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Fool on the Hill i a ranting anarchist blog which attacks the lies and dissembling of all kindsand exposes the environmental destruction that threatens life on Earth


May 31 2006

The truth will out

Good news from Fox on marijuana which we won't see any of the usual people who have something to say wanting to broadcast too much, as it's a tad inconvenient for those who only want bad news about the herb, even if they have to invent it. Of course many of us have known its health benefits for years, and Colonel Harper-Shove, who wrote an amazing herbal last century recommended it for a range of lung complaints. A lot of the US states are legalising simple possession, particularly for medical use, although the federal government through its fascistic DEA are still intent on prosecuting terminally ill people who grow it nonetheless. Part of Bush's war on drugs which has apparently in recent years been targetting cannabis rather than heroin or crack, easier to train the dogs as they love it so much. Got more sense than the hominids.

Interesting docu-drama on oil running out on TV last night, which didn't pull any punches but failed to include such things as global warming, probably thinking that it would muddy the issue. But odd to see people worrying about fuel for their SUVs and heating in winter and not about extreme weather events and worldwide famine. I guess that would have been a lot for most to take in all at once though.

May 30 2006

Dying for an obsession

Britain's most notorious egg collector, Colin Watson, convicted six times under wildlife protection laws, fined thousands and with most of his collection of eggs conviscated after a raid on his home by the RSPB, fell out of a tree last week and died. A fitting end for a flightless hominid obsessed with stealing bird's eggs, blowing out the new life within them and mounting them in cases. He could have collected stamps, but chose instead to endanger wild birds, many of them with plummeting numbers, to complete his sick collection. People like him are a menace and should be locked up for a long time, but unfortunately the law doesn't see what they do as particularly serious, less so than slapping another hominid round the face for which you can be jailed for GBH. Good riddance, I wonder if he flapped his arms as he dropped to Earth.

I'm faced with a dilemma. We appear to have rats in the garden, and, while I'm no rat hater, they do kill young birds and together with squirrels and egg collectors are responsible for declining numbers of many species of bird. I know they are only being what they are, behaving naturally within the ecosystem, but our neighbour has already noticed them so something must be done. I've invested in an ultrasonic rodent repeller, it apparently emits a range of ultrasonic sounds which we can't hear but which rodents find intensely irritating. The theory is it drives them away. We shall see. We also have a cage/trap, so if that catches one, the ultrasonic device will be returned for a refund as unfit for use, and I'll drive miles away to release the rat somewhere it will find a pleasant place to live.

Discovered an excellent American site for information on global warming, peak oil and other environmental issues From the Wilderness which I shall be visiting frequently for current information. Very readable and succinct, well worth a visit.

May 12 2006

Dying for some logic

With a bill to legalise assisted dying going through the Lords at the moment, the anti choice lobby are out in force complete with shrill exaggeration, bad poems and irrelevant personal anecdotes. Their premise is that anything which removed the likelihood of anybody being prosecuted for assisting someone who chose to end their own life and requested them to assist will lead inevitably to anyone with a disability being exterminated. This not being a Dalek society [yet] I'm at a loss to understand the illogicality of this reasoning. With some it seems to be that they want the protective feeling that they won't be allowed to commit suicide, as if that somehow gave them more status, more importance. Others seem fearful that their loved ones [!] will immediately want to top them if given half a chance, which does make one wonder about their family life and relationships, but is no argument why the rest of us have to be restricted because of it. Others claim they would not be here now if the law had been in place twenty years ago, as if suicide is only possible if a law says it can happen.

If nothing else it would reduce the numbers who every year throw themselves in front of trains, trucks and buses, there's no reason why the drivers should be traumatised as the randomly chosen instruments of suicide. It should be a much more civilised and dignified affair, which is all the movers of this measure are aiming at, but the opposition, always shrill and loud and composed of a mixture of the terminally ill, the disabled and the terminally stupid religionistas who always think they have the right to dictate their absurd ideas of humans being special to the rest of us who know we're just another species, and one, moreover, due for extinction any decade now. I'm all in favour of suicide religions, which seem to me to be eminently self-selecting for gene removal from the pool.

May 10 2006

Flying robot attack unstoppable

It seems the might of the US armed forces are not omnipotent after all. Not only are they asking for the extradition of an unemployed British computer nerd for hacking into their oh-so-secure wargame computer systems and leaving rude messages, but they apparently have no defence against model aircraft attacking as they are undetectable to their radar. The story here gives the details.

A guy in New Zealand has built a DIY cruise missile for under $5,000, and gives details of the project at http://www.interestingprojects.com/cruisemissile/

The project has been shut down by the New Zealand government after being contacted by the US, but he's fighting it, claiming the Government has acted illegally, no, surely not! He is yet to test fly it.

Governments rely on their power, and bullying, to keep individuals in check, this seems to remove some of that power, which has to be a good thing. Perhaps future wars won't be fought with enormously destructive weapons of mass destruction, but by model aircraft in their thousands, all sent by citizens against their governments, which are mostly full of self seeking, corrupt, power-crazed monsters.

May 5 2006

The incredible arrogance of being Clarke

He had to go, and has finally gone, to the satisfaction of the whole country. The arrogance of Clarke was too much to bear, in such a short space of time as a minister the power went straight to his head and he became a petty despot almost overnight, intent on ordering the country about and having anyone shot who didn't freeze whenever they saw someone who might be a plainclothes. His nasty, petulant face was a constant irritant as he lectured everyone on what was best for them. And now he's back on the benches where he belongs until Norwich does the decent thing and deselects him in time for the next election. Pity his co-conspirator in the shoot-to-kill policy, the execrable phoney and professional liar Ian Blair, hasn't similarly been sacked from the Met, but it can't be long now. Another nasty bastard, John Reid, takes over at the Home office, part of the scottish gang which appear to have taken over British politics. So there won't be any change, and the ID card issue will be continued as before. As I don't intend to ever get an ID card on principle, I shall have to get my passport renewed pretty quick before they combine the two. I wasn't going to bother, but there's no telling when I might have to leave the country, so best to be prepared. The waiting list for passports is likely to be getting long as more and more people realise they have very little time left before big brother forces them to have every aspect of their lives embedded in a scannable smart card which will double as both passport and ID.

Blair shuffled like mad to try to bolster himself, even sacking Straw, and demoting Prescott to a non job which still carries two sumptuous houses, further strengthening my suspicion that the fat bruiser has something on Blair. Opposition parties don't win elections, governments lose them, and never has this been truer than now with this rabble who will lose the next one from sheer arrogance and stupidity. And the media never seem to question the assumption that Brown will succeed Blair without any thought of a democratic election. Why any voters would vote for Brown is beyond me. A sociopath with a speech impediment and irredeemably boring, it would be like voting for a brick wall only with less charisma. A gift to the tories who, with their recently hatched 'lets pose as if we give a shit about the environment' strategy, could be in with a chance without once looking capable of governing a country.

May 1 2006

The madness of King Blair

The madness is infecting his whole government which is falling apart at the seams in a daily feeding frenzy as the hounds of the press push in for the kill. It's a joy to watch. Not only is the objectionable fascistic Clarke heading for a fall for letting over a thousand foreign criminals free rather than sort out their deportation - he was too busy stitching all the citizens up and forcing them to carry ID cards while giving the police permission to shoot who they wished on sight without blame to notice - and now it gets worse for him daily, and the nation takes great pleasure seeing the nasty little jumped-up oberliutnant squirm and bluster, knowing that when he's run out of things to say he will be gone. But 2-Jags, ten rings bovver boy Prescott, a serial groper and abuser of young and not so young secretaries, is wallowing in a shitheap of his own making, and rather than punching people throwing things at him is scurrying around trying to placate his wife who was only guilty of wearing appalling hats. The heat appears to have resided over Hewitt and the NHS but the nurses haven't forgotten and the media will remember soon enough. The problem for Blair is he has no one capable to swap for these third raters, the whole cabinet is a sorry bunch of middle management fodder without a creative or imaginative bone in their bodies, and only fit for aping the managing director's memos to all who'll listen, in an unconvincing display of sychophantic arse licking. The usual end for a government of inferiors excited and corrupted at getting power. Meanwhile, the country slides downhill and none of the real problems are tackled or even addressed.


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