance with a powerful rifle with telescopic sights, but actually he's a pathetic inadequate who thinks wearing a big hat makes him a man. You can contact 'Butch' here where an email form enables Americans to write to him, as the form only allows the choice of US states, I assume he isn't aware there's a big world beyond America, or maybe he just isn't interested in anyone else. Despite this my email appeared to be delivered, so any non-US citizens can also express their feeling, whether these hick cowboys like it or not.

Wyoming's wolf management plan would allow 16 of the existing 23 packs of the wolves in the state to be killed on sight. To accomplish this goal, the state would authorize poisoning, trapping and shooting within 90 percent of the wolf's current home range outside of the national parks. Montana has a more balanced conservation-oriented plan, but it still threatens that state’s wolf population.

Anyone wanting to let them know what you think of this regressive move, especially, but not exclusively, Americans, should go here.

There's more information at Defenders of Wildlife.


Febrary 19 2008

Animals have needs too

I seem to have spent most of the morning feeding animals. First, back from the early walk with the dogs in thick frost and back to give them their breakfast. Then, loading a carrier bag with cabbage, carrots and parsnips, I set off to feed the horses which I had noticed had no hay [and haven't had any for some days], and even the grass is eaten down very short and covered in frost, which after an exceptionally cold night is not sufficient. They all looked miserable and were scratching away trying to find some nourishment. As soon as they say me they headed, in a line, to where I was, and set to eating the pathetic amount I had with obvious pleasure.

I had already called the RSPCA who said they would visit today, but I couldn't just eat breakfast and forget about them, especially the two babies who are still only half grown. While feeding them the vegetables I noticed that their water was a solid block of ice, so had to go back with the biggest camping water container I had filled with hot water to melt some of the ice, I took with it a bag of porridge oats, nothing else in the larder being suitable for horses.

They ate this with obvious pleasure, except the babies who didn't know what it was, having had nothing but grass and hay all their lives. I heard that the owners live many miles away and only come once a week at best. At this time of year this isn't good enough, yet no one locally knows who owns them or who to contact. I hope the RSPCA does something about the owners this time if only to tell them how they should be caring for them, they have been called out before to these horses in the middle of winter with deep snow and no food and water. Locking animals in a field without the freedom to range in search of food means you have an absolute responsibility to ensure they are fed. Some people take this responsibility too lightly.

Then back home where the birds were waiting for their usual morning feed. We have had a blackbird couple nesting in our garden for two years now, last year they raised two clutches, bringing their babies to where the food is when they fledged. They are so trusting of us now that they come immediately when called, and stand around only inches from us as we put the food out, sometimes talking in a soft voice to us, I imagine they are thanking us, but they could be saying 'why are you doing this?' We call them Y Deryn Du [Welsh for blackbird] and Ruthin. Y Deryn Du is where we get theEnglish phrase 'derring do' from, meaning brave and heroic.

With all that done, I was able to have my own breakfast at last. And now, a treat for everyone: Have a look at this, and wonder at the sheer talent, and obvious enjoyment of showing off! We really aren't so very different.

I removed that link and decided to pop it in here, save you having to click away from me. Click on the arrow to start it, and sit back and enjoy, the last quarter is the most scalp-tinglingly thrilling.


Easy web video

Just discovered this amazing software tool, Easy Web Video, which makes it a few minutes job to take a video into your desktop, optimise it for the web and place it on your website! What will they think of next?

Thing is, I've got used to the usual video quality on the web, which normally varies from poor to Leggo, but this program somehow reduces the file size down to a manageable one for web browsers to cope with without losing any of the original quality, which is amazingly clear and sharp. What's new with this is that it makes the job simple enough for anyone to do without spending days studying a manual. Most of us don't have time for that, and this program puts the skills of professional video web publishing in our hands.

You can see for yourself what I'm talking about here. I was enormously impressed. I'm going to have to buy it I think. My digital camera shoots a few minutes of acceptable video, and I could shoot something in the morning on the dog walk, and have it on my blog before midday. This seems to me to be the perfect bloggers tool, and could revolutionise blogs and even online journalism, bringing it fully into the digital age; forget about still images, we're moving on.


Febrary 18 2008

Welcome to Kosovo

Welcome to a new country joining the company of the nations of the human world. The independence of Kosovo from the former Yugoslavia was caused by the Serbs, who, rather than let the status quo remain, turned on their Albanian citizens and carried out the most shameful ethnic cleansing Europe has seen since the Nazis. Still in the mean mindset of the perpetual victim, and still living in the past and nursing old greavances, the Serbian government of the war criminal Milosevic, aided and abetted by the Bosnian war criminals sought by the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, Ratko Mladic, and Slobodan Milošević, set about reducing the ethnic Albanians in number.

More than two hundred thousands civilians were killed in Bosnia and Croatia since the beginning of the war. Tens of thousands of women were raped, some of them more than a hundred times, while their sons and husbands were beaten and tortured in concentration camps like Omarska and Manjaca. Millions lost their homes due to ethnic cleansing.

By trying to cleanse Bosnia of ethnic Albanians who have lived there for centuries, these men and their willing accomplaces, many of whom are standing trial at the Hague or awaiting trial, have handed Kosovo to the wronged people to have as their own country, rather than remaining a Serb-controlled 'district' of Bosnia. They have only themselves to blame.

The Serbs, and their ethnicly linked masters the Russians, are the only opposers of this eminently fair move by the rest of the world to recognise the new country of Kosovo, and invite it to join the company of civilised nations.


Febrary 13 2008

I feel sorry for Paul McCartney

Paul McCartneys pending divorce settlement makes me wonder how much it takes in terms of personal wealth before you relax about it and don't want to protect every last pound. With £825million [approx $1800million] you'd think he could have made his ex-wife Heather 'comfortable' for life without the slightest pain that many normally wealthy men might suffer when they have to share their wealth with an ex partner. But no, he's so determined to fight every pound of the way that he'll drag it out in court in front of a group of strangers rather than act decently, and generously. Most people would do anything to stay out of court.

That sort of money makes more in interest than any individual could spend, so chances are it's just growing from interest alone, and then there are the royalties that just keep rolling in. So Paul isn't likely to be without an income ever.

With the ego he clearly has, it's unlikely that any acts of generosity such as funding all the animal shelters in the UK which are run by volunteers on shoestrings, when he's reputed to be an animal lover, would have gone unannounced to the media, wildlife charities too are universally struggling to make ends meet and are lucky if they get a few thousand from the lottery now and then. Paul's wealth could sort out all of those too and still have more millions than he can possibly ever need.

He once sang 'Can't buy me love' but then there was also 'I want money, that's what I want, gimme money...' so there's no knowing what he feels about money now. It's certainly still true that you can't buy love, his recent relationship may have hammered that home, and at his age he's unlikely to find someone who's uninterested in his considerable wealth. And lately he's looked very sad, pinched, screwed up face saying it all. And the truth is, his wealth is what stands between him and everyone else, except perhaps the other small band of obscenely wealthy, but they are all such overblown egos that I doubt if they make very good friends; too interested in talking about themselves to listen to a friend's problems, it's what makes a friend. He can never trust anyone, never put out of his mind that they are there because he's rich, that they're saying that to please him [because he's rich], or he pays them to do it and say it, and fools himself into thinking it's genuine as some rich saddoes do.

It's really so easy. There are so many deserving causes in the UK and out in the world; so many animal charities in need of further funding, Sea Shepherd exists entirely on small donations from supporters to combat the might of the Japanese whaling fleet, and could use more and bigger ships with which to harass them. He could give it all away, just keeping a million ofr three as a security blanket just in case the royalties suddenly dried up because everyone stopped buying all the records he has a stake in. It could be such a blast; enjoying the joy on people's faces when they realise all the problems which were keeping them awake at night worrying have all gone away. It could become a drug. Perhaps that's what he's scared of.

At the end of these few days, the learned m'luds will confer and confide and come up with a settlement, and he may or may not be disappointed with it, but it will have to stand. What a pity he and Heather couldn't sort it out like a couple of adults, but I guess money does that, turns you into an indulgent, spoiled, selfish child who just has to say no, shan't.

So although I have virtually nothing and Paul has this unimaginable sum, I feel sorry for him. I can walk anywhere without yobs with DSLRs practically smacking me in the face with them. I can shop without a retinue, I am free to move about on the planet without hindrance. Paul is almost a prisoner in his mansion, besieged, spied on, with little privacy, every coming and going noted by the media ready to tell the world. They all think they want celebrity, until, a few years down the line, they realise it's a life sentence, 24x7.

I once stood next to Paul, back in the sixties when the Beatles were at the height of the mania the media indulged in. It was outside the school in St Johns Wood where both our children attended; my first born son, his stepdaughter. He stood alone, not looking at anyone, while groups of young mothers huddled gossiping, eyes occasionally sliding over towards him. I got an incling then what it is to be famous and alone. [Originally published on this morning]


Febrary 5 2008

Here we go again, again

Yet again a government appointed committee is looking into cannabis and considering a change of classification under the Dangerous Drugs Act. Yet again, a group of ill-infomed people with no personal knowledge of cannabis are going to decide if it is no more dangerous than steroids and other substances in Class C, or is as dangerous as amphetamines such as speed and barbiturates in Class B. As cannabis has never killed anyone, yet plenty of people have died from amphetamine and barbiturate overdose, I can't see how they can logically move it, but it's not as simple as that, cannabis comes with a load of emotional baggage that seems to stick to it no matter how many times it's refuted.

It's an object lesson in how politicians can cause grief to people way into the future with misguided attempts to micromanage people and their recreational activities - the law against cannabis originated in the US where it was criminalised due to it being the perfect plant for providing ecologically sound alternatives to the new plastics which have since blighted our world. With a thriving American hemp industry, and new processes invented to make high grade fibre suitable for a range of fabrics from canvas to fine bedding, as well as the most robust paper ever produced [the US constitution is printed on hemp paper along with other important documents].

Commercial chemical interests with one of the earliest conspiracies, manufactured a moral scare about white girls under threat from an evil 'black man's drug' which turned teenagers mad [see Reefer Madness], caused so much moral panic in middle America that a law outlawing the drug and the growing of hemp was passed with ease. The world has had to live with the results ever since. Using the latest ludicrous scare story to justify a re-examination - that new, high strength 'skunk' cannabis has 'flooded the UK market' with a dangerous version of the drug which is 'responsible for causing schizophrenia in teenagers'.

This is of course nonsense, skunk is stronger in the same way as whiskey is stronger than beer. If teenagers were drinking pints of scotch, we'd know about it from the deaths. Skunk being stronger is reflected in the price, so anyone treating it like 'normal' cannabis would need to have a lot of money to spend on it, and would be completely out of it all the time. This doesn't happen, it is used sparingly, and treated with respect. One thing is certain in all this, whatever this committee of the ignorant decides, it will make not a scrap of difference to the amount or type of cannabis consumed, or the price it is sold at. A few more dealers may spend a small amount more time in prison. The media will, as usual, have a momentary excitement and then forget it; a case of short term memory loss that can't be attributed to cannabis.


Febrary 4 2008

Another video, not one of my sponsors, but cute

Sheesh, I just had a panic, I'd just plopped this video player down and uploaded, and I just realised that anyone visiting the fool won't be after wall to wall videos from youtube, but might be expecting words rather. Trouble is, pasta is on the stove, I'm the cook, and I tend to return to a dried out, browning pasta bake where once was spaghetti boiling. So, fearful not to let that happen, I have to cut this short today and split. You can amuse yourselves with the video til I return, perhaps some aspect of crazyness will have infuriated me again by then, and the grass will have mellowed.



Febrary 3 2008

The rhythm of life

Sometimes it feels like I'm running as fast as I can in front of a giant technological wave that threatens to engulf me and leave me stranded somewhere on a beach miles away with no memory of how I got there or even where there was. It's an age thing. As [life]time shortens, speed appears to increase; days flit by, weeks too, years come and go, decades flow by and you wonder if it can get any faster. When young, days took forever, especially in summer when an afternoon could drone on for the time it takes a month to pass now.

Especially if there was cricket on the village green and a stem of grass in your teeth lending a green kick to your taste buds in keeping with the bee-droning, head-rolling, sound-distorting oppressively hypnotic summer's day. The voice ads have launched, albeit gradually, as a system this complex takes time to get right. They will be appearing on websites already, but it's likely to take weeks or months before the whole network of advertisers and publishers is up to speed.

Anyone not wanting to hear them can, of course, turn their speakers down. Anyone with a site, this is your chance to get in at the start, so go here and sign up quick.I'm rich in ebooks; I have over a hundred of varying quality, and I may sell a few along with my self publishing ebook and others from the ebook pages. I have full resell rights on these, but I shall probably give some away, or maybe give them all away. I have to find time to review them all and decide if they are worthy of my estimable reputation as an honest broker. I don't want no complaints! Can't handle complaints, destroys my confidence. So anything tacky will get binned, only quality will go on the ebook pages, although I may have to create another page or two to accomodate them. The trouble with surfing the 2008 net from 2020 is that all the website certificates are out of date.


Febrary 2 2008

This blog could cause your death

But only if you're an Afgan and download it. This has happened to an Afghan journalist who has been sentenced to death by an Afghan court for distributing "blasphemous" material. Sayed Perwiz Kambakhsh, 23, was arrested in 2007 after downloading material from the internet relating to the role of women in Islamic societies. Balkh province's deputy attorney general, Hafizullah Khaliqyar, warned other journalists that they would be arrested if they attempted to support Kambakhsh. So it's all been worthwhile killing so many innocent people to get rid of hard line Islamists the Taliban. Now the country can go forward to the modern world, well, apparently not.This blog, being not just unislamic but anti islamic, would surely warrant a death sentence if anyone in Afghanistan were to be guilty of reading it, let alone downloading it.

The rather effete poser Karzai is caught between his backers, the West, who are shocked by such a rabid act, and the conservative Islamist clerics, who wield a lot of power still. So much for freedom of speech, apparently guaranteed under the 'new' constitution. But Muslims generally have a problem with freedom of speech, as it applies to those who are critical of their extreme misogynistic cult, and even in the West with its tradition of freedom of expression, they object to the expression of criticism of Islam, and have even created a word for it, Islamophobia.

So to criticise Jews you are antisemitic, and to criticise Muslims you're Islamophobic. No other religion or belief system claims this special status of being above criticism. Perhaps it's connected to why they are at each other's throats most of the time. So far, those who have criticised this appalling act are non-religious agencies, not one Muslim organisation has condemned it. And now The Kite Runner, a film about Afghanistan by an Afghan, widely aclaimed throughout the world and according to Vanity Fair 'One of the year's best films', has been banned by the so-called 'deputy culture minister' Din Mohammad Rashed, who said: 'It showed the ethnic groups of Afghanistan in a bad light. We respect freedom of speech, we support freedom of speech, but unfortunately we have difficulties in Afghan society, and if this film is shown in the cinemas, it is humiliating for one of our ethnic groups.' Possibly because in the story, the main character witnesses the rape of his ethnic Hazara friend by an ethnic Pashtun. Rape and homosexuality are not subjects that get aired a lot in Islamic societies. Pirate DVD copies are selling like hot cakes in the streets however, so the people don't agree with this censorship. The boy actors in the film have already left Afghanistan for fear of their lives.


January 31 2008

Cyber criminals targeting Valentine's Day

Cyber criminals are believed to have launched a renewed campaign to invade millions of home computers across the world with a trojan, creating an international network of infected computers which can be used to send spam or launch cyber attacks on websites - without the owner's knowledge. The campaign is likely to peak on or around St Valentine's Day, the day of the year when people are most likely to click on an anonymous email and open the link inside.

So DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING YOU DON'T RECOGNISE! The only way these scumbags get anywhere is because people just can't force themselves to delete suspicious mail, they just have to take a peek and, wham, the infection is in and working it's evil. Of course, everyone should have anti-virus and anti-spyware protection which would ring alarm bells as soon as an attempt was made to install anything, but it seems many don't and are sitting ducks to the cyber criminals. If anyone in the UK reading this gets their electricity from E-ON or EDF, please consider switching to another supplier, preferably Ecotricity or Good Energy who both supply energy from renewable sources .

Both E-ON and EDF are promoters and developers of nuclear power stations, and are lobbying the UK government hard to stick to its insane decision to embark on a round of new building once the existing Magnox stations reach the end of their usable life; their waste will be around for thousands of years, and no solution has yet been found to deal with it safely and securely - presumably why E-ON chose their name, from the eons of time the waste will be dangerous. All suppliers are charging more or less the same, so it makes no difference in price to switch, and you'll find both Ecotricity and Good Energy much friendlier people, so you can reduce your personal carbon emissions in one small move. The burning of fossil fuels to make electricity is the single biggest cause of climate change, and the biggest thing you can do is also the easiest, simply change where your electricity comes from.




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Myspace Profile Tracker World Visitor Map

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Time to move to higher ground

The time to move to higher ground link [above] will change from time to time, illustrating how this phrase has become more and more common of late; from New Orleans, to Fiji to East Anglia to Holland.
I moved to higher ground in 2000 when it was clear that flooding was becoming the norm and climate change was happening now.
On the journey west, we passed flooded fields right across the midlands, it felt almost apocalyptic.
Since then, floods have become common in the UK and many other countries.

Fadhel Al-Sa'd: The sun circles the Earth because it is smaller than the Earth, as is evident in Koranic verses...No verse in the Koran indicates that the Earth is round or that it rotates. Anything that has no indication in the Koran is false.

Convert your car to run on water

the Fool as a young boy

The scenes from this war will create thousands maybe even millions of militants intent on inflicting damage on the only superpower. The war will be waged across America and in any American outpost and embassy. It will be brutal and messy and will continue for decades. Bush doesn't know what he has unleashed.
Fool on the hill March 2003

Fancy a holiday in the sun?

white house


Some links to interesting climate-change related websites:


Animals Matter - a political party to change the way people think about animals


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