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DIY Guide Ebook on How to publish your own ebook - free ebook downloads and advice on all aspects of publishing

DIY Guide: How to publish your own ebook
by Peter Simmons - ISBN 0 9522532 2 4

This from DIGITAL INK: e-Books Reaching a Tipping Point

The electronic book was a focus of attention at BookExpo America, the publishing and book-selling industry’s annual trade show last week.

Much of the buzz was created by Kindle, Amazon’s electronic reader, which now accounts for 6% of the company's overall book sales, according to CEO Jeff Bezos.

E-books are no longer a fad. Nearly all publishers say their sales of e-books are growing exponentially. For example, Simon & Schuster said its sales of e-books will more than double this year, after growing 40% in 2007. It says it will convert an additional 5,000 titles to electronic format this year, making available many books on its backlist of consistent sellers. MORE

New writers often find it hard getting their first book published, while other creatives such as woodworkers, painters, musicians and craft workers can freely make and sell their work on the open market.

Written by Peter Simmons, a publishing professional with 25 years' experience, in accessible, easy to understand language, this book is all you need to become a self publisher. Don't spend money with 'vanity publishers' or others offering to publish your book, cut out the middle-men, buy our book for just £5 for instant download and do it yourself! Stuffed with lots of self publishing advice, it shows you how to self publish and market your book. Every aspect is covered, from dealing with the manuscript, producing a typeset book, outputting to ebook format and even how tro prepare it for print.

Everything you need to know to publish your own ebook and sell it.

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With 25 years in professional publishing and thousands of books published, we have the expertise needed to do it all, and it's all in this book, including: how to prepare a manuscript, how to edit, proofread, and lay out a book, plus how to turn it into an ebook using free software. There are also hundreds of links to free website templates, cheap hosting and directions on how to set your own site up in hours and be online in days. Every stage is carefully laid out, follow it and you will be a self publisher within weeks.

By self publishing, as well as selling your book, you stand a better chance of being noticed, and could one day lead to your work being printed, with a major publishing house paying for the print costs. Even if that doesn't happen, you can still see steady sales from your own website as well as through Amazon and Google Books, and you can sell printed copies from digital print on demand - POD - as you receive orders, in effect, running your own publishing house. It is within the scope of virtually anyone. If you can write, you can write a book and self publish it. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. What this book tells you is how to do every stage of the production process, everything you need to know in order to publish yourself.

Some other self publishers


Our ebook is a complete DIY guide; no nonsense, no endless repetitions, no impractical promises, no 'worth much more' claims although it certainly is. It takes you through the whole process in straightforward language accessible to all, and with no attempt to get you to sign up, buy something else, click on another site controlled by us or anything other than how to typeset, design, lay out, edit, proofread, illustrate, promote and publish a book, and even make a website from free templates so you can sell your book online if you wish, and then how to craft your search terms [meta tags] to make your site turn up in searches and make money while you do nothing. With it, you can do the whole job yourself, with no extra expense and no interminable sales pitches to read through, or associate programs to join. You don't need to sign up to anything, you won't be constantly encouraged to spend more with ever more exciting schemes and 'offers', we simply have a book to sell and that's it. Buy it, and you're on the way to becoming a publisher.

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All the 400 plus links in the book are the result of extensive research, and are chosen for their usefulness. They have no connection with us, and most are for free tools, services, advice and information. We don't get affiliate commissions from sending you to the links, they are included as a service to help you so you don't have to spend days searching the net for the right information.

With the detailed professional advice in this ebook, you can publish and market your book at virtually no cost to you except in time. No longer do you have to print out several copies of your manuscript and submit them to lists of publishers, and then await rejection letters. No longer do you have to pay someone and then trust them to get it right and not rip you off. Now for the very reasonable price of just £5, this ebook provides you with all the knowledge and help to do it yourself. Click on the PayPal button for immediate ordering and you will receive your copy the same day [allowing for time differences]. This will usually be within minutes of placing your order. You are just a click away from starting on the road to becoming a publisher!

The advantage of doing it yourself is that you are totally in control, and can choose exactly how you want your book to look. You also keep 100% of the sales rather than 10%, 20% or, if you're lucky, 30% from a publisher. There is also a distinct advantage in having control over the complete process of production, and you don't have to wait for someone else to pay you your percentage, you get your payment as soon as the book sells, and that can be over and over again. There are also links to the best publishing information sites in our book, giving you access to yet more information, in case there's something we haven't covered fully. You can check out the scope of this book by viewing the contents list below.


Before clicking on any of the google ads, read on for some vital information on online publishing, the pitfalls of going with many of those who offer to publish your book, and the ways you can go about publishing yourself without risk and with minimum cost.

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Amazon has added another dimension to publishing on the net and we will help you set up a link to Amazon for your book so that when people search for a subject in a search engine such as Google, books related to that search including yours appear in the results. With Amazon, authors have an automatic marketing strategy, and now Google is also offering this service with Google Books. As a result, your advertising is taken care of and your books are promoted by Google for free!

Many self-publishing companies are offering all sorts of packages for the budding author, and this can be a valuable service once you have produced your book, as they will print one copy at a time with print on demand (POD) or a hundred if you wish. But they insist on you doing all the editorial and production yourself, which is where our book comes in, with step-by-step instructions on how to do it. It could save you hundreds of pounds, the cost of having it done for you. Once you have read our book and produced your own, then is the time to contact a POD company.

Many of the self publishing web sites are essentially vanity publishers, or, much worse, affiliate schemes or sign-up courses out to get your money. Those who offer to publish your book usually require upfront fees, and authors can end up paying as much as £800 before their book is even produced. You might then only receive 10% of the sale price in royalties, and with no guarantee of sales and with no promotion - they just put you on a list of other mugs who fell for the hype. Currently, if you are an author wanting to publish on the Internet, you have two options: use an e-publisher and pay them what they ask while keeping your fingers crossed, or become a self-publisher and save on all the costs by doing the job yourself. The advantage of the former is that they [at best] do the work of promotion, selling and accepting payments for you, and they may have the advantage of an established web presence and track record and the experience to do the job well, but you have to judge this for yourself amongst a lot of hype and promises.

There are sites which allow you to produce your book using their software from the site whilst online. While this may seem the perfect solution, there are always drawbacks to an apparent free lunch. You may feel restricted by the necessarily limited range of design and layout within which you must produce your book. Will this result in it looking like a lot of other books? They also may offer free promotion from their site, but the reality is that people don't go to such sites to buy books, and the large range of titles will make the chances of your book being spotted unlikely.

So-called vanity publishing is an old term left over from when it was almost impossible to get a book published as an unknown author, as a small number of publishing companies with the money to invest in producing a book picked who should get published. Because of their overheads, today, publishers only pick books which they think will sell in large numbers, leaving others out in the cold. It is no longer the case that this is the only way to publish, and therefore is somehow superior. If painters, sculptors, wood carvers, crafts workers and others can make and sell their own creations, why not those who craft with words? It's no more vanity than a painter offering his/her works for sale. No one said the paintings were worthy of being painted or sold, or criticised the style of painting or advised how they might paint 'better'. Ultimately, the only criterion is whether someone wants to buy the end product of your talents.

Now that is true also of book publishing for the first time since Caxton. Any author can manage the whole process themselves, without having to submit for approval to countless publishers. If you are prepared to pay, those sites which offer it will be happy to take your money, but it's a commercial world, and none of them are in it for charity. Many want payment up front. Although there are some who will do it for free, they fund it by taking a large percentage of every sale. But if you believe in your own ability as an author, there's no reason why you can't do it yourself and publish your own ebook or print copy.

If you have done all the hard work of editing, proofing and laying out your book and done it well, and have sold some copies already, you will also stand a better chance of your book being taken seriously by a publisher. As long as it is in a standard book size, the ebook you produce can be used by the publisher to produce a printed book, with some slight modifications to add their imprint. Compared to them receiving a heavy package of paper wordprocessor print-outs, complete with typos, smudges, coffee cup marks and curled edges, this has got to be a better way of gaining their interest!

If you aren't interested in buying this book just yet, there are lots of free ebooks on the left which you can download. Just click on the title[s] of your choice and the download will begin. They are all guaranteed safe to download to your computer [free of viruses, malware etc.] and are yours to download and keep just for visiting. Any other ebooks that we find useful will be added over time.

With more than four hundred interactive links to free tools, software, search engines, web templates, and promotion sites, along with professional advice on manuscript preparation, typesetting, design, and how to design your own website and put it online, DIY GUIDE: HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN E-BOOK will enable you to publish your book professionally, and sell it successfully [or give it away for free if you so choose], and with total control over everything. It could be the last thing you pay for.


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The product of over twenty years' professional publishing experience, DIY GUIDE: HOW TO PUBLISH YOUR OWN E-BOOK, written in clear, concise, non-technical language, takes you through all the stages of the process; from initial manuscript preparation to ebook production, website creation and search engine optimization and promotion, and everything in between. You will become familiar with publishing terms and processes, take typesetting and design in your stride, create your own website using free templates or your own design, optimise your site for the search engines, and submit it to all the major ones. You will end up with a book you are proud of and which you are happy to sell, and with the satisfaction of knowing you did it all yourself. And you will sell your book [or books] yourself with all proceeds going into your own account.

There are other ebooks available which do the same thing, but the hard sell, and often patronising attitude the websites display, may put you off as it did us. With so many exclamation marks and 'grateful customer' testimonials [not to mention spelling mistakes], they read more like heavy marketing than honest information, and many are a lead-in to more sites, more sales pitches and more costs, with lots of 'free ebooks' offered of unknown worth just to get you to sign up, many of these turn out to be further contentless advertising with links back to yet more things to sign up to, rather than plain, honest advice. The whole thing gets very circular, with webpage after webpage looking very similar, but never really getting to the point. So confident are we that ours is the superior offer, that we have google ads here, which are linked to the subject matter of the page and you are welcome to click any of them and see what the others are offering. Be sure to hit the back button to come back!

The real costs of free publication

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 No animals were harmed in the production of this ebook. No fossil fuels were burned to power the production of this ebook, all electricity used is from renewable sources and supplied by Ecotricity who also research and develop renewable energy through their development branch Nexgen. This powers all Password Publishing's operations. You can therefore purchase with confidence, this ebook is paper free and carbon neutral!

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