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January 27 2006

Don't wanna work on Maggie's farm no more

They get nothing from me this year again, because I made less than the personal allowance. It's bitter sweet to earn loads, first you have it, then you don't. The amount of people's money that's taken in tax in this country is truely massive. Not just income tax, but VAT every time you spend any and council tax takes another big slice, and every year it increases, funding ever more enhanced corporate dreams, while failing to keep basic services like hospitals and schools functioning as they should.

A quandary for the US and Israel with Hamas now the democratically elected government of Palestine. Having said they would never talk to terrorists, while behaving like the worst terrorists themselves, the Americans and Israelis seem to be stuck in limbo, unable to do anything but utter the usual foam from the mouth and look stupid as the Palestinians celebrate. They knew how to deal with the old corrupt politicians of Fatah, and with Arafat gone, it was all going to be smooth and easy. Now uncorrupted and dedicated Islamists have received the mandate in this democracy Bush is always shouting about. They got it by working at grassroots level and for the people. In Bolivia and other South American countries there's a resurgence of people power, a turning of tables. What's needed now is a revolution in the last bastion of right wing corruption, the United States.

January 23 2006

The dying embers of the nuclear argument

In a last gasp attempt to revive an irradiated corpse, mad christian fundie Blair and his robotic minions are again intoning nuclear, public consultation, nuclear. They think global warming has sunk through into enough consciousnesses by now for a majority to be getting worried enough to fall for the ultimate con 'nuclear power will solve global warming, it's carbon neutral'. Of course it's no such thing. From the strip mining of the uranium, to the extraction processes, and heavy transport in between and across the seas - all fossil fueled and costly - nuclear fuel is neither cheap, carbon neutral nor safe. Then they get to burn it. The environment then gets small steady doses of radioactive contaminants, and a load of intensely radioactive waste is created which will be millions of years decaying. And they build them on the coast. And they want to build new ones on the sites of the old ones which have to be decommissioned soon.

As the tax payer has only recently had to bail out the only private company involved in nuclear in the UK, costing us hundreds of millions, it doesn't look like it's a viable business idea without vast taxpayers' money subsidising it to the hilt. And all this for at absolute most 20% of the current energy needs, more than likely considerably less. And when you think it takes a decade or more from planning, designing and building to when the thing actually starts producing electricity, it isn't going to be any simple, quick solution to our present need to reduce our carbon load on the planet.

The place to go to give your opinions is http://www.dti.gov.uk/energy/consultations/index.shtml, where the public consultation forms can be downloaded and sent back to them. They'll be hearing from me. You can also tell them what you think about offshore windfarms while there.

January 18 2006

Justice 3rd world style

Interesting juxtaposition of justice in SE Asia. In Vietnam, Paul Gadd [aka Gary Glitter] the known paedophile, is allowed by the police to pay £1000 to each of the young girls he molested in return for them withdrawing charges, leaving him only facing minor ones not involving the death penalty, and the case has already taken months and will take more before it's resolved. In Thailand, next door, two Thai fishermen who pleaded guilty to raping and killing a British tourist have already been tried and sentenced to death in three weeks. Couldn't be anything to do with rich westerners having more worth than poor indiginous people, or the importance of the tourist trade to the economy.

Home secretary Jugears Clarke has backed off from his desire to reclassify cannabis back to the same category as heroin and cocaine and there will be no change in the law. Despite being a knee-jerk authoritarian, he was clearly overwhelmed by sane voices, including the committee of experts which originally recommended the downgrading, and decided not to throw in his lot with the mottley collection of wierdos and mental defectives who campaign against cannabis as a way of life. With hundreds of thousands killed, injured or otherwise adversely affected by alcohol each year, and the centres of all our towns made no go areas by drunks fighting and throwing up, you'd think they'd have something else to worry about than a 'suggestion' that cannabis isn't a good thing for people with schizophrenic tendencies to overuse. No 'new' scientific evidence as has been claimed, but a massaging of statistics is behind this reassessment, and Clarke is trying to save face by organising a public awareness campaign which will be a complete waste of money, except for the graphic designers it will employ for a few weeks creating the publicity materials to sell the 'cannabis will drive you mad' message. Sounds like reefer madness to me.

Nasa, has delayed the launch of its New Horizons mission to Pluto until Thursday, after a power cut at the lab managing the mission. The lift-off from Cape Canaveral in Florida was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but high winds forced Nasa to scrub that attempt. Now a storm in Maryland has caused a power outage at the spacecraft operations centre based there. Odd that some people still believe our technical expertise can deal with global warming and extreme weather events, yet can't get a rocket off the ground due to the weather.

January 16 2006

Wonky or just plain stupid?

The nation seems gobsmacked that the wonky wierdo who currently [but not for long] occupies the post of minister for education has thought it acceptable for convicted paedophiles to work as teachers, and personally ok'd one who had been chucked out of three schools once they found out what he was, to work in another in a different part of the country. It shouldn't be a surprise though, as the minister is known to be a member of Opus Dei, a secretive roman catholic flagelistic organisation full of deeply strange people, and on past showing is unconnected with the real world. So why not? The school was a catholic one, which may not have been such a mistake as it seems to be part of the tradition of the catholic church to abuse children.

Another paedophile who had molested boys, was allowed to work in a girls' school, which illustrates a deranged way of thinking akin to some of the pronouncements of high court judges who routinely let these perverts off with light sentances with the attitude that 'they made a mistake', or 'it was unwise behaviour'. Not difficult to see how child murders like Soham happen when there's this sloppiness of thinking in the corridors of power.

Another religious loony is currently on trial for spouting hatred, and is overdue for deportation, having lived on benefits in the UK for a decade or more, along with his several wives and unknown number of children and taking up three council houses while spouting hate against the country which keeps him. Abu Hamsa, the motormouth with no hands since he blew them off making bombs, should never have been allowed into the country even as a visitor, and gave them ample opportunity and evidence that he was promoting terrorism years before the bombs in 2005, which he applauded. Seems to me most of the problems in the world are caused by religionistas. Can't remember when the last atheist war was waged.

I'm also wondering what happened to butcher Sharon who seems to have dropped off the media's radar. After three major bleeds that no one could have survived, yet we are to believe that he's on a slow road to recovery? Something not quite right. Was it a scam to avoid prosecution for corruption, about to fall on him since his son was convicted? Doing a Pinochet it's called. Pulling a sicky.

January 8 2006

Where will it all end?

There are now three registered users of the BB! In just one day the membership has trebled! So far we are all graphics bods, so it could develop into trade chat, and tip swapping. But the beauty of a BB is that you can have any thread anyone wants, so, unlimited room for expansion outwards. Just in case anyone is finding it difficult to find, go HERE and sign up in seconds. Love to have you onboard. Pictures, though fascinating, are not obligatory, although I shall soon be starting a thread on digital photography, so plenty of scope to show off your skills [or body] as you wish.

Talking of bodies, the mountainous one is still being kept 'alive' on life support, although they are threatening to bring him round soon if nobody objects. Send objections to the Israeli Embassy. I imagine most deals have been done now, and bar tieing up the loose ends, and finalising the last few world leaders' attendance, the funeral date can be set. Such is power that you aren't allowed to die naturally and with dignity. Not that Sharon allowed Palestinians that small honour, prefering to bury them in their own demolished homes, or under tanks or blown apart from the air while driving somewhere with the family.

January 7 2006

We have lift off!

I now have a Bulletin Board! It was so easy. It's HERE and is hosted by ProBoards for free, and so easy to register and set up that anyone could have one. Guests can register in minutes and be posting messages. I'm hoping it will become a forum discussing the ideas I post here in the Fool, but it may be that others have different ideas, it's all in the hands of its users, and so far that's just me. So what's keeping you? ProBoards are at http://www.proboards.com/index.html

Sharon is being kept heavily sedated, probably because of the fear he might wake up, at which point he'd threaten the food supply to Israel needing to catch up on all those missed dinners. It reminds me of Arafat, kept comatose in hospital while the in-fighting and manoeuvring went on and he was only switched off and declared dead when the power struggle had been sorted. Despite the media going through the sham of 'he's very ill and it's unknown whether he'll return to office' he is all but dead after three massive bleeds into the brain, and the delay in announcing his death is purely to allow the politics to be sorted out, the funeral arranged [they have to check that major world leaders can make it], speeches written and the hole dug.

Already he's performed an extraordinary feat; got the rabids of Islamic Jihad and the rabids expelled from Gaza in agreement for the first time in recorded history, that god has struck him down for being an evil bastard. They could build on this unaccustomed accord and settle their differences which, considering they are basically the same tribe, hold similarly loony views and think they're god's precious chosen ones, you'd think wouldn't be so difficult.

The avian flu outbreak in Turkey has claimed three of the children of one family and the rest are showing symptoms. These children were apparently playing with the heads of chicken which had died, so it's not a great surprise they caught something, except apparently to their parents, who appear to be so ignorant that they're trying to blame the hospital for not looking after them! The chicken share the same filthy living quarters as the humans, were under beds and seating, tucked away in odd spaces, shitting everywhere as chicken do... the mind boggles. Whether all members of the same family had been playing with the diseased birds or their heads was not revealed, but if not, this is the perfect incubation scenario for the mutatory step to human-human transmission and then onwards to conquer the world. Turkey has applied to join the EU.

I suppose when it does turn into a pandemic, we will be warned not to go near any wild birds especially those coughing and sneezing and sipping Lemsip, but I won't change the habit of feeding a sizeable wild population in our garden which poses no threat to humans as they either don't have it, are dead already, and anyway don't get that close to us, unlike the chicken which seem to be the main culprits in spreading it, but the victims of dirty human habits really. I won't be playing with any dead birds in any circumstance. And I'll be keeping my distance from humans, so much more dangerous than wild birds. Those who enjoy killing wild animals will take it as an excuse to go blasting birds out of the air.

January 5 2006

Evil fat bastard nears death

Have been hoping since the first stroke that war criminal Sharon had, that he'd have another bigger one, and here it is. Couldn't happen to a more deserving obscenely obese bag of hate-filled pus. All the media and politicians are pretending it is a tragedy and he was the only hope for the peace process. If a phycho responsible for thousands of Palestinian deaths is the only hope, there's no hope. I expect the rabid settler religious fanatics he had evicted from Gaza will see this a a further sign they are right, and the man who expelled them has been struck down by god. Whatever.

Of far more importance is the appearance of avian flu in two teenagers in Turkey, one has died and the other is due to. This is the first time humans have contracted it outside of Asia, but seeing that the Turks' animal practices are almost as backward as Asian animal practices, this isn't too surprising. The two were part of a family keeping poultry and the rest of the family are showing symptoms, so this could be where human to human transmission begins. One more step towards the inevitable pandemic. Can't be long now. Working from home has never been such an advantage.


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