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Fool on the Hill is a ranting anarchist blog which attacks the lies and dissembling of all kinds and exposes the environmental destruction that threatens life on Earth


July 31 2006

These kids might have grown up to join Hizbullah

'They're doing a useful job'

G. Bush about the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

The two dead children shown are two of the many who were buried under an apartment building in Qana where they were sheltering. The nazi state accepts no criticism and is breeding terrorists at an alarming rate as it trashes Lebanon with US bombs and UK backing - their attack helicopters are equipped with much UK technology, perhaps why Blair is so reticent to deviate from the American line. He appears to care deeply about the UK arms industry despite it employing few people. He's off to receive his latest orders from Murdoch today, scuttled off to The Boss just to check personally if he's done good, rather than read it in one of Murdoch's low-grade rags. I'm sure they'll have lots of other things to talk about.


July 25 2006

Israel offensive

There's not much can be said about Israel, which most of the world finds deeply offensive, but with the backing of the big bully US, they will continue to act with impunity, denying that they are targeting civilians while killing them indiscriminately. So either they are inept and uncaring with their distribution of high explosives in another country, or they are deliberately killing innocents, including 43% children, as a lesson to Lebanese politicians to force them to deal with Hizbullah. Israel is responsible for the creation of Hizbullah in the first place by their Nazi attitude to all non Jews, and this present genocide will create thousands more so called terrorists, or resistance fighters, willing to take them on in the future. Lebanon is the least Islamic fundamentalist country in the region, but being bombed backwards twenty years will only cause a rise in fundamentalism, thus justifying the extreme right wing Zionist attitude that everyone hates them. Anyone critical of Israel's actions is named anti-semitic by a people unwilling to look at themselves and accept they have become the new Nazis, while still trading on the Holocaust as if that justifies their behaviour. The hypocrisy is breathtaking, as the black bitch Rice mouths a desire for peace while speeding up the delivery of more American smart bombs to kill Lebanese children [and grinning her nasty grin inapropriately as children scream in agony in Lebanese hospitals]. While Hizbullah may not be very nice people, they are prepared to fight man to man, but Israel seems strangely reticent, probably because Hizbullah drove their superior-equipped army out of Lebanon in 2000. Now all either side does is throw high explosives at the other, knowing civilians, and particularly children, will be killed. And British Jews march in London supporting, in their usual racist way, the Jewish state, always right in their eyes, always justified, ever the victim, self pitying Jews.

As many commentators have pointed out, this is like two British soldiers being captured by the IRA at the height of 'the troubles' resulting in the whole of Ireland being pulverised from the air by the RAF. Even the US would have had something to say about that. But in this case they just encourage Israel to get on with the killing.

“It's a very simple matter -- no one in the last three decades has achieved any political power without Jewish approval. Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man..."
Harold Wallace Rosenthal, personal assistant to Senator Jacob Javits.

"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that… I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it."
Ariel Sharon to Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, October 3, 2001.

July 13 2006

Saying Hi to old friends

In the 1980s we were running a mobile project which visited outdoor festivals with a video show on environmental issues in a marquee, travelling round the country in a converted bus. At a green festival in the high peaks of Derbyshire, we met a young Aboriginal guy called Rikki Shields, who was on a global walkabout, and who had a video he had made, a cry for his people and the crimes committed against them by the British settlers in Australia and the British State. It was a beautiful if sad video and he gave us a copy which we played at every event we went to until the end of the eightees when the Fascist Thatcher made it impossible for festivals to happen, except for the hugely money-making but non-alternative Glastonbury. The video always got an appreciative reception, and gave everyone food for thought.

I was thinking about him recently as I'm proofreading a book on Australia and theatre space and the land which talks about the Aboriginal lives lost and the settlers dislocation with the land they stole, and idly googled his name, and there he was - http://www.singernet.co.uk/mantrika/warrior.htm among several other hits to articles about him and his poetry [which is well worth reading]. It would be nice to have his video 'A Journey of the Spirit' playing on the site as well. It was awarded the Golden Knight award in the Malta International Film and Video Festival, nominated for the BFI's Grierson Award, and the Margeret Mead Anthropoloy Award USA and shown at various international festivals, including the NFT and the ICA's Aboriginal film season.The film is in the archives of the British Film Council, and in Denmark it's shown in schools. He is still campaigning for the return of Aboriginal human remains from British museums to traditional burial sites in Australia and highlighting the bodysnatching by medical research institutions of Aboriginal skeletons and artefacts. The hypocrisy and self-deception continues to this day.

Google is now a verb; I googled, why don't you google, we all google, and an illustration of how one can explore the past and people, connect up again, and say hi so easily with the power of the net.

July 12 2006

Harvesting nature

Mr Levy [or Lord Levy as some refer to him since his best buddy Tony gave him a gong] who is, extraordinarily, Blair's personal envoy to the Middle East and a Jew, and who has been sorting out knighthoods for other business suits willing to dish up some cash, preferably called a loan, has been arrested by the police investigating the honours for cash scandal threatening to erupt for months now. This is closer than Blair has ever got to real trouble, Levy is a close friend, tennis partner and confidante, and there's no way Blair would not know what he was up to [on his behalf], the idea is simply preposterous. This is an important test for the British state, whether the police are totally independent of government or not. The nation awaits the outcome.

Yesterday, the long grass and other plants in the meadows were four foot high, this morning when the dogs and I arrived for our customary walk, it was all mown to a couple of inches, no longer masking the contours of the land which now was exposed in all its undulating splendour. A smell of warm hops from all the mown plants scented the morning air. The dogs were gobsmacked and stopped and stared for a minute at the removal of the environment which, way above their heads, offered an enticing mystery of paths through jungle. As dogs do, they quickly accepted it and went exploring, which meant running rapidly up and down hills previously innacessible as they were covered in banks of nettles. Then running along paths they had no need to any more.

The farmer decided it was ripe for harvesting as winter animal feed, and after a few days drying in the sun will be gathered and baled to be carted back to a barn and stored for later in the year. It had appeared that with the absence this year of cattle grazing it down, and leaving delicious cowshit pats for the dogs to smear on themselves, it was going 'to waste' as some call it, left to nature, which to my mind is never waste. But it has been turned into a crop, and I wonder, with the absence of the cow pats returning some nutrients to the soil, how long it can sustain being harvested. Dead vegetation is nature's way of returning nutrients to the soil and even building it up, but in these meadows there is already only a very thin layer of soil on solid rock, through which the river carves ever deeper over centuries. In places, even grass has difficulty surviving. But the demands of farming profit dictate that every last bit is taken whenever possible, and nothing returned. That's capitalism for you, money and yet more money, it's a disease Blair and Levy suffer from the most virulent form of.

July 8 2006


Just returned from a walk in the rain, thinking about rain and the way people are about it. Weather forcasters routinely express it as 'rain bad', 'sunshine good'. When I was a child, everyone but me vacated the outdoor swimming pool as soon as rain started as it sometimes did on summer days during the holidays, and stood wrapped in towels, huddled under the overhanging roof of the white Arte Deco pool buildings or hurried into the changing rooms to get dressed and stand with blue lips and spiked hair under the same roof looking depressed. I knew then that I was different. It seemed downright daft to get out of water because water was joining it from the sky, so I continued as before when the sun was shining.

Walking in the water meadows today, listening to the hissing of the rain in the riverside trees and feeling it bounce off my forehead and run down to lodge in my eyebrows, I simply enjoyed the whole sensation including the fresh smell of wet earth as every drop contributed to the replenishing. The fields will be greener tomorrow for it. Fresh shoots will come to nourish the horses, the youngest member of which came over to investigate me and the dogs as we passed, all overlarge knees and fuzzy hairstyle..

The grasses have all flowered and the dry weather has resulted in a rich bounty of golden seeds as well as plenty of fresh green growth. The birdsong in the evening is especially loud and banishes the sounds of humans until the church bell practice starts and echoes over the fields, adding a traditional, quintessentially British soundtrack to the scene.

July 5 2006

Mired in sleeze

Ten rings, two Jags, five bellies Prescott has been caught out again, this time schmoozing with a billionaire American who owns the Dome and wants to turn it into a mega casino to milk gullible Brits with problem gambling habits. Claiming they didn't discuss the subject of said rich bastard's application, but instead spent the weekend sharing their obsession with the abolition of slavery [?!], a donation to charity was made to allay suspicions that Big John was in any way buyable - as if - although which charity and how much remain to be found out by the select committee who will doubtless look into the whole sordid affair which he failed even to declare to parliament. I think this will be the final straw and the fat, ill-educated bully will be forced to resign, although it will be up to the gullible voters of his constituency to decide on his future. One thing's for sure, he must have a healthy pension pot by now.

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