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Fool on the Hill is a ranting anarchist blog which attacks lies and dissembling of all kinds and exposes the environmental destruction that threatens life on Earth

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February 23 2009

Denial is an industry

Despite the global warming deniers claiming the Earth is cooling - it isn't, it's one of the lies they recycle constantly, doubtless invented by the oil companies which don't want fossil fuel consumption to diminish and with it their profits - it's now turned really mild again after a short cold spell, and feels like spring. I'm not the only one who thinks so; the plants are starting to bud and the birds certainly think spring is here and are busily gathering nest materials.

I constantly have run-ins with these idiots who deny climate change. I can't ignore them, and whenever they raise their silly heads with their predictable complaints about government conspiracies and it all being Al Gore's fault, I just have to trash them. If just one person is thus prevented from falling for the whole hype, I'm happy.

It's an interesting phenomenon this denial, often seeming to be a left-right issue, which it's not, because some of them [Americans of course] see it as a left-wing conspiracy, don't they always! Then there are those who just can't accept that the hippies were right all along; a lot of people seem to find it a personal insult that hippies, long derided for being out of it, out of touch and out to lunch, could have been right about the environment. Then along came the greens [well, they were often the same people, just older] and didn't the tabloids and others just love to mock them. Now the mocking has diminished and they prefer to attack the concept of the planet heating up.

The seeds of the lies originate with the oil companies, those with the most to lose from people using their [finite] product less, but these people are short termists, they see profits now, not environmental disaster later as the priority, and will do anything to further their ends. Simpletons get caught up in it and quote the lies as if they know what they are talking about, quoting huge pseudo-scientific tracts and made-up graphs as if they are scientists. But dig deeper and they turn out to be utterly ignorant; unable to differentiate between climate and weather, between global warming and climate change - in fact I just read one who was rambling on about how the term global warming had stopped being used and the language had changed to climate change instead. The poor fool thought he had an important point. I educated him on the difference between the two terms, and explained that they had both been used for decades although he may not have noticed. That not only was there not a change of language, but global warming, the phenomenon, was the cause of climate change, cause and effect, simple enough to understand, but apparently difficult for the deniers who seem to have been born with a logic block in their tiny brains.

It's an industry. Google climate change myth and you'll find hundreds if not thousands of sites espousing a variety of theories of why it isn't happening. I wonder how many are directly funded by the oil industry.

February 21 2009
Peanuts anyone?

You couldn't make it up, it's too staggeringly silly. Once upon a time, no, not that far back, just back in the sixties, our kids, just like most others then, had peanut butter sandwiches [often with Marmite, but that's a Brit thing] as a stop gap to keep them fueled up for their highly energetic playing outside until mealtime. They played in the dirt as we had done before them, always needed a bath in the evening because they were so grubby. and were fit and healthy as a result.

Then, suddenly, I think it was about fourteen to fifteen years ago, a peanut allergy was discovered and health professionals started warning against giving peanuts to children; not because they could choke on them, but because they could make them ill. Parents started getting paranoid and tried to keep anything with nuts in away from their children. It was as if humans had always been allergic to peanuts, like there had never been a time when kids ate peanut butter sandwiches.

Nut allergy became an increasing 'problem' and fueled a growth industry of nut free food, and 'experts' in allergies. All foods now have to have details of any nut additives printed on the packaging, and even where no nuts are used in preparing a particular food, if the factory also produces products with small amounts of nuts in the ingredients, warnings have to be printed that traces may have endured and 'contaminated' other products. It's like nuts have suddenly become more lethal than radioactivity, the enemy of human children, having sustained countless millions of humans during our evolution. The intelligent asked why?

Then it was discovered that for years, about the same period when allergy started appearing, peanut oil had been added to nipple cream, used by nursing mothers for cracked nipples. Tiny new born babies, whose digestive system was evolved to cope with human milk only, were being fed small amounts of peanut oil every time they suckled. Their bodies, unprepared and still getting an immune system together aided by the mother's milk, became sensitised to peanuts, and later, when they ate peanuts, an immune reaction set in and made them ill, hence an allergy. This was still only a small percentage of kids.

So all small children, whether sensitised at birth or not, have been deprived of highly nutritious peanut butter for several years of growing, only later being allowed small amounts, given with trepidation in case a reaction still set in. A 'condition' had been created for which medical specialists formulated 'treatments' and an industry grew examining this phenomenon and 'discovering' breakthroughs. The latest of these is, surprise surprise, to give children small amounts of refined peanut flour, a kind of homeopathic getting the body used to nuts so it doesn't react. We have come full circle, chemists having invented the nipple cream on behalf of their capitalist employers, chemists have now perfected a 'cure' from an expensive lab full of white coats and equipment. Brilliant. Not one bit of joined up thinking.

Once, children who as babies only had mother's milk, went on to eat peanut butter sandwiches almost daily once a sensitivity to 'foreign' substances was abandoned to babyhood. They played outside as children should, building immune systems as a result of coming into contact with lots of 'dirt' organisms. Now, sensitised at birth and often suffering allergic reactions to life itself, no longer playing outside because it's dangerous and dirty, they laze around indoors amongst a chemical soup of household cleaners and microbe destroyers, growing fat and lazy, and bored. They don't know how to entertain themselves [play] any more, they must be entertained by DVDs, computer games and the latest plastic Disney spin off products aimed at parting the plebs from their money, until such time as they can have their first mobile microwave emitter to hold against their still developing brains for long periods so they can chat to their friends. I forecast many brain tumours in adulthood.

This generation of children are going to be ill equipped to cope with the massive environmental changes that are already starting to happen and which are due to get much, much worse as these kids move into adulthood. Getting a job in the capitalist machine is the least of their worries.

To see the length this travesty has reached see here.

February 6 2009
A real winter for once

 Having had increasingly mild winters for many years now, there are lots of people, anyone under twenty, who have never experienced proper snow. There have been mild flurries that melted quickly, and the north of England has had some, but nothing like we used to have every winter. Now this year we have proper snow and lots of it.

Of course there's disruption of services like trains and buses and many roads closed, but that always happened even when we were more used to it and therefore better prepared. But sometimes, it's just not possible to carry on as normal and we must accept that the weather can sometimes just be too powerful even for men to subjugate. It's a good lesson to learn.


The dogs met a snowman!


He has a rural look about him!

At the same time south Australia is experiencing the hottest heatwave ever, with people dying from heat, railway lines buckling and unusable, water in short supply and forests and houses bursting into flames. The global warming deniers in the UK ignore this, concentrating on the UK and claiming that this cold winter 'proves' global warming is a myth. That's what a simple mind comes up with. Actually it proves no such thing, it's just the thought processes of people who don't understand the difference between weather [what's out the window, coming over you right now] and climate [what's happening to the whole planetary system which distributes heat and water around, stores excess heat in the oceans etc.]. The upward heating trend is indisputable, and the oceans are now 1 degree warmer, which might not sound a lot to the simple minded, but it represents a colossal amount of extra energy - trillions upon trillions of megawatts - and the seas as a result are expanding [remember the school science experiments? water expands when heated]. The extra water contributed to extra water vapour in the atmosphere, and when warm damp air meets cold arctic air you get snow.

When all this snow melts, there will be flooding again as our streams and rivers, neglected for decades, are not capable of removing that amount of water quickly enough. The kids are out sledding, making snowmen and women, throwing snowballs, and generally mucking about outdoors where kids always used to play. Schools closed is great news for them and this unaccustomed snow will stay in their memories for years. We may never get a winter like this again, or at least not until many years have passed and the planet has sorted out the damage humans did and achieved a balance once again.


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British Isles c 2050

Time to move to higher ground

The time to move to higher ground link will change from time to time, illustrating how this phrase is becoming more and more common and relevent; from New Orleans, to Fiji to East Anglia to Holland and not forgetting other countries which aren't low lying but which can suffer devastating floods from too much rain, even Native Americans are affected.
I moved to higher ground in 2000 when it was clear that flooding was becoming the norm and climate change was happening now.
On the journey west, we passed flooded fields right across the [UK] midlands, it felt almost apocalyptic.
Since then, floods have become common in the UK and many other countries.

When farmers get flooded out on a piece of ground repeatedly they know what to do – farmers are a very practical lot – they move to higher ground

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Fadhel Al-Sa'd: The sun circles the Earth because it is smaller than the Earth, as is evident in Koranic verses... No verse in the Koran indicates that the Earth is round or that it rotates. Anything that has no indication in the Koran is false. [evidently, Galileo Galilei got it wrong]



The scenes from this war will create thousands maybe even millions of militants intent on inflicting damage on the only superpower. The war will be waged across America and in any American outpost and embassy. It will be brutal and messy and will continue for decades. Bush doesn't know what he has unleashed.
Fool on the hill March 2003


Some links to interesting climate-change related websites:


Animals Matter - a political party to change the way people think about animals


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