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Fool on the Hill


July 30 2005

Raw power - of state and nature

With an unprecedented display of state power, all four suspects are in custody. Watching it unfold on my monitor via the BBC website, it seemed extraordinary the amount of arms which poured into the Portobello area of London to capture two men. Every few minutes more arrived, policemen with handguns, shotguns, machine guns and then the heavy squad arrived with more equipment strapped and slung on their bodies than Arnie and Bruce could muster between them; balaclavas and body armour and even rucksacks of spares. In the event, the men were unwilling to come out because they were afraid of being shot, a reasonable fear given the killing of an innocent previously, and the arsenal ranged against them. It was getting so over the top that I expected to see a tank drive round the corner any minute, followed closely by a cruise missile launcher. All for two men in a council flat, who, if they had been suicide bombers, would probably have taken out the whole block in a blaze of glory, including most of London's trained marksmen.

Since these bombers ran from the scene and were afraid of being killed, we can safely assume that they weren't out to commit suicide, but the media seem incapable of taking this on board and continue to refer to them as suicide bombers. The first four clearly weren't either; return train tickets and a parking ticket on the car at Luton which had more bombs in it were all clues that they intended to return. I think they were set up by the bomb maker to leave no witnesses. Instead of continuing with the suicide tag, it would be more productive to reveal that theye were conned and killed, might deter future bombers from thinking about it. The view seems to be that humiliating the two men by making them strip in front of the world's cameras will deter others, but I think it might well infuriate rather than deter. Humiliation is a big thing with Muslims.

And while the UK was obsessed with this, 900 people died in India and the major city, Mumbai, was closed down for however long by floods caused by a metre of rain falling in 12 hours. They're still digging out bodies. Over a hundred villages were washed away and the final death toll is likely to be several thousands. Of central importance to the Indian economy, Mumbai going out of commission is of major importance and this is the worst rainfall ever experienced. It's still raining.

July 26 2005

Now we wait for the next wave

So, we have four, possibly five, bombers on the loose in London aware that their explosive had deteriorated and failed to go off, and that the police have their pictures and are looking for them armed and ready to shoot to kill if they are recognized. We also have an entirely innocent man gunned down with eight shots close up and they know this is what will happen to them. They obviously have a safe house where more explosive ingredients could be stored, and could at this moment be making fresh bombs. They won't make the same mistake and keep it so long, so the bombs could well be larger and more destructive than the previous lot two weeks ago if they can correct the mix and get it right before they are discovered. The police, despite several raids and arrests are still, it seems, no nearer to arresting them, or, more likely, blowing them away, or being blown up on discovering their safe house. And the population of London are expected to go about their normal business as if nothing has happened . Meanwhile lots of people are 'helping the police' because they seem not to have much of a clue if the performance of the head of the Met on TV is anything to go by. He was evasive, constantly said he couldn't share that information when he clearly had no information, and was still insisting that their shoot to kill policy was still necessary, and he couldn't guarantee an innocent man wouldn't get murdered by his officers again as these were difficult times.

So every young man of non-anglo saxon appearance is on offer from the police, and everyone is on offer from the terrorists. And all Blair [the poncy PM with the makeup habit this time] can say is it's nothing to do with Iraq, when the whole country including the dogs and cats and even budgies know it's everything to do with Iraq. Lets see, have Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxenbourg, Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Lichtenstein been bombed? Um no, despite having sizeable immigrant populations and their fair share of militant Muslims. Have the UK and Spain been bombed, er yes. Possibly because they were Bush's best buddies when it came to the illegal invasion of a Muslim country. Spain, after they were bombed, did the sensible thing, sacked the government of the odious Aznar, and voted in a party who vowed to withdraw, which they have done. I suspect Spain won't be bombed again. Even moderate Muslims are utterly disgusted about the war along with half the population, but our government talks of closing down Islamist bookshops [but not schools], wants the 14 days the police are allowed to keep someone locked up without charging them raised to three months which raises the chances of a confession however dodgy it might be, and are intent on introducing a whole raft of restrictive and highly dubious legislation which will diminish the human rights of all UK citizens immeasurably and still fail to prevent this. I think we will be seeing another attack in London very soon, they aren't going to give themselves up and will be shot if the police get the chance as that will make the killing of an innocent an acceptable price to pay. I wouldn't want to be working and traveling in any major city of the UK in the following weeks and months. There could easily be hundreds of bombers waiting out there to go into action, they could be preparing right now for a spectacular which will leave the police running round like headless chicken. THis could just be the opening salvo in Bin Laden's grand plan for Europe. They could even be planning chemical attacks, it's not outside the realms of possibility. Blair seems to think it's a bit of a joke, he was grinning broadly on several occasions during today's press briefing [we don't have press conferences any more, a briefing is more controlled and often doesn't include questions]. He knows he's right despite so many thinking the opposite, he is too arrogant to listen to anyone because that would be an admission he was wrong, and so he continues to lie and bluster and hector and assume a righteous pose, making the chance of yet more carnage that much more certain as he must add to the outrage in these aberrant minds even more. He's the red rag and shouldn't be on TV, unless they want to goad the bull to charge. He is responsible for all these recent deaths as well as all those in Iraq, and will have to spend the rest of his life with armed guards as there will always be people who want to get even.

It would seem to me the scenario of the last two and a bit weeks is as follows:

The first four bombs were made in Leeds and taken to London, despite what the current police line is, I don't think they were intentional suicide bomber. They were either inexperienced and failed to build timers which worked, or they were set up by someone else who built the bombs for them and reassured them they would have, say, 10 to 20 minutes to get clear.

That cell were in contact with a London cell, which also made its own bombs [the flat with traces and a lock-up with ingredients confirms this], but were perhaps shakier on the exact chemical mix and as a result their bombs failed to explode, even though most of the detonators did. There is eyewitness evidence that they did not intend to suicide - in one case the rucksack was thrown onto a train and the man ran. In the bus the man left the bus leaving the rucksack behind. This one also detonated but failed to explode.

They are clearly amateurs, poorly trained, foot soldiers guided skillfully by someone with a lot of experience who doesn't mind wasting foot soldiers in the holy cause. It may even be preferable to him as it would leave no one to be interrogated and to give information. Funnily enough, there was an admission early on in the chaos of the first few days that a known Al Qaeda operative had been allowed to enter the country, but had 'not been thought important or dangerous enough to carry out surveillance on'. He flew out of the country again three weeks before the bombs exploded. His name has not been revealed, nor his nationality or the country he flew from or to, despite all this information having to be readily available, and no media interest has allowed it to be buried in all the mass of detail the police are releasing. The poor dears, the TV luvvies, are trying to cope, but everything changes every day and they keep saying 'this investigation is moving at an extraordinary rate' as they try to grasp salient points and stitch them into a 'story' they can get their heads round. There seem to be a lot of questions yet to be asked.

July 25 2005

Don't take a weather man to tell which way the wind blows

In March 2003 The Fool wrote: ... a war which will probably be known to future historians as phase three of World War Three. Simplistic ideas about a clean, quick war with minimal casualties are being discredited as I write, and the dogs of war are already wallowing in killing. They couldn't/wouldn't stop now if someone gave them Saddam's head in a bag. They would claim it wasn't the real Saddam, how could they know? So, right from the start the bluff that this war wasn't against the Iraqi people but Saddam is a contradiction, how and when would they know when to stop bombing cities from the air? And the idea that the war will stop when America decides it's done enough damage/run out of bombs/ losing world-wide popularity is far of the mark. The scenes from this war will create thousands maybe even millions of militants intent on inflicting damage on the only superpower. The war will be waged across America and in any American outpost and embassy. It will be brutal and messy and will continue for decades. Bush doesn't know what he has unleashed.

And so here we are two years down the line, and this American outpost is suffering for Blair's craven subservience to the big bully. And Muslims are expected to take the blame for what is clearly a geopolitical struggle that is only peripherally to do with religion. The west has been interfering in Arab affairs for centuries and continues to this day. When there is no other way to resist, people will use extreme measures to fight back against overwhelming power. That is not to excuse the actions of these bombers, merely to describe the situation as it now is. The net effect on our society is to make it less free, and there are plenty as well as Blair, Clarke, Straw, Blunkett, Brown, and the rest of the truth polluters only too willing to throw our freedom out the window and tighten the repressive police state which now claims the right to execute suspects at will on the decision of an undercover policeman. The rise of the death squads. Pinochet must be chortling in his dotage and his best friend Thatcher will doubtless welcome it, if she's not too gaga to understand what's happening. Her legacy lives on in Blair, the most dishonest PM this country has ever had to suffer.

July 24 2005

The long downward slope into chaos

The situation seems to be spiraling out of control. An entirely innocent Brazilian hurrying on his way to work is executed by a death squad of three plainclothes police, probably Special Branch. The manner of his killing, in front of shocked tube passengers, with two men throwing him to the floor of the carriage and kneeling on top of him then the third joining them and firing five shots into him, four to the head and one in the mouth, says to anyone who is of Pakistani origin, or just looks like a 'Paki' to the government's racist killers, you are no longer safe in the country of your birth.

Without any announcement we now have an acknowledged shoot to kill policy on our streets, across the whole of the UK. There was a great deal of condemnation when the IRA suspects were killed on Gibraltar years ago, and the gun culture within the police has been growing since then. This is the first we've heard about a shoot to kill policy for all armed police, not just special antiterrorist squad officers. The problem of reaching out to young Muslim males, already marginalized and angry over Iraq, is made immeasurably more difficult by the one act of murder. It seems the poor guy had let his visa expire.

Now we're joined by Egypt where even more died than in London just two short weeks ago. I see a wave happening, inspired by the 'successes' and resultant media blitz, where next? I see more happening in the UK, even if they do catch these recent bombers who have, up to now, eluded capture despite their faces being on TV and in newspapers across the country. The next one will almost certainly be different, tubes are now heavily patrolled and talk of buses having sniffer dogs and even armed guards is likely to deter those as targets. The CCTV images will also have warned them that they are too easily identifiable. But there are other soft targets other than the transit system, places where tourists go in large numbers would be obvious as this is clearly intended to hurt the tourist industry and therefore the economy of London. And still more die in Iraq on an average day than here adding to the anger, swelling the ranks of the bombers.

And all Blair can come out with is the usual platitudes about 'attacking our way of life' and 'these people are evil' while spending £2000 over the last few years [taxpayers money on top of his overlarge salary] on cosmetics. Not for the wonky Cherie but for himself. He apparently never appears in public without makeup, all designed to make him look younger, less wrinkled and radiant with health [it isn't working!] which casts a new light on the Bush fluffer that few had imagined, despite his overweening vanity being evident in every move and expression. Why can't everyone see through this emperor's new clothes and makeup and see him for the naked monster he is?

Meanwhile Europe is battening down the hatches and it can't be long before the next American attack commences. Who will they decide to bomb then? Syria? Iran? Difficult times.

July 21 2005

And another one

So now the second wave, somewhat earlier than I had expected, but not that much. Looking like all four intended rucksack 'bombs' failed to go off, and there are suspects on the run. Two arrests would appear to have been premature; one in UCH turned out to be just a Pakistani who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was later released, the other was shown being arrested, spreadeagled on the ground and made to remove his rucksack, a difficult manoevre. Then he had to bare his chest to reveal a lack of suicide bomber corset and was cuffed and led away. We will hear tomorrow that he has been released. To be in Whitehall, not a bomb's blast from 10 Downing Street, Asian looking and wearing a rucksack, was not the best decision he could have made. Live Feed here

Despite any progress they make in catching the culprits and examining the forensic evidence, this could happen again, and again. Ultimately Blair is responsible for this also, his cocky refusal even to acknowledge that it was connected to Iraq and his foreign policy is as good as saying 'that all you can do, come on, let's have some more' and as long as he remains, and continues to maintain his excuses and denials, the British people are at risk, not as at risk like Iraqis, but still, the fear factor must be similar, considering how unused they are to being bombed since the IRA gave it up decades ago.

Something keeps happening to the broadband connection, it's cut off three times today, for varying periods up to an hour. No idea if it's connected except that the same thing happened two weeks ago, so maybe the networks suffer in some way, possibly by the volume of traffic. I'll post this when I can get back online. I know when it goes and comes back as I have the BBC 24 hour news channel on with live video feed and when that freezes and loses sound I know I'll have a break from receiving emails.

July 15 2005

Obba, obbaserving the hypocrites

So much happened over the London bombings in the last week, a lot of information revealed, and some parts of towns sealed off and searched minutely. The media trying to report on it all, but inevitably some issues get smothered by others which demand more attention. Some people need to have a big national 'event' at times like this, and as well as the flowers piled up uselessly against walls and railings led on to crowds in Trafalgar Square and in towns and cities up and down the country, heads bowed, some wiping tears, for two minutes silence. This seems a measly time, but may reflect the attention span, couldn't have half the crowd forgetting why they were there and getting out their sandwiches in the middle of a five minute silence I guess. Crocodile tears for total strangers seem the in thing lately, people playing what they see as their walk on role in the big drama, enabling them to say in the future 'I was there ...' and feel they were somehow part of history. They will at most be unrecognized faces in news items from a previous era, but such is the desire for a little bit of fame these days. And then came the hypocrites, one by one, to spout their weasel words. One of the worst was Ken Livingstone, who, as a rebel who left the party and still got elected mayor of London, opposed the war with many a fine rhetorical phrase, and now, readmitted to the war party declares this [bombing] had nothing to do with Iraq; the government spin message, repeated endlessly at every opportunity by all their officially sanctioned mouths.

None of them are listening to the Muslim youth out there in the real world, it was to do with Iraq, period. They are angry, not just about Iraq, but now because this has happened, and that it's being denied it was linked to the foreign policy of this junta. So, having learned that it was home-grown militants which is a problem, no one thinks to try to understand why there is this reservoir of anger which fuels actions like this when mixed with Islamic fundamentalism. All the talk is about how security can be stepped up, every authoritarian police state measure they can think of is being rushed through parliament and will get scant opposition. The racism which these young Asians have to grow up in, particularly virulent in Leeds, is being denied as if it just doesn't exist, presumably because they're scared that to acknowledge it would inflame passions and lead to riots. But to deny it will further anger those who suffer it, and make such outbreaks more likely. They see Muslims being blown up every day and there is barely a mention on the news, there's even a warning that viewers might find the following scenes distressing, so Brits can turn away and not bother themselves. Thirty five children were blown up the other day in Iraq, because they were clustered around Amewricans come there to find bombs, but gathering around themselves a human shield first. No horror in the media increases the anger, 'don't they care about anybody but white people?' they ask, and sadly their experience is no, they don't.

Until this country stops acting like a big bully in the world - with a multi-racial and ethnic population with connections and sympathy with people in other lands - there will always be trouble. Until our troops are withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan and kept at home training for if they might be needed in a UN-sanctioned action to, incidents like this are still inevitable. Everyone seems to have been waiting for it to happen. That it has now happened shouldn't be taken as a reason to think it won't happen again. Any time, any place.

At last multiculturalism is being questioned and challenged as a failed politically correct dogma which has given rise to the situation we have now; ethnic enclaves and a separation of cultures much like bantustans, except there is more animosity between them and the host or native culture. It's now white and black against Asians. It could blow up any time. And it's all skirmishes and battles in the third world war, which started with the first Americans invasion of Iraq over Kuwait which had historically been part of Iraq until it was parceled off by the west into the hands of a puppet dynasty. Where it will end is unknowable.

July 11 2005

How about this for coincidence?

A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running a drill exercise for an unnamed company which revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as was happening in real life on July 7th, BBC Radio 5 has revealed.

In a BBC Radio 5 interview which was aired on that very evening, July 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, a firm which labels itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, also known as a PR firm.

Visor's managing director told the radio show's host that at the exact same time as the London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise drill in which the London Underground was being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life.

The transcript is as follows.

POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.

HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?

POWER: Precisely, and it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.

According to Power the drill focused around 'simultaneous bombings'. At first the bombings were thought to have been spread over an hour, but that was later confirmed by police as being wrong and that in fact the bombings were only seconds apart, therefore simultaneous. MORE I've listened to the transcripts and the above is accurate. I also passed it on to my MP. Questions in the house?

July 10 2005

A good time to bury democracy

I've just listened to a government mouth, John Hutton, Home Office Minister, come up with some chilling statements about how 'we' need to defend our 'way of life' and 'democracy'. It entails not only ID cards which they were already planning, but also all telephone calls and emails to be kept for three years for government monitoring, and that's just the start. Repeating key phrases such as 'these criminals' and 'threats to our way of life' over and over, this nameless creep let us know just how much our way of life was under threat, particularly the human rights aspects of it.

While avoiding discussion on their failure to detect an obvious security threat, they plan to put in place procedures which will do nothing to prevent its repetition but will take away the privacy of all citizens. I've noticed how the reason for the bombings has been repeatedly stated to be because 'they' hate our freedom and want to destroy democracy, even LibDem Charles Kennedy, long an opponent of the war is saying he doesn't think it has anything to do with Iraq, so what's going on? Most of the public know it's about Iraq, and all have been expecting it sooner or later, but now the 'message' we are being fed by a compliant if not complicit media is reminiscent of mass brainwashing very similar to that outlined by Orwell in 1984. How long before it's a given that it was nothing to do with Iraq, and no opposite view is seriously considered. George Galloway has already voiced the same view as the people, so presumably they'll have to keep him off air as I can't see him changing his mind like the LibDem's fatboy leader.

All the bodies haven't been identified yet and the blood's not cleaned away, yet this gang of criminals and liars responsible for this atrocity and laughingly called the UK Government are already hard at it manipulating and deceiving to suit their own ends. Makes one wonder if the 'failure' of security was ever so slightly deliberate. They did, after all, downscale the security threat a month ago. It certainly suits their purposes as there will now be no trouble getting all this authoritarian legislation through the commons; to vote against it will be labeled unpatriotic, siding with the bombers. Jingoism and daft speeches are proliferating, pompous prats like Howard and his cerebrally challenged suits are posturing to maintain their patriotism index and I sense the media drawing back from asking searching questions. The BBC is now a craven government servant, run by stooges who will not allow anything off message and have clearly made an impression on most of the commentators who now regularly repeat government phrases, minimize demonstration numbers and seem almost to be trying too hard not to upset someone in Whitehall. It's feeling positively Stalinist.

Galloway should take extra care. Accidents can happen.

July 10 2005

Look at the Earth

I've discovered a marvelous site here called google earth where, after downloading a program and installing it [all automatic] you can, starting from a satellite view of planet Earth, choose an area and zoom in on it. You can search on countries, towns and various locations such as hotels, churches etc. it will find the spot and highlight it. Once close up, you can see places and buildings in three dimensions and drag the image. Pretty clever stuff, and, although it's not in real time like the Nasa program, it's relatively small at a few megabytes whereas the Nasa one is 180 and unless you have a fast broadband there's no hope unless you have a lot of things to keep you busy while waiting. The more awareness of our planet and our place on it can only help.

July 9 2005

Bombarded with cliches

Now the traditional since Diana drive to lay piles of flowers, flown from Africa and South America with resultant heavy environmental cost, anywhere that people died has taken over, and people will be streaming in to add theirs as some way of coping and feeling part of a national mourning. The media is already getting its shots and by adding the images to the public consciousness will contribute to the building of a 'shared experience' which is supposedly designed to show that 'Britons never will be defeated' as we dive into the jingoistic mode which could herald the hunting down of muslims. The Sun has already called for all Muslims to be interned, and with most of its readership not understanding big words, this is likely to result in all kinds of people being picked on by the scrotes who are ever looking for a victim to make them feel more powerful. But such is the nature of our multiracial society that victims, rescuers, relatives and bystanders are a pretty mixed bunch ethnically, and there is likely to have been a larger toll of Muslims, considering the area it happened in, than most other groups.

It occurred to me that the government statements of we won't change because of this are likely to cause further attacks rather than diminish them, a finger up to 'terrorists' is like saying 'go on, do it again, I dare you' but as it's never these people who are ever in the remotest danger, they feel free to act in this way out of bravado, thinking they appear firm and resolute in the process. Islamofascists will interpret it as saying 'we will continue to kill Iraqis while making a fuss of our own dead' and may well rise to the challenge. America, which has escaped very lightly since the outset of this current 'war on terror' is overdue for a big one, and apparently this is the view of the security service there which is tightening up in many ways. All terrorists are situationists these days, they know they can't 'win' whatever that would be judged by, but they know they can inflict a lot more damage than these 50plus deaths. The tourist industry, vital for London and the country, will be the most obvious first victim.

As if to underline the point that whatever we do, nature is far more powerful, Dennis is raging through the Caribbean, having killed 28 in Haiti and 10 in Cuba with much devastation. A wall of water so powerful that it tossed massive concrete walls before it like driftwood. With 145mph winds it's now heading for the US with Florida still not recovered from last season's damage. As ten hurricanes are forecast this season, they are likely to be following each other in pretty quick succession. The Florida Keys, the least viable bit of real estate in the world, will one day have to be evacuated for the last time and left to the sea.

July 9 2005

The shit returns to London

So Blair is back in London with his face set in a practiced look of sympathy and understanding, meeting emergency workers like he's royalty. He's got a nerve, being the instigator and enabler of this act of indecency, showing his face in public. It seems everyone in the street knew it was coming and knew why. All those 'ordinary folk' who are patronized so often by the media and politicians seem to be able to put it together that this is a direct result of the illegal invasion of Iraq where Islamic militancy is breeding uncontrolled and spreading round the world. The government line, no doubt decided on in a hurried meeting between the top liars, is that 'these people' hate democracy and are attacking us because they want to destroy our freedom. You can tell the 100% psychopaths among them from the borderline psychopaths by the fact that the psychopaths don't blink while coming out with this self-evidently ludicrous claim, which even the toady BBC [emasculated by the recent attack on its freedom by the British Junta] finds it difficult to take this as anything but bollox, but try their best anyway to prop up the government 'in this time of need' and attack George Galloway. Fearless George has been criticized for 'using the deaths of innocent people for political advantage'. Living in their media bubble, they clearly have no idea what ordinary people think, and George is right, no one doubts that this is in retaliation for Iraq, and unless they're satisfied with a small bit of toenail for an eye rather than an eye for an eye, we're in for a lot more yet. Thousands died in Falluja, and under a hundred in London, but whereas no media were allowed into Falluja to witness the butchery or its aftermath, they're crawling obscenely over the London bodies in their eagerness to get every single detail. Relatives and friends of the 'missing' desperately walk the streets and hold up pictures to TV cameras, unwilling to admit that their loved one is among the bodies still known to be in tunnels deep underground.

The weasel words dripping from Blairs poisoned mouth 'we will never let these people defeat us' as he copes with a situation he thought he'd avoided as he set out to polish off his image as the 'caring for the poor and the planet prime minister', rather than the Butcher of Baghdad. He's willing to sacrifice yet more innocent lives for his political career, as many as it takes as long as they aren't his relatives or friends. So he puts on the macho posture [difficult when you're Bush's fem rent boy] and makes declarations which if anything are calculated to inspire the bombers and any would-be bombers to have another go. 'Come on if you think you're hard enough' he seems to be saying, in the firm knowledge he will be so well protected in his bomb proof limo and closely guarded residences that only a fully armed cockroach could hope to get close enough. I shall start training ninja cockroaches immediately. Someone has to take this creep out.

Because of Blair's craven sucking up to the Monkey Idiot, people [many of them doubtless anti-war as were almost all Londoners] have had limbs blown off, clothes and skin blown off, been permanently blinded and deafened, and at the very least traumatized for the rest of their lives. After the shock the anger will start to build and it will be a tricky time for Blair as even the slow realize who is really responsible for this outrage. As tourists hurry home and don't come back, the economic consequences will start to bite. Americans particularly are the first to stay away from anywhere dangerous, despite the fact that their country is the most dangerous in the world. Even without Islamic terrorists trying to get in and kill some, home grown terrorists are everywhere and every other person is most likely armed and potentially lethal if pissed off, to say nothing of the lardarses who could kill you just by rolling on top of you.

All in all a strange week. It started with G8 and the Gobshite Geldof monopolizing the media with his simplistic sound bite mentality, turned into euphoria mid-week with the body beautiful obsessives 'winning' the placement of the Olympics with a cooler presentation that the French [it's all to do with presentation of a virtual promise these days, bugger reality] and ended with depression and despair, body parts splattered about the streets, blood on the walls and buses turned inside out. Some weeks nothing happens. This has not been one of them. If I were a believer in the one god who keeps an eye on his creation, then I'd probably be praying now for those whose lives were so cruelly wiped out in an instant and for those still suffering in hospital beds and their relatives who search in hope and desperation. But praying is just hope expressed as if to another, more powerful force, and I just hope that Blair and his gang of lying hypocrites get their just deserts, sooner rather than later. A debate between George and Slimey Tony would be a joy to watch, but Blair knows how dangerous he is and wouldn't make the same mistake as the slack-jawed republican arseholes who took him on and got a good kicking in front of the nation for their stupidity. Slimey Phoney doesn't even go into the Commons when Galloway is in London, he knows when he's outclassed.

I suspect that the Respect party will be gaining a lot of support as this all sinks in and even the slow start to put two and two together and come up with Blair caused this.

July 7 2005

Oh no, London got bombed

Well it had to come. Timing it with G8 was fairly obvious, yet within the last month the terror alert for London was downgraded. So more innocents die to add to the deaths of Iraqis and Afghanis to serve Bush and Blair and their grandiose idiot plans. Blair is full of shit, just speaking to the media, and what a load of sickening complacent gibberish.

Truly awful as it is, especially for any injured or involved, it's nothing like Falluja, or Baghdad. Still the idiots say they'll win the war on terror. They can't win, they say, always when others have died, it's never their sacrifice.

Since reports early this morning before the bomb reports came in said police had sealed off the G8 protesters' eco-camp, since this happened nothing about it. They could all still be there, or interned somewhere. As I don't know anyone up there, I have no means of finding out. Having few friends in London there wasn't too much to worry about personally, although one relative who works in Canary Wharf had gone through Aldgate station half an hour before the bomb. Good that he likes to make an early start.

July 6 2005

Oh no, London got the Olympics

Of course the air-heads are ecstatic and doubtless jumping up and down and waving their body parts like stupids always do in such circumstances, but the decision of the IOC to give the 2012 Olympics to London is bad news for Londoners and everyone else in the UK as we are all going to have to pay for it. It's one thing to create impressive graphics [and easy these days] of huge areas becoming green and stadiums appearing, but the reality is massive disruption to the lives of Londoners for years and a bill which could have made a significant difference to the health service or education. And all for three weeks of sports for the competitive body obsessives who are the sports lobby. The organizers are 'shocked' at the immensity of the task they've taken on, presumably lacking the imagination to realize beforehand what it really meant. The environment will as always come last in their considerations, and doubtless many trees and other plants will be grubbed up in the earth moving mania which will be set in motion any day now.

An interesting site for anyone who wants to look at our world is GoogleEarth where, after downloading and installing an exe file, you can fly round the planet and zoom in on anywhere you like [apart from restricted government sites of course!]. It is also a route finder, and you can input where you want to set out from and where you want to go, and it traces the route. It's not exactly real time like the Nasa one is supposed to be, but all based on recent satellite imagery so fairly current. Unfortunately, the Nasa program takes up 2Gb of disc space or one could use it to watch the G8 demos or the many forest fires burning around the planet.

Anyone in the US who wants to sample pure organic chocolate could do worse than go here and order a sample from the Chocolate Goddess. It looks so incredibly yummy I wish it were possible to ship to the UK, but, unlike non organic chocolate, it lacks all the artificial ingredients which make that into solid bars, and is a bit soft. Keeping in the fridge or freezer is recommended, and it's unlikely to be something you leave around too long.

July 5 2005

Anarchists and other uncontrollables

And now, after the compliant, obedient middle class marchers have done their symbolic white band round Edinburgh and gone home to their obedient lives, the real demonstrations begin and the riot police, drawn from all over the UK, begin their anti-democratic fascist tactics to minimize the anti G8 protest for their masters; using tactics perfected against Stop The City demonstrators, and without any provocation from people who had planned a carnival type demo in Edinburgh, the police blocked roads and trapped demonstrators in side streets for hours, using vehicles and riot police, which eventually resulted in some of them getting pissed off enough to take the pigs on, which was doubtless the intention so they could all be branded troublemakers and the ignorant British public wouldn't think twice about it when the police went in heavy and hurt people. Of course, the establishment's gobshite, Geldof, has condemned the demonstrators, since he now considers himself the voice that must be heard with the connivance of the media, and is never reticent to shoot his mouth off in total ignorance of the issues or even facts. Well, it's worked before and given him a very good income, considering his one-hit wonder, sad musical career went nowhere and ended thirty years ago.

This is the guy who at the last G8 was pictured in a photo opportunity hugging Yeltsin, at that time murdering thousands of Chechnians, who Geldof would doubtless label irrelevant and not part of the issue. What a pillar of the English establishment he's turned out to be, and Irish to boot, which to many Irish people is tantamount to treason. Of course the air heads love him and he's well on his way to secular sainthood in the media. What could anyone expect from someone who thought it a good idea to marry a third league rock slag like Paula Yates and for her to have his children. Certainly has no taste in women. But he knows who pays the bills, and his devotion to the state and the current bunch of crooks running it is vomit inducing to watch. He actually thinks he's a world stateman, capable of influencing world events just because he suggested a pop concert which thousands of subserviant, scurrying underlings immediately organised.

Geldof is worse than just part of the problem. Purporting to be part of the solution, he undermines the opposition to the vile creatures who cause starvation in Africa and degradation across the planet. A slimey celebrity ligger with more mouth than brain, he is actively working against the opposition to globalisation and must be treated as the enemy by anyone who cares for the planet and the unfortunates who are already suffering. From his comfortable lifestyle, he pontificates like he knew what he was talking about, and is lapped up by the tabloids who barely have a brain cell to share between them. He calls the young anarchists 'idiots' and says they're 'irrelevant to his campaign against poverty' what a deluded, self-important prick.

July 3 2005

Play it again Bob

I've come to the conclusion that Geldof has been used, and with him the ego known as Bono, and they are now Blair's cheerleaders, softening up the world for the great man to triumph at the G8 and go down in history as 'the world leader who abolished poverty'. They get out there on stage and shake their booties, wave their pompoms and pout their pudenda like pros, and the media are [mostly] so impressed with the show that they seem to think poverty has been abolished overnight. So that's sorted then. If that's all it takes, then once Saint Bob and Lord Bono of Youtoo hear about global warming, it'll only take a global series of concerts to solve that little problem too. I wonder who will tell the glaciers they have to stop melting.

Madonna, who knows all there is to know about poverty and the lives of the poor from her estate in the rolling home counties of Britain, did her usual act, which is becoming a trifle tired now she's middle aged and raddled [I was relieved she didn't perform 'Like a virgin', that would have been totally beyong the pale], and then she leads on a twenty something Ethiopean woman, who must, even the innumerate in the audience could have worked out, have been a child when Saint Bob had his first revelation twenty years ago, and we were led to believe she was one of those Saint Bob had saved from starvation; cue huge cheers from audience. As she was extremely beautiful and clearly high-born, I doubt she was one of the emaciated children we were entertained with way back then, she was more likely to have been living in a large mansion in the rich part of Addis Ababa with servants and a tutor. I might have got it wrong [I wasn't paying much attention] so she could have been there to provide rejuvenating blood transfusions for the collection of wrinklies who still thought they were young rock stars. She appeared to be the only African there, the African musicians having been sent to their ghetto down in the Eden Centre in Cornwall, which was undoubtedly the best music on offer all day.

Quote of the event has to be from the motormouth himself. Explaining the problem in simplistic terms to a reporter, he said, 'the G8 leaders had better take notice', or what? Gonna organise more concerts in another twenty years Bob? That'll scare 'em. Hair that unkempt isn't natural. I think he must have a stylist who keeps it the same length and artfully mussed on a daily basis. If he was that uncaring about his hair it would have become dreads years ago, that degree of tousle has to be carefully managed. All part of the image that endears him to so many air heads.

The recording industry which provides Bob and his friends with their lifestyle is at the same time as this appeal to help the poor, prosecuting selected individuals, often children, for downloading files. Thus hoping to ensure a continued supply of ready money for themselves and their stars for the foreseeable future. Claiming that file sharing without giving them a hefty payment is theft and they have right on their side. Yeah, make poverty history, but before that you have to make capitalism history because it depends on and feeds off the poor.

July 2 2005

The infantilised media

I'm trying to figure out why the media has become so childish and inept, and all I can come up with is that the generation which is now running TV, putting it together, and likely to be between 30 and 40, was brought up mostly in large cities and was damaged by the lead in petrol. People used to refer to dumbing down, but it's way past that stage now. Even ads seem to be aimed at 8 year olds, and most programmes are unwatchable if you're an adult. With more than twelve channels, there's often nothing worth watching. Of course the stupids were always catered for, but now they're running things. An idea, however bad, with a raucous, cheering audience of 20 somethings, becomes the not to be missed event, gets mentioned on the news and is copied ad nauseum with ever more crass dumbed down versions which consist of a bunch of no-brains spending time in a house with camera covering every inch, where they misbehave, or try to, often just lying about bored.

There are still shining examples of outstanding talent, there always will be, but the proliferation of channels just means it's spread more thinly now, and the padding is ever more dire and getting worse. It can't long long before we have snuff TV, perhaps even borrowing from the movies with human hunting shows.

While there were always dumb programmes, you could usually count on news and current affairs to be intelligent, literate and not prone to fashion, but now it's next to impossible to find an intelligent current affairs programme that isn't about baiting politicians and well rehearsed party lines. A stultified political fencing where moves are admired for their finesse, and truth has nothing to do with it. News 24 promised to be capable of delivering more in depth coverage of more world events, and even more in depth delving into the stories behind the stories. Instead, unless there's a war on, it's fifteen minute recycling of the same five major stories all the other channels seem to have agreed are the important ones we should be told about. Handy for tsunamis, but useless all the rest of the time. Topics are dealt with superficially at best, and one often has to 'read between the lines' to understand what's really going on. The environment receives the same treatment as all the rest.

The relationship between press and government has seen profound changes. From being a bridge of examination between government and governed, they have become part of the show. Each plays their part within the rules of the game, and share the same lifestyle off camera. It's all old pals from university days, and both betray their calling.

July 1 2005

Make stupidity history

So while Saint Bob and his moneyed, indolent, selfish pop friends are displaying their egos to the world, none of them will give a thought to the contribution they are making to the environmental catastrophe which will make Africa history long before poverty. Each of the eight concerts has a convoy of huge trucks delivering the stage materials to the site [and removing them afterwards]. The audience will doubtless mostly travel by car, often hundreds of miles, and the self-obsessed 'stars' will vie with each other in their methods of transport to the site to strut their stuff; aircraft, helicopters, limos. You can be pretty sure none will arrive by bike. The TV companies televising the events for the rest of us to get excited over will also arrive with several truckfulls of equipment. Overall, there will be thousands of tons of carbon dioxide put into the atmosphere just to stage this monument to stupidity, which should go down in history as the most egregious waste of time and money purporting to be in aid of the poor ever staged. It will have zero effect on poverty either in Africa or any other continent. Africa will continue to be cursed with fat psychopaths creaming aid into Swiss bank accounts so their multiple wives can go shopping whenever they choose, and so they will have a rich bolt-hole villa somewhere safe for when [if] the population they have been stealing from gets angry enough to want to cut them into little bits [Mugabe will probably end up as neighbour to Idi Amin, still alive and fat and living in oppulence in Saudi Arabia]. The poor will continue to work for slave wages when they can get work, and will continue to procreate at alarming levels with the resulting babies increasingly born with AIDS. As most aid is tied to buying goods from donor countries, it will benefit capitalists in the west far more than third world poor people, and guns will continue to be the biggest seller.

Latest shots of the execrable Geldof are of him laying his stupid head on Blair's shoulder as the arch-liar grins inanely. Some stupid newspaper has captioned it 'the most influential man on the planet ... with prime minister Blair' which perfectly illustrates how stupidity is now the new intelligence, black the new white and arseholes the only word left to describe them. This much publicized wankfest is just what we needed, as scientists all over the world, now scared shitless at what they've discovered, are trying desperately to get someone, anyone, to listen and do something about climate change. But politicians aren't listening, it's not one of the limited things they do, and at the G8 they'll barely manage to agree on a vacuous joint statement on climate change with no action required of the rich piggies at the trough. That we should all perish because of the inadequacies of these lame-brained suits is what really pisses me off, that the good will be lost along with the revolting, that innocents will suffer and die as well as the evil bastards. That countries as progessive as Holland and as backward as Bangladesh will go under the sea, together with all the Babylons across the planet like London, New York, Tokyo and Beijing. And there are still, unbelievably, people still fantasising about terraforming Mars and going to the stars, of getting free, safe energy from nuclear fusion, of making poverty history - first capitalism would have to be made history, and I see no sign of that.

I'll continue to plant trees, but it will be for a future forest and for the wolves who will inherit this planet once we have departed.

LONDON - Thousands of marine species are at risk from global warming because of acidification of the world's oceans, scientists said on Thursday.

Britain's Royal Society said in a report that the seas were currently absorbing one tonne of carbon dioxide -- the prime greenhouse gas -- per person per year and were simply running out of capacity to absorb it.
It called on next week's summit of the Group of Eight industrialised nations to take action.

"Our world leaders meeting at next week's G8 summit must commit to taking decisive and significant action to cut carbon dioxide emissions," said the society's oceanic expert John Raven.

"Failure to do so may mean that there is no place in the oceans of the future for many species and ecosystems that we know today," he added.

The Royal Society said the carbon sink-holes of the oceans were being overtaxed by the rising output of carbon dioxide from power stations burning fossil fuels, raising their acidity and with it the threat to life. more...



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