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Fool on the Hill i a ranting anarchist blog which attacks the lies and dissembling of all kindsand exposes the environmental destruction that threatens life on Earth


June 20 2006

Lost the plot and Rupert bear can't help

This government is in meltdown, panicked out of their ever so tiny minds, they are swinging this way and that in a frantic attempt to regain popularity. As a result of paying too much attention to a scurrilous rag for the hard of thinking like the News of the World, they have elevated it with its right-wing, scrote agenda to a position where it is now calling the shots, currently to expose all paedophiles so vigilante groups of its readers can have simple innocent fun of an evening hounding them. I personally think they would be better locked up for life, but if they are to be allowed out into society, the way it is being managed, while not perfect, is hugely preferable to the News of the World's ill-thought-out idea which would just cause them to disappear with the result that no one knew where they were skulking.

Having got through three home secretaries in the space of a few months, the latest incumbent, yet another Scot of course, is trying to make an impression as a hard man; attacking judges for being too lenient, promising to throw the baying crowd a pathetic child molester now and then in the hope it will make him popular. And all to satisfy Rupert Murdock who owns the 'newspapers' which command the most influence. In fact ministers meet with the rich bastard frequently to get their latest instructions. It's called democracy and it's worth dying for as long as it's someone else doing the dying.

June 14 2006

How many police officers does it take to raid a small house?

Well, it seems it takes 250, give or take a few but none of them are equipped to change a lightbulb. Extraordinary really, what did they think they would find that this number were needed? If the house had been stuffed with chemical or biological weapons, that would have been a lot of police officers wiped out in one go. It would be overkill to raid a street with that number. Whatever happened to surveillance? Normally one would expect a tip off, however trusted, to result in a couple of days of close surveillance, phone taps and the like. But, despite the Met having reservations about the 'intelligence' supplied by MI5, they went bundling in mob handed, managed to shoot someone in the confusion, and traumatised two families in the process. And all because two young guys decided to grow their beards and shave their hair off. I suppose the police felt they were on to a sure thing, since these two looked so Muslim after Jean Charles DeMenezes. The problem seems to be a lack of reliable intelligence, which has always been the problem with the police, just can't attract people with a brain, just racist yobs looking for a bit of power. Of course it goes without saying that the brothers were abused, kicked, punched and sworn at, even while lying shot on the stairs, and the story of the shot one being dragged downstairs by his feet sounds about right to anyone with knowledge of how these thugs behave. And still the lying, snide little pig Blair clings to his job with the Prime Liar's full backing as if that counted for a whole lot these days.

It seems that whatever they do, the police just have to get it wrong every time. And everyone now knows just how to go about winding them up and causing grief to someone in the process. I foresee a few grudges resulting in more over-the-top raids in which nothing will be found. And they are bound to miss any actual bomb plots and will react as they did in the last one, rush around sealing off streets, tooled up to the hilt with enough firepower to declare war on a small nation, but with no one to point it at. But they do it for us, so that's allright then.

The law lords have allowed an appeal by Saudi Arabia against a 2004 Court of Appeal decision for four men to be able to sue for damages after being tortured by Saudi state officials. The four had been jailed after being accused of taking part in a bombing campaign in Saudi Arabia six years ago which the Saudis claimed was an alcohol turf war! That was until an al-Qaeda attack in May 2003 by nine suicide bombers in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia was supported by the British government of course. They know who their friends are. Interesting how the law lords towed the government line this time when they are often at loggerheads with them. Another victory for oil.


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