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MARCH 2004

Wednesday 31 March 2004 - breast is best

Of all the things that could upset Americans about their society, they pick on Janet Jackson's breast exposure moment on TV, lasting 2 seconds, to express their disgust. Apparently it's obsessing America like nothing else, and TV companies are now being forced to operate a delay on live broadcasts so that anything 'untoward' can be edited out before it offends the sensitive American psyche. I personally find burning children with napalm pretty disgusting, but not many Americans agree. They cheered at bombs dropped on Baghdad suburbs but an exposed breast is just too much for them to take. Extraordinary society. They are so divorced from the real world, the world of nature where mothers feed their young and breasts aren't hidden, that apparently American children must not see a naked breast under any circumstances in case they are corrupted. Their film industry is based on the exploitation of female bodies, and breasts figure prominently, so to speak, so breasts do have a role in American society along with extreme violence and wholesale butchery as forms of entertainment. It must be the fundamentalist-christian, nature-hating, nature trashing, animal abusing, people-abusing nature of this sick society that seems determined to spread its particular brand of white-man's sickness to the rest of the world. A majority of American mothers bottle feed, prefering it to the natural way to avoid 'losing their figure' such is their self-obsession and disconnection with their animal nature. Part of the denial that we are mammals. Nestlé is right in there with their product, causing baby deaths in poor countries because they aggresively promote milk formula as the 'modern' way, thus exposing babies to the danger from unsafe water supplies. Now an American company has created a genetically engineered goat with a human gene whose milk is better for human young as it contains anti-bodies, just like mother's milk!

In the UK, although sex-exploitation is also part of the equation, mothers feed their babies in public without an outcry, and nudity is becoming quite common even outside of 'naturist' beeches. So far, deranged muslim views on women have made no inroads on the Brit attitude. As most babies' first experience of pleasure is at the breast, I'm interested to know at what age American children become vulnerable to the 'disgusting pollution' that Janet exhibited. Her brother rubbing his crotch never got this reaction so it's probably yet another anti-female thing. With the number of spam mails I get advertising penis enlargement, viagra and degrees without studying I get the picture the average American male has a small penis, can't get an erection without chemical assistance and is so thick he has to buy a degree. Sounds about right.

From the numbers of virus carrying spam mails I'm getting to the address given here I must assume I'm pissing some yanks off, which is always encouraging. None of them work of course as only a stupid yank would click on an attachment called readthis. pif or your_document.pif.scr, they all go in the bin along with the rest of the rubbish.

Saturday 26 March 2004 - the rise of fundamentalism

Interesting how the google adsense bots have identified Mel and come up with lots of appropriate links, paid for, which further fuels the engine of fundamentalism, creates interest and excitement, draws the crowds. It's unlikely that a sado-masochistic celebration of the Jesus myth will stir anything in the minds of those who have not fallen for it already, except for the simple-minded, but it will boost the fundamentalists' fervour and could even give rise to the appearance of christian fighters to counter the muslim fighters. With muslim extremism on the rise, perhaps there's a natural drift in the rival consciousness towards an opposing view, a slide back to the intensity of the middle ages as if the enlightenment didn't happen.

All a bit daft as Jesus didn't die on the cross but was spirited away by his supporters and travelled to Kashmir where he preached and lived for many years until dying at a ripe old age, a father and grandfather. His descendants to this day care for his tomb which can be seen in Shrinagar. Another place he visited long before he came to prominance in Palestine was Afghanistan, where he preached to the Afghans [originally one of the lost tribes of Israel, so more entitled to live in modern Israel than many of the Jews who have moved there but whose ancestors were converts to Judaism in the east and had never been to the Palestine]. The Afghans revered him as a teacher as did the Buddhists in India which he also visited in his early years. All this and more is available for reading in a book I have called 'Jesus Died in Kashmir: Jesus, Moses and the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel' by Andreas Faber-Kaiser, well researched and with pictures, now out of print but available on Amazon. There are also many websites dealing with this and other stories of his travels for those with an open mind, try http://www.tombofjesus.com/index.htm for a start and follow the links.

Then there's the case of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which have been carbon dated to several decades before JC, but which contain archetypes of all the stories in the New Testament purporting to be about Jesus, revealing that it was a cobbled together affair as much as Blair's dodgy dossiers on Iraq. A deliberate fictional creation after the fact to build the apparently executed, but secretly disappeared, leader of one of the many crazy apocalyptic groups the Roman empire was trying to quell around that time. Psychedelic mushrooms and other desert pharmaceuticals were being regularly imbibed by these groups who occasionally visited the towns as holy fools, ranting and forecasting armageddon and doubtless accepting alms as all holy fools do [I have a PayPal account]. Given the ignorance and superstition that was the norm then, it would have been relatively easy to gather together some tales about a forecasted messiah and connect them with someone who had escaped the Roman heavy squad and done a runner. If you think of Jesus as a Che or Ossama of his day, ever political, ever a thorn in the side of the authoritarian empire, it's easy to see how those left behind, keeping their heads down at first, continued with the crucifiction story and the resurrection [where drugs mimicked in those doctor-less and autopsy-less days all the signs of death [or the guards were bribed to turn a blind eye, or drugged and 'couldn't remember anything', or even just spooked by the weird, hairy druggies].

For anyone in the 21st century to swallow this collection of stories literally beggars belief. After all the bloodshed and brutality that this religion and others have caused over millenia of human 'development', to return now to a celebration of the [fictional]] brutal act which founded it is to step back into a superstitious past. Perhaps at the end of history this is all that is left for homo sapiens to do; to repudiate our slow, so slow, climb to rationality and wallow in ignorance and religious war.

I guess this means Mel is going to occupy the googles for a while yet, I'll have to change the subject to change the ads. Maybe the bots will pick up on druggies and link some cannabis sites, or maybe they're not advertising with google...yet.

Thursday 25 March 2004 - here and there, rather than here and now

I'm writing again. Which is why the blog has got a bit spasmodic, I need to put all this current shit out of my head [been reminded it can be depressing] and put my head in another space entirely, a world of fiction. I can feel the writing muscle flexing and getting stronger with use. Maybe this attempt I'll get past a few pages and really start to rip. Life has a habit of intervening, oh for a life of leisure with time to think. That's what really pisses me off about the rich; they've stolen our time yet do nothing with it for the most part but lie about, play, and sunbathe. The rest of us, deprived of time because we have to give so much of it in order to keep alive, would know better than the idle rich how to use time creatively. But there I go again, can't just accept what is, have to rile against the injustices, get wound up by the obscenities, get irate at the stupidity that continues in a crazy, fucked-up world that has so much beauty if only the apes would evolve.

By vetoing the security council resolution condemning the Israeli murder of Sheik Ammin, spiritual leader of Hamas, the US has shown once again that nothing Israel does will diminish its support, thus condemning them to more 9/11s. Such a flagrant act to inflame the Palestinians and create more suicide bombers to justify yet more Israeli domination, is born of the confidence they have the US on their side no matter what. Maybe the attacks will be spread all over the US and Europe, maybe a complete departure from everything Al Q'aida have done before. They are not stupid, they change tactics, they are capable of laying false trails and they are mobile, diffused throughout the world, invisible [when you're invisible, you got no secrets to reveal, Bob again] and waiting for the fuss to die down, for concentration to stray elsewhere, for the eye to be taken off the ball. No one can stay on high alert for ever. There's enough going on normally to keep the emergency services overstretched, the security services barely seem to know the time in Baghdad and what the hell has happened to Saddam? After the first dishevilled photo opportunity 'Saddam the Captive', we've heard nothing. Where is he, Guantanamo? Baghdad still? An aircraft carrier? A submarine? Or maybe being debriefed at the Pentagon prior to having plastic surgery and taking up a new life in in Miami. MY advice is to distrust any man with a moustache. He'll never give that up.

Well, that was my attempt to lighten up. Not very good I'll warrant, but I'm trying, there was at least one joke in there I'm sure.

Sunday 21 March 2004 - a tale of two rich men

Two rich men with two very different backgrounds. Mel Gibson and Osama Bin Laden, one a very rich filmaker of violent films, the other a very rich, former Saudi playboy. Mel makes a movie which on the strength of it appears to be a celebration of the sado-masochistic in Christianity, and it takes off across America with churches block buying cinema seats for their congregations to have group experiences of torture and blood letting, while Ossama rejects his former lifestyle and sets up camp in the desert with his followers and takes on the anti-christ US, inspiring millions of disaffected young muslims across the planet, and giving the US the enemy it needed [after the cold war came to an end] to justify a continuation of its enormous arms expenditure and interference with any state it didn't like the look of or which resists US capitalism. Of the two Ossama is more likely to become the icon that launched a new religion. Born out of Islam [which broadly accepts the possibility of other prophets] New Islam will be more than a match for liberal christianity post enlightenment, and here's where Mel steps in, a similarly rabid devotion to a creed is obviously what's needed to combat the rise of foreign fundamentalism, his film is designed to do just that. It might not be too long before christian suicide bombers emerge to torment Islamic societies in the same way Al Qaeda is frightening the capitalist west.

If, or when, Ossama is captured or killed, he's likely to inspire more retribution and the repercussions will be more widespread than what the Romans had to cope with. If they put him on trial, Bush will wish to wash his hands of the problem, but won't wish the details of the CIA's arming of Ossama to become too widely known. If the US executes him, it will bring down the wrath like never before and the third world war, started by Bush's daddy, will move into a hotter stage for the US and its friends. Everyone living in a city is now a combatant, a possible casualty of Blair's religious zealotry. As 9/11 and 3/11 have so far been used, maybe 6/11 will be the date of the next big media story. But where? My bet is London, or several, of which London will be one.

When the world should be concentrating on the vital issue of survival in a world teetering on the brink of environmental melt down, it is instead still stuck in the mire of ridiculous rival speculations on the revelatory truth of human existance. This, and the irredeemably boring banality of the time-wasting, mediocre culture, means that most of our species are ill equipped to cope with the events about to unfold, and will react in predictably inappropriate ways - driving away from their fear in long queues, rioting, killing, burning, looting, demanding someone does something, having hysteria, and of course overeating until the food runs out. If Ossama's still free then, he'll stand a better chance of survival than most in the west.

Sunday 14 March 2004 - the trouble with democracy

The right-wing Spanish 'Peoples Party' and its leader, the ludicrous Hitler impersonator Aznar [it sounds like a bad case of nasal congestion], are about to be thrashed into oblivion by the increasing evidence that it was indeed Al Qaeda which bombed the trains and, with the election now started and crowds in the streets last night protesting at the government lies, it would be a missed opportunity for the Spanish to do other that throw them out. The tape they've received makes it clear this outrage was payback for the outrage of supporting the criminal Bush, Aznar's craven puppy-dog support of the posturing Texan arsehole has come home to roost. That more people were dieing in Iraq every day from bombs dropping from the sky, puts into relief the public anguish of the Spanish. It always seems to hurt more, to be more significant, when citizens of the rich world are indiscriminately killed in this way, which is why Al Qaeda attack their enemy thus. In a democracy, the people can legitimately be held culpable for the government they elect, and so must bear some of the responsibility for its actions. Iraqis had no such choice, so if there is a sliding scale, they were more innocent than those killed in Madrid [excluding the children of both countries who are the totally innocent victims of the inability of adult humans to behave in any kind of a rational, moral or loving way].

Knee-jerk reactions from politicians are always 'will not give in to terrorism' never once asking themselves what gives rise to terrorism in the first place. One of Blair's constant phrases on law and order has been 'tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime' yet he has said nothing on the causes of terrorism, which doesn't appear out of nowhere like a black crow of evil, but comes from historic and current injustices perpetrated by the rich world against the poor. Only if lacking a shred of hope for a normal life would anyone consider mass murder or destructive suicide, unless insane. Wherever one group dominates utterly another group - whether they be differentiated by class, ethnicity or history - the group on the receiving end of injustice will turn to 'terorism' that is, unconventional warfare, as a means of self survival. Whether it's Indonesia, Palestine, Ireland, Sri Lanka or the Basque country, people don't just lie down with their feet in the air and give up. The rich, as well as being corrupted by their riches, live in constant fear that the poor will want their wealth back. This is why the USA is in a situation of bad faith with the rest of the world, they have more than their fair share and people the world over resent that and want it back. The US does unspeakable things in order to hang on to their power and influence and to guard their 'investments' while conning itself that it's the American way, that Americans work harder than others, while ignoring the realities of international trade. Now that increasing numbers of American workers are being made jobless by their patriotic American companies relocate to 'cheaper' countries where the poor will work for far less than Americans, maybe they'll also get interested in fair trade.

It doesn't take massive intelligence to see that the UK is top of the list now, in fact it's overdue. But these people are very clever and bide their time, choose their moment, change their targets. In the US, the reaction to 9/11 was to redouble security at airports, as if the terrorists were likely to have planned it as a regular occurance, then security was tightened further on the anniversary, again as if the terrorists would want to make it an annual thing for the US, like thanksgiving. Then they had a panic over letters of mass destruction, just because the idea occurred to them, but that turned out to be American nuts and home produced toxins. The fact is, the next one, and there will be a next one, will again take everyone by surprise, will be highly planned, organised and executed, and will be of a time and place of their choosing. They have many huge cities to choose form; Manchester, Miami, Chicago, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Leeds, Washington... the method could be gas in the subway, toxins in the water supply, bombs in buildings, bombs in crowds, anything to sow panic and instability. There is no way they can be anticipated or stopped. Separate, autonimous cells plan and execute at will, unconnected with a central leadership, unaffected by the fate of other cells. All of it difficult for the centralised mind set of the rich and powerful atop their pyramid of power to get a handle on.

All they can do is to strengthen their respective police states, reduce the freedom of their citizens still further, tax them all more heavily to pay for it, and try to guard against home-grown insurrection the loss of freedoms is bound to provoke. They may appear to be all powerful, but they do not choose the battle or the battleground, they can only operate retroactive tactics in the face of an invisible enemy. They can bluster all they like about fighting terrorism, but there is nothing they can do about it except collect up the body parts and wait for the next time. Rather than address the underlying causes; the destructive power of global capitalism, the behaviour of Israel and its support by the US, the interference of the US alliance in everyone's business, there will be no reduction in willing recruits to the global network of resistance. Islamic terrorism is now the only opposing force to global capitalism.

Now reseach in the US has shown that the MMR vaccine, which they abandoned along with several other countries two years ago but which the UK government has continued using and insisting is safe, causes six times the cases of autism than normal, and Blair's constant insistance that it is safe [and that 'other countries around the world have been using it for years'] now rings hollow. The doctors here who courageously went against government dictat and recommended single dose vaccines and were villified for it, are now vindicated, as also the parents who opted for the single vaccine at personal expense. Those whose children have been damaged by it will doubtless sue for compensation, but it won't come out of the bank balances of the politicians concerned, but out of all our incomes, as is always the case with today's equivalent of the robber barons who ripped off the people in past times. Why the UK government were so insistant that this MMR vaccine was safe and used all the dirty tricks they could think of to discredit those recommending caution, is open to conjecture. I think money was involved [donations to the party have usually done the trick], perhaps a deal from the manufacturer they just couldn't refuse - three for the price of one guvnor - or, more sinisterly, direct bribes as looks likely in the GM case, where the big player in the field, Monsanto, has been convicted several times in the US for corruption and dirty tricks. Still Blair forges ahead on their behalf, permitting the first crop to be grown here, doubtless, he thinks, the thin end of the wedge which will allow a gradual expansion over years until it is accepted as normal. Actually, it was a big mistake and any farmer foolish enough to consider growing GM is likely to be the centre of attention of huge numbers of people determined to stop it.

Friday 12 March 2004 - Whose fault

Despite an unexploded bomb being found which bears all the hallmarks of AlQaeda, the Spanish government cling to their ridiculous claim that it's ETA what done it. With an election upon them they are panicked into a knee-jerk reaction, not wishing the blame to fall on them for painting a target on Barcelona by siding with Bush and Blair. As we've now had planes and trains, that leaves boats for Britain, maybe MI5 should be guarding the docks. The Spanish public, shocked out of their rich-world complacency and sense of safety, flock in the streets like a giant herd of animals, not knowing why they're there, another knee jerk reaction. They too want to blame ETA, they did little to protest as the allies dropped bombs on Baghdad and don't want to face the fact that here is the answer. Most analysts agree that all the evidence points to islamic terrorists, including a tape of Koranic verses along with detonators that they've habitually used, made of copper rather than the ETA ones made of alluminium, yet still the the crowds in the street say ETA, as if it's more comforting somehow for it to be them, the terrorists they know. That way they don't have to face something far more scary.

Today's terrorists don't have the firepower of the rich world's armed forces, they don't stand a chance in open conflict, but their chosen tactics, essentially situationist as all terrorist organisations tactics have been since the sixties, work away to destabilise the enemy, by sowing seeds of fear in the population and the urge to become even more repressive in their governments. By destabilising in this way they hope to sow discontent leading to rebellion, deconstructing and destroying capitalism from within. The PC luvvies have conspired in this process, encouraging mass migration to the rich world from countries disrupted by the west's arms trade and encouraging non-assimilation so that ethnic communities have grown up in all the rich, liberal democracies which are perfect cover for infiltrating terrorists. The authorities hardly know where to look, and if they get it wrong and arrest an innocent, armies of civil rights lawyers and ethnic 'representatives' are there to make their life hell. If they get it wrong and don't detect the assasins, they get Bali or Barcelona. Blair will go much whiter before he leaves office, but he really should have though it through and not gone off on a religious crusade with monkey man, it's all shaping up for a major attack on London. It will have to be spectacular to impress all the millions of angry muslim youth around the world who will provide the new recruits for this, the longest war.

I think the name of one of the Leicester football players accused of rape in Spain is spookily apt, Paul Dickoff may or may not be more or less guilty of the charges than the two others, but his name suggests what should be done to rapists when convicted.

We've had two more small lots of snow in the last two weeks and now we're promised spring again. But can we trust them? Watched a crow floating somewhat ungainily in the top, thin branches of the silver birch as it broke fresh twigs off until, mouth full, it flapped untidily away in the way crows do, off to its unkempt but perfectly functional nest. The woodpeckers are still hammering out their morse code in the woods, an eery sound which the bare trees amplify in the early mist.

Thursday 11 March - the big IF

Watched If - the lights go out on TV last night, after which Jeremy Paxman said 'If your blood didn't run cold watching that, you weren't paying attention'. Some of us, Jeremy, have been aware of the unsustainable nature of our society for a long time, you get used it, your blood doesn't run cold. The scenario, of a terrorist attack on the Russian gas pipeline to East Anglia, leading to shutting down of gas power stations [we have no storage facilities for gas so if someone turns off the tap, the gas stops here] and the resultant drain on the national grid just as the wind dropped in Scotland, leading to catastrophic failure of the electricity supply was real enough, and the conclusions of the discussion afterwards were sensible, although hardly serious enough for the scenario.

As nuclear will be out of the equation by 2010 when the programme was set, all the old nuclear stations having come to the end of their lives, it seems our reliance on gas for electricity seems a dangerous one, especially as we sold off or burned our North Sea bonanza and have been living off it for the last twenty years, and we now rely on imported gas as with so many other things. Apart from building huge storage facilities to at least give us some breathing space if the worst happened, much more investment is needed in renewables and legislation is needed to prevent the Nimbys from blocking plans for wind farms on such spurious grounds as noise, spoiling the view, vibration etc.There should be a truly massive investment in photovoltaic with no new houses built without solar roofs, and government grants to retrofit all other housing and commercial buildings, all feeding into the grid. This way, cloud in one region is balanced by sunshine in others and a lot of power in relatively small parcels would constantly feed the grid. Wave power, offshore wind farms, hydro, biomass, landfill gas extraction and every other method of extracting energy from nature's bounty should be concentrated on with the aim of providing at least 50% of our energy needs. At peak times, when the wind isn't blowing or the sun isn't shining on our island, spare gas stations could come online to fill the gap, and stored energy in the form of water storage and flywheel storage can be released into the grid at any time to smooth dips. The only sustainable energy is that from natural sources, that ultimately means the sun. Gas along with coal and oil will run out sooner or later, they are finite. It's all a question of time, are we willing to do it to avert a black out or do we wait until forced to do it in haste as a last resort.

The bombs in Spain seemed immedately not to be an ETA operation, rather, it had all the hallmarks of Al Qaeda despite what the Spanish government would like to think. If it is ETA, they justify even more stringent security. If A Qaeda, their electorate realise that they have been made a target by their government siding with the warmongers in the attack on Iraq. It could be coming back to haunt them, and they don't want to believe it. If true, can the UK be far behind? I expect a major UK attack imminently, I'd rather not be in London right now, and all the other major sities are also highly vulnerable, anywhere that casualties can be maximised. This was highly coordinated and executed, no warnings were given, unlike ETA entirely. We'll see, maybe this is Europe's 9/11, or its first.

Monday 8 March 2004 - a tail to tell

Crufts dog show has come round again and watching on TV was a mixture of pleasure and pain; pleasure at seeing so many beautiful dogs, pain at seeing what humans have done to these beautiful animals by narrowing the genotype to produce fashions. Many of the breeds are just not natural and the animals suffer a variety of problems as a result of human fiddling. tiny dwarfed dogs with stumpy legs waddle along trying to run, some have breathing problems because of the way their faces have been 'engineered' to satisfy some ludicrous idea of what a dog should be like, others are in effect blinded by a mass of hair covering the face, many are dwarfed into cuddly animals more like guinea pigs than dogs. The utter obscenity of amputating dogs tails, which more breeds seem now to have than previously, should have been outlawed years ago, but still persists. The dog uses its tail for balance when running and as part of its communication strategy, yet these so-called dog lovers have puppies tails removed or stunted just because that's what the fashion is for the show ring. I feel sad whenever I see a dog with a stump, unnecessary and sick mutilation perpetrated by people who are anything but dog lovers. It could be stopped immediately if the Kennel Club, organisers of Crufts, decided to ban all tail-docked dogs from its shows, but they refuse to do anything and vets are thus implicated as they don't want people doing it in an amateur way, causing more pain and suffering. The crimes we commit against other species make me sick. Go to http://www.the-kennel-club.org.uk/ if you would like to voice your disapproval of this practice.

I'm sure it's unconnected, but one can't help noticing that a disproportionate percentage of the humans showing their dogs at Crufts are either homosexual men or very overweight women who wobble, or mince, round the ring with their dog, head held high with a tight lead [that's the dog] and presenting an often bizarre spectacle by the sheer contrast, one is unsure which one is being shown. A tiny chihuahua being half strangled by an enormous woman bursting out her shell suit as they trot round the ring in a circus manner is quite something. I'd love to walk round with a couple of wolves on leads and see what the assembled dog lovers made of that. Could stir the dogs up somewhat, give 'em a taste of the wild ... My dog runs free except when I need to know she's safe walking near traffic, she never fouls pavements or paths but prefers a private spot in bushes, they all deserve as much respect, they are a fine species.

In a move that some critics called a "political fix," the Department of the Interior has changed its mind about the negative effects that a military jet landing field will have on endangered red wolves and a slew of migratory birds in North Carolina. A letter drafted by the Interior Department in November expressed concerns with the landing field site located near Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge stating that it could have negative effects on birds and other species. Craig Manson, assistant secretary for fish, wildlife and parks, now states that the department "can accept the Navy's decision." Local communities and a group of conservation organizations, including Defenders, are suing to halt the construction of the field. Learn more. http://www.defenders.org/wildlife/wolf/redwolf.html

And at http://www.defenders.org/wildlife/new/wolves.html you can learn more about wolves and their progress in the US, even adopt a baby wolf. There are some beautiful photographs of the different types of wolf in the US. I'll put up some UK sites soon, but of course we have no wild wolves now, so what there are live in reserves run by dedicated people. I think they should be reintroduced into all major forests where we exterminated them a long time ago. Problems with deer overbreeding and resultant damage to tree regeneration would be controlled and the small numbers of 'livestock' animals killed by them would cost little in compensation compared to the enormous benefits both to the ecology of the forests and our understanding of these shy, beuatiful, sociable creatures from which all our dogs came and with which they share their DNA. The chances of humans being attacked by a pack are extremely remote even in hard times, which, with the numbers of deer, both native and imported, is unlikely. Wolves limit their fertility deliberately according to their environment, something humans might have learned long ago and benefited from, they don't overbreed and swamp an area.

Thursday 4 March 2004 - selling democracy by the yard

The American idea of democracy is a strange one, they like to get excited and wave banners at rallies a lot, presidential hopefuls make speeches full of rhetoric unconnected with reality and make promises that are never kept to ecstatic cheers. Bush has 200 million dollars to spend and this will go into sophisticated advertising campaigns, the professional manipulators. And when all the razamataz is over, electors have a stark choice between two people, each of them extremely rich. I would have thought a debate between the two would have been preferable, and cheaper, than this massive selling, a highly dubious practise for a 'democracy'. Lots of action coming up on the anniversary of the start of the war, details can be found at http://www.stopwar.org.uk.

Meanwhile, America continues to wage war on the environment and other species, 92 wolves have so far been shot in Alaska and black bears are next on the list for aerial killing from helicopters [for details Defenders of Wildlife], and many other species are under increased threat. Apparently his experts are doctoring his appearances now with a hallo round his head, still looks like a barely sentient creature to me. I sometimes wish the cull would start, the sooner hominids are reduced to much smaller numbers and put back in their place the better for Earth. If 'god' created humans with some grand design, he must be a rancid, sick psycho.

Sudden oak death is spreading alarmingly and oaks hundreds of years old are dying. It's caused by a fungus and at the moment no treatment or cure has been found. The only recourse is to kill the tree and burn it. The fungus is so deadly to oaks because it came here from a different ecosystem along with rhodedendrons imported from the Himalayas and is still being imported by the gardening trade to sell in garden centres. The fungus doesn't harm the rhodedendron, but is deadly to oaks and other tree species. The thought of losing our oaks, some more than a thousand years old, is horrific considering the part the oak has played in British history, and our country would be so much the poorer without these magnificent trees. What to do? Well, garden centres could be lobbied to stop stocking them, TV gardening programmes should be told what a diservice they are doing by encouraging people to plant them, politicians could be told they should do something about this assault on our native species. But it's a long time since this plant escaped from gardens and established itself in the wild. Huge areas of Snowdonia are smothered with them, sometimes for miles. I think anyone who values the oak should take a spray container of Roundup or other powerful systemic weed killer with them when they go for walks, and spray every rhodedendron they find. It is absorbed into the leaves and makes its way to the root, and as long as you are careful with the spraying and don't hit anything else, it's the best way to get these foreign invaders. Garden centres which refuse to listen and take action could have their rhodedendrons wiped out by activists, likewise public gardens and anywhere else they have been planted. We have to do something or we are going to lose the mighty oak forever. First it was elms with Dutch elm disease, another fungal infection and doubtless brought in by plant hunters who think it's fine to bring plants they like the look of from anywhere on the planet without a thought of the balance the ecosystem has established over millions of years.

Wednesday 3 March 2004 - well blow me down

The Ministry of Defence [MoD] routinely objects to half the applications for wind farms on the basis that they are within some thirty kilometres from a radar station and 'might' interfere with important war operations, despite the fact that the rest of the world finds no such threat and, indeed, there is no evidence that wind generators interfere with radar. Now this is being criticised, they have come up with 'it might interfere with deep sonar equipment detecting nuclear detonations and vital for control of nuclear weapons'.They clearly haven't heard that the US has discovered that global warming is a national security threat, let alone a threat to the continuation of the species. Of course the military has an enormous influence and it's unlikely they will be overridden in this clueless opposition to the only hopeful development in recent years, renewable energy. It follows on the organised, but small, lobby opposing wind energy anywhere, even when not a valley away from a spys' listening post.

Having walked amongst the turbines in the first UK wind farm, I can't take seriously the protestations of noise some of these idiots come up with, there's barely any unless you include the increased bird song that these areas often benefit from. Now the RSPB has started making noises about offshore wind farms being a threat to seabirds, thus the ignorant rumours spread without any need for evidence. As if birds, masters of the air and total gymnasts, would blunder into huge, relatively slow turbine blades when they can land on a fish or small furry animal [depending on diet] from anything up to thousands of feet up. If it were true, birds would routinely fly into trees [which move about a great deal in wind], aircraft [only when sucked in by jets] kites and each other. They don't. No fuss has ever been made of the number of swans who are killed by flying into electricity wires, which cover the whole country, often breaking a wing. I think what is fuelling this illogical stance is a residual antipathy to hippies, who first argued and campaigned for renewable energy long before any of these people were aware there was a problem [some are still unaware of it], and they are obstinately clinging to an argument which has no validity just out of spite. Whether we like it or not, we must expand renewables hugely. As far as individual's 'views' of the countryside being spoiled; tough, get used to it, you may even grow to like them.

All the little apparachniks of the Labour Perty are queueing up to back the leader in mindless statements of support and loyalty that are cringe making, blaming rebels for damaging the party and government, when the real culprits are lying Blair and his clique. This is the major problem with political parties, their party is more important to the members than being honest to the people who they are supposed to represent. They even justify secrecy, as if the public will warm to people who say they should be deceived, that secrecy is good, that for the public to know what they are up to would be dangerous, yet see no contradiction with their avowed dedication to democracy.

The US is to have the choice of a coward who avoided the Vietnam war but doesn't mind sending others to war, and a patriot who fought in Vietnam and now says he's opposed to war [although he supported the Iraq invasion]. What a choice. Caught between a dick and a hard man. Tough one that. One can almost agree with Nader if it weren't for the environment, which has suffered terribly under Bush, all of Clinton's measures rolled back to serve the sponsors.




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