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Fool on the Hill

November 30 2005

Bad news for the UK

Just heard on the radio that scientists who've been measuring the speed of the Gulf Stream, [about to publish in Nature tomorrow] which is the conveyer of energy from the tropics up to the north Atlantic which thus keeps the UK warmer than it ought to be, have found that it has slowed by a third since 1992, that's thirteen years! The theory has been broached for some time that the melt of cold fresh water at the poles and northern glaciers would cool and slow the warmer salt water, but this confirms it. Time to start thinking of warm clothing, although it could even mean that the country will be uninhabitable, depends how much the conveyer slows and how much the temperature drops as a result. The rush to southern Europe would turn into a flood. Southern Europe is set to become near desert though. Strange days ahead. Sensor-equipped moorings installed at 25 locations across the subtropical Atlantic have now begun to monitor continuously the circulation at all depths. The next four years or so should tell us whether the Atlantic heating system is still working well

Hurricanes are set to increase, this year saw the most ever recorded and also the most major storms. And they're rebuilding New Orleans! Think the whole southern US coastline is going to have to be abandoned before long.

November 29 2005

Parts of the equation

I'm unsure why it is, but I seem to think of aspects of the global warming equation before the scientists involved in climate change research get there. I was wondering why they never seemed to talk about the water from melting glaciers adding to sea level rise and some time later they started adding it in. Now, something has occurred to me while thinking what a bad idea nuclear power is, particularly as the odious Blair has now set himself up as the man who changes the perception of nuclear as being carbon neutral and therefore a good thing. One can't expect someone like Blair to be concerned with radioactive waste which takes tens of thousands of years to decay, he was unconcerned with the long term effects of invading Iraq. I was thinking of the carbon neutral versus fossil fuel issue, and realised that nuclear, while being carbon neutral and not a fossil fuel, is in fact a pre-fossil fuel, placed in the Earth's crust when the planet formed, and the energy from nuclear is therefore a net addition to the warming of the Earth as it isn't derived from energy from the sun [as even fossil fuels are] but is an extra, added to the warming which is then trapped by CO2. All the power stations [and all the nuclear explosions] have therefore added their energy to the ecosphere, and will continue to do so as long as they are in operation. So, rather than being a possible part of the climate change solution, nuclear is part of the problem. A greenhouse will heat up in sunlight and will retain the heat. But if you put a heater in it, it will heat up despite the sun not shining. The greenhouse glass acts like the carbon in the atmosphere, and the heater acts like the nuclear reactors. No one, not even Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth have to my knowledge ever included this vital insight into their anti-nuclear arguments. Perhaps I should drop them a line.

As Blair and his minions are talking nuclear up as the only viable non-carbon option with any chance of reversing the warming, I think this is highly relevant. I expect he's made a deal with the French, who would be the most likely builders of a new generation of reactors, and who are contributing hugely to global warming with the huge number of reactors they are running. And now, having sold our North Sea oil and gas reserves as fast as they could be pumped out for quick profits, we are importing gas to keep our gas-fired stations operating. The thinking of business suits, profit now and let tomorrow take care of itself. Despite a lot of people now getting agitated about the effects of climate change, there seems little possibility anything much will change as this mentality pervades politics, and the US is just the worst offender, refusing as it does to even join in attempts to reduce carbon emissions, let alone to lead those efforts as the world's biggest polluter. It's the costs you see, no way is the American way of life and profits to be jeapardised, until the planet decides for us. Then, of course, it will definitely be too late, and it'll be all downhill to the big cull of homo sapiens no matter what we do to change our ways.

Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace Worldwide

November 25 2005

How much longer?

The war is turning up all manner of nastiness as was expected; illegal incendiary shells used against Faluja, prisoners tortured and starved. Opposition is becoming fierce, in the way Vietnam did, and many on both sides of the pond are calling for the troops to be removed. In the US, soldiers with Iraq experience are now vociferous opponents of the war. It's even being said that the coalition troops are the problem, and without the occupiers things would settle down, although we can't hope all will become peaceful with the country so messed up. Still the hospitals have no equipment or drugs, operations have to be per4formed without anaesthetic, even on children. Many Iraqis must be comparing what they have with how it was under Saddam; brutal as he was, there was order and normal life, hospitals and schools all worked, and the religious nutters were kept under control. Now they are out of the bag and there seems no way to put them back. Of the two, Blair is handling the growing unpopularity better than Bush, full of bluster and excuses, being quicker witted [well, who isn't?] he can think on his feet and lie with confidence.

A line of vehicles is stuck on Bodmin moor, close to the Jamaica Inn, which is good news for the innkeeper, who I bet is hoping the convoy of 4WDrives trying to reach the stranded motorists doesn't make it. Hope they all took the advice and took survival items with them; blankets, heavy clothing, boots, a shovel and their credit cards. The cards are handy for clearing ice and snow from the windscreen, and for paying for hot toddys and a warm bed for the night at the inn.

November 24 2005

Arguing with nature

It's an extraordinary idea in light of what we know about the future, Dubai is building three hundred artificial islands off its coast, complete with high rise holiday apartments of the expensive kind, starting at £1 million. All the islands are themed, a riot of different styles, and all doomed from sea level rise. What a wonderful idea to get rid of a useful proportion of the obscene rich of the world in one large storm. Perhaps they should first have consulted with the UK which is losing land to the sea at an increasing rate, and has at last decided you can't argue with nature, and accepted there's no long term way to protect the coast. It is more protected by allowing it to return to, or turn into, sea marsh [something they still haven't got in New Orleans]. Anyway, somewhere for the rich to play while the world falls apart.

Winter is about to hit the UK, and we will doubtless descend again into complete chaos. Half the population are too young to remember proper winters, for decades there's hardly been one, just colder and wetter. The hedgehog we have been feeding will be hibernating soon, hope s/he is up to weight to last a few months. The birds now fill the garden and are getting through a lot of seed and nuts as well as bread scraps. The wind removing the last leaves from all but a few trees, it was almost like a snowstorm as they rushed past the window, means the bird activities are more visible. The snow arrived, and then departed. Time for a few shots. Wales has it much heavier, but the promised blanket across the UK has yet to materialise.

November 23 2005

A fine hypocrisy

At this moment, we have George Best probably about to die from the cumulative effects of alcohol abuse despite a perfectly healthy organ donated, the man who stabbed Abigail Witchell, the young mother left paralysed, admitted to having drunk a bottle of vodka as well as consuming quantities of amphetamines before stabbing her [both known to induce extreme violence], and on the same day the government scraps licensing hours and enables binge drinking to go on all night. And the media react to the stabbing by asking if cannabis should have been reclassified, as the attacker was also known to use that as well. Forget all the evidence that cannabis does not lead to violence, in fact quite the reverse is true, forget alcohol is the most destructive drug around, and amphetamines are known to cause violent outbursts, just focus on cannabis. Brilliant.

In line with the health warnings on tobacco, perhaps there should be a warning on all alcohol products; a fine addition to beer, wine and spirit labels.

It must be the huge amounts of money involved which makes alcohol apparently invisible where violence is concerned - Best has been involved in punch-ups a number of times - yet, with not a scrap of evidence that cannabis causes violence, or even that it is damaging to the individual, the knee-jerk reaction is blame it on the cannabis and question whether the law should have been changed. They really ought to have an IQ test for entry into the media. The picture taken exclusively by the News of the World - another few drinks in it - is much more harrowing than the one above, showing a man who's only 59 looking like an eighty year old, and a very sick one at that. And seeing how George asked for it to be taken as a warning to others before he was put on the life support, it's the least they could do for him. He could once dribble a ball finer than anyone else alive, now he can only dribble through a catheter. Of course, they won't be questioning the sense [or morality] of paying working class lads obscene money to kick a ball, which is where all the bad behaviour and overconsumption comes from.

After the recent shooting of a police officer in Bradford, the police quickly arrested six suspects in London and transported them north in an astonishingly massive convoy of seven vans, each capable of holding several prisoners securely plus more than a dozen escorting police cars. Why it took so many vehicles to transport six people from one police station to another hasn't been explained nor questioned by the media. All six suspects have now been released, so they weren't involved and were presumably picked up on insufficient 'evidence' presumably so the police could be seen to be on the ball. In the past, these people would probably have been tried and convicted, and decades later released on appeal. These days, they have to be much more careful, and are under enormous scrutiny and need to get it right. I wonder if, when they arrest further suspects, the same size convoy will speed self-importantly up the motorway, wasting a large amount of fuel and taking up the time of a posse of police officers, who are supposed to be stretched in tackling crime. Along with the cries to bring back state murder and to arm the police, is there any more proof that the police care much much more for their own than they do for the public they are paid to protect, and could do a better job of if they didn't waste time and resources in this way. Last year a hundred innocent people were killed by police one way or another, in car chases and shot by mistake, this would only rise if all police were armed. I have never seen why the police indulge in high speed car chases, risking the lives of innocent bystanders, their own and those chased all for a stolen car or out of date tax disc. Sometimes several police cars are involved, yet if a crime is reported, all they have to send to investigate are two probationary officers with a few months' experience.

November 21 2005

Guns and nuclear guns

Two police officers are shot, one fatally, and the media erupts into a frenzy. Calls for all police to be armed are immediately made by the media, and the reintroduction of the death penalty is called for by an ex-Met supremo getting in on the act with a call to reintroduce state execution but only for the killers of police officers, as if they are more precious than anyone else and their lives more valuable. A whole media circus rolls into town, complete with perfect strangers laying flowers in an increasing pile at the spot, a response absolutely required these days if anyone dies 'in the media' - which must please florists across the country, but is a wasteful and ultimately pointless knee jerk reaction. The fact that the two were women is irrelevant, that they were both probationers with only a few months experience in the job is of concern, but as usual the media pay it scant attention. We are told repeatedly that the dead officer was the mother of five children, the youngest only four, which begs the question why she put her career above her responsibility of being a parent. But women today are made to feel guilty if they don't go back to work immediately after having a child, and, entirely coincidentally, children are becoming increasingly badly brought up and beyond parental control. The issue of women and work has, of course, been promoted by the government, fuller than ever before by career women who, like this police officer, see nothing wrong in leaving their children with child minders or nurseries all day, despite strong evidence that children benefit enormously from ont-to-one contact with their mother, learn more quickly, speak earlier and are generally much more sociable and balanced.

It's all part of a circle; bad parenting, badly behaved children, PC anti-smacking dogma, kids on the streets till late, poor diet poisoned with additives leading to behavioural problems, mothers forced to go back to work, kids grow up to be thugs, shoot police officers who also happen to be mums ... kids stabbing other kids. And every tragedy gets full-on media attention until it loses interest and something else becomes more appealing in its unquenchable thirst for sensation. Makes you think.

Realising at long last that the UK isn't going to reach the CO2 emission reduction targets it signed up to at Kyoto [The UK's emissions have actually risen], Blair has decided on nuclear as the answer, not to our energy needs, but to his need for a focus for the spin needed in order to extricate himself from this failure, knowing that when the repercussions hit, he'll be well out of the firing line.

Nuclear is on so many levels not the answer; timescale to build a new generation of reactors when the planning hasn't yet been started, the problem of waste disposal which has still not been solved and never will, and the access to fuel which would have to be imported. To say nothing of the threats of terrorism laying waste the countryside and the wars needed to dispose of depleted uranium elsewhere but on this tiny island.

Another factor should also be included in the equation, one I have not heard mentioned even by the anti-nuclear lobby. This is summed up by the labeling of nuclear not as carbon neutral clean energy, but as pre-fossil fuel. The uranium used is dug out of the Earth where it was created when the Earth was created, energy locked away for millions of years. By extracting energy from it in a nuclear reactor, we are adding to the overall sum of energy in the atmosphere of the planet, extra to all that which hits it from the sun and isn't filtered out by a depleted ozone layer and is then trapped by the CO2. This is new energy, not even equivalent to burning wood and other bio fuels which absorb energy and carbon from the atmosphere to which they are returned when these fuel sources are burned. All the power stations across the world and all the nuclear explosions which have been created, either experimental or in anger, have contributed to increasing global warming and are continuing to do so. To think that adding to this is a good way to go is one dimensional thinking.

The money wasted on it, and it's not cheap, would, if invested on a massive photovoltaic roof program across the country would generate more energy totally cleanly and with no waste beyond the panels when they reach the end of their lives. As they are mostly composed of glass and aluminium, this shouldn't be much of a long term problem, in fact local councils could do the job. I think the problem is that they've got stuck on renewable energy providing [at best] 20% of our energy needs, so, working on big problems with big figures, they fail to understand that renewable could provide much, much more than this. We're only at the start of exploiting wind, sun, river, wave, and bio fuels. There are companies struggling to develop it with their own money because they believe in what they're doing, and they could benefit from Government help. They would also benefit from idiots like David Bellamy being unable to object to every plan along with his loony band of fellow anti-wind campaigners and the MOD whose radar line of sight is apparently far more important [if they object, there's no argument] than dealing with the biggest crisis homo sapiens has ever faced.

November 20 2005

Intellectual property

My nephew has worked in the music industry for many years, running his own company promoting artists and providing chart information. He's now moved on and formed a new company which is aimed at developing acts and songwriters and built around music management, record label and music publishing. The aim is ownership of copyright and intellectual rights. Which set me thinking about this new concept of intellectual property rights, both with regard to the music industry and also in the wider world of human affairs.

While not wishing porn popster Madonna to get any richer, she already being obscenely rich, I think the recent decision by a Portuguese court to ban her recent record because it contains a sequence of four notes the same as one by a Portuguese songwriter, is insane, and illustrates more than anything else how backward Portugal and this judge are. Music is in all our heads, most people hum or whistle note sequences which they make up, those who do it for a living are called songwriters, and are more talented than most in constructing an attractive musical piece, but the appeal of music is partially the recognition and resolution of progressions we find pleasing, it's a shared experience and this concentration on the talents of a few in order to make them rich and famous is a relatively recent phenomenon and is driven by capitalism. Songs were once possessed by a culture, added to, repeated, a part of the cultural life of a people. Often music is integral to the natural history of people, it forms the web on which oral history is passed along the generations. In our deranged society, this has been turned on its head and a small elite sell the rest a product and grow rich and powerful as a result. Everyone else is a consumer.

This has been challenged on the net with file sharing, and the predictable reaction of the rich to this failure to keep on paying them money for products which are often years or even decades old. Everyone has so many tunes in their memory store [the one in the brain, not the iPod] which is constantly being added to throughout life. The popularity of Karaoke attests to this. Are we to be eventually charged for singing songs whose intellectual property rights reside with some Japanese corporation? Will humming also become taxable? If not [and that's by no means certain in the future] why then should a tune, already paid for millions of times over, not be shared with others, who, while having already heard and memorised it, do not have it in their digital collection to get pleasure from at some time in the future if they so choose? Is a person who possesses a vinyl copy of a record, already paid for years ago, not free to download a digital copy from someone else so they also have it on their PC? They may no longer be able to play vinyl, have they therefore to pay all over again for a 'new' CD version? Already the sales lists contain at least 50% which has already been sold, in some cases many times over. At what point does it cease to be 'owned' by an individual or corporation and become common ownership.

The implications are big enough for music, but in the field of science could well be extremely damaging for all of us. Science has always relied on individuals or teams contributing to the field of knowledge, it has been, one could argue, how we rose to such a state of knowledge, by sharing. Breakthroughs in scientific and other knowledge have always been shared freely, from the discovery of fire to the discovery of the human genome. Now we have already seen the US trying to patent the human genome, so that anyone who uses the knowledge gained in the future will have to pay the patent holder for its use. This not only disadvantages those who cannot afford the price, but could lead to fields of knowledge being closed off to new research. All manner of ideas could, if we go down this slippery slope, be affected; dramatic plots for novels, films or plays, nutritional plans, ecological discoveries, all manner of knowledge in other words. At a time when our viability on this planet is about to be severely tested, I think we need to share everything, not just songs. When dreams of riches and personal gratification turn to dust, what else is there?

Heavy frost again this morning across the west of the UK. Below, the moon hangs cold and lifeless over a frozen panorama barely lit by the early morning low sun, just breaking its ties with the horizon.

Demonstrating a tenacious longevity, left-over webs from when there were flies to trap, hang stiffened with frost.

November 16 2005

Truth leaks

It gradually unwinds and all the nasty truths leak out. Imprisonment without evidence, torture, mass killing, use of illegal incendiary weapons indiscriminately against towns containing civilians, deliberate execution of wounded combatants on camera. The list goes on. The criminals who waged this war are looking increasingly at bay; Bush has less support among the US population than Nixon and looks defensive if not scared unless surrounded by cheering patriotic grunts, Blair still faces impeachment in Parliament as support for it grows as Labour MPs find their courage now the rats are clearly on the way out. Power shifts, and fear enters the equation. Blair, being clinically insane, is variable in his behaviour as one would expect. In some situations he sweats and dissembles, in others such as the recent outing of the establishment celebrating how many of the lower classes they killed in the last two world wars, he looked totally insane; caught by the camera as he stared round the assembled worthies, nostrils flaring in a mixture of disdain and satisfaction, mad eyes flicking, he was the very picture of a psychotic having a 'seizure' or 'event' as they are called clinically. If the Labour party don't wake up soon to the danger, they will get perilously close to the next election with a continuing unpopularity and still with Blair clinging on and damaging their chances of turning it round in time with a new 'leader'. Some seem to be realising this at last, and the opposition to everything he does will eventually force him into resigning. There will be a national celebration.

November 14 2005

Melting pot or pressure cooker?

The recent attack on a fourteen year old girl - suffering stab wounds to her eye, face, chest, head and back - by a gang of girls in school illustrates perfectly how the PC brigade have created a situation where lack of discipline leads to bullying and violence. It's like Lord of the Flies, but instead of a desert island, these uncontrolled kids are in school and surrounded by adults who are supposed to be in control but lack the means. It follows on the heels of a similar attack where a girl was slashed across the face with a pencil sharpener blade and many other instances, illustrating that bullying is rife, and making the lives of many children a misery. Along with the ludicrous idea of children's rights, all forms of physical punishment are now banned, and it seems all other punishments are derided by kids, or complained about by their parents, who are not shamed by their children's behaviour and are the cause of it with their lack of parenting skills.

Comprehensive schools were meant to level the playing field [while many of the playing fields have been sold off] and give all kids equal opportunities to do well and go on to university, while forcing the bright ones to go to schools where also violent scrotes are also attending when not truanting, and this girl was picked on for her success with her studies. She stood up to the bullies who were threatening to set light to her hair, and was attacked with scissors for her courage. At least with the Grammar School system, the scrotes were kept away from most of the bright kids, who could then get on with their studying without this kind of thing, or the casual ongoing indiscipline that follows with the adults in charge lacking any real strictures on their behaviour. It was hard on those who failed the 11 plus granted, and there should have been a way for them to move on once their talents were spotted, but leveling down to the culture of the Secondary Modern schools wasn't the way to go. Perhaps they would have been better advised to retain and expand Grammar schools to include all those who wanted to learn, leaving the rest in an approved school environment where their natural brutality and ignorance was controlled with a firm regime. There seems now to be an argument for reinstalling approved schools for the bullies, boot camps for those in need of them, and a welcome easing of the pressures on kids who want to make the most of their schooling. This forced egalitarianism does no kids any good, which is why the exams have had to be successively dumbed down in order that increasing numbers 'pass' each year and go on to the ever expanding University and College level, as if all society needed was graduates.

November 10 2005

They've totally lost it

Blair, suffering from terminal megalomania, is incapable of contemplating he might be wrong and is whole attitude when the Commons rejected his plan to imprison suspects for 90 days is that they don't understand the threat. Having used top police officers, including the odious, skin crawling Blair of the Met, to try to persuade that it was utterly vital that they have this new power, he denies that he used police officers for political lobbying. Having pulled out all the stops he lost by a bigger majority than even those opposed expected, and against the advice of the Sun, scurrilous rag for the near illiterate, who claimed a majority of the electorate agreed with the 90 days. Of course the police want to be able to incarcerate people without evidence for three months, it saves them having to pull their fingers out and get efficient, do the job professionally. Locking people away without evidence or charge is one of the easiest ways of softening people up to make confessions, whether they are false or not. It is always the instinct of police to want more power over the population, it is not the job of government to give them what they want.

Blair claims to have the support of the country on this, which shows how out of touch with reality he really is. It presumably hasn't occurred to him the backlash that would result from locking up young Muslims without evidence. We have had so many mistrials in the UK [all the work of the police] that no one should be complacent about this. Brown is no better and will inherit a party which is unelectable once the megalomaniac has retired to the lucrative deals he's doubtless set up. The party they turned into another tory party has nowhere to go now, except to reclaim its socialist roots and get rid of all the nasty manipulative Blair wonks who have done so much damage to democracy as well as to the party that once people respected for having principles.

November 6 2005

The butcher of Tiananman

Strange how the US was so diametrically opposed to the USSR and had to bankrupt it to destroy the evil of communism, yet made China its favoured trading partner and China can operate a form of capitalism which relies on brutal state control and repression, slave labour and the criminalisation of all forms of dissent.

Now the man responsible for the Tiananman Square butchery of students is coming to London to meet Blair, the Queen and be feted round town. All forms of protest will be suppressed as they were last time these fetid creatures came to the UK, and in the manner of the Chinese police, the Met will ensure all demonstrations are kept distant and hidden from the eyes of these important men who talk the talk of capital. Tibet won't be mentioned.

While in France, the policy of multiculturalism which has been received wisdom in Europe, meets its nemesis with the ongoing riots by French born offspring of African immigrants who have grown up with this separate-ness and feel disconnected from the mainstream French society. The rest of Europe must be concerned that this might spread to them. It's an opportunity for the extreme right to capitalise, so dangerous beyond the immediate violence on the streets.

Another pixel site, but with a difference, and completely free is freecell.fara-sens.

November 3 2005

Another dotcom phenomenon

The latest internet buzz was started only a few weeks ago by a UK student Alex Tew who thought of an idea to make some money on the net. The idea was so successful that once word got out, lots of others started copying the idea, some even claiming to be the originator and giving a slightly changed story, now there's even a review site which reviews what are known as milliondollar sites, although some are millioneuro and millionpound, or, more accurately millionpixel sites. A simple idea, a virtual advertising hoarding, where anyone can advertise for a small sum for a square or pixel on the screen, multiples can be bought adjacent to each other or in a square. Pictures can be loaded into your reserved space along with a link to your site.

One of the better ones which is at present giving away free ads is http://www.rentpixelads.com/ and you may even have come here from there, if so, welcome, and stick around, there's a lot more here than first meets the eye. The whole thing could go any way; it could fizzle out and hang around for a few years dying, or it could expand and diversify into all kinds of different niches. I've already spotted a women's one and a memorial for the deceased one where you can rent a square with a pop up inscription on mouse hover. The possibilities are endless, and I'm exploring some myself. I'll doubtless pass on any insights and experiences I have, along with comments on the growth of something which is utterly simple, but so many great ideas are. Just that no one quite thought of it until the point in time when the student - who's name will doubtless go on the roll of honour of the net - first worked it out with some graph paper in his bedroom, or so the myth goes ... his original can be found here http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/ and to read about the pixel wars and with links to many of them http://www.thepixelwars.com/ is a good place to start. It's quite extraordinary how fast these things can develop, won't be long before there are ebooks for sale telling you how you can set up your own million pixel site and become a millionaire overnight just by buying the book ... some things never change. 

November 2 2005

Conflict of greed and manipulation Part 2

Blunkett resigns, and now receives sympathy! Claims he was hounded by the media and is the victim are being made by all and sundry, and of course oily Blair says he has his confidence. No one is asking why he should have taken up posts with not just one, but three organisations, for pay, within days of resigning the first time [for misusing his ministerial position] or what was in it for the companies and foreign charity to employ [or grant directorships] to a disgraced minister. After all it wasn't just a holiday job, and he didn't need the money, greed was the motive and arrogance the instrument. Profumo didn't go straight back into government, he was cast out of the circle of power and ended up working for a charity, but these days, such are the abysmally low standards expected, that Blunkett can be portrayed as the victim. He's even being described as a 'working class hero' by some.

We will have to wait and see if the DNA testing firm which gave him £15,000 worth of shares for two weeks 'work' will get a government contract. They certainly got a load of free publicity out of this seamy event, and no PR is bad PR in this age of PR. The normal thing now will be for Blunkett to get an 'honour' - Lord Blunkett of Arrogance? Still, he was work and pensions secretary, so I guess getting three jobs and adding to his pension was par for the course.

Seems to me yet another proof of the maxim 'power corrupts', and what we now have is a government which doesn't even realise it is corrupt through and through and sees this kind of behaviour as perfectly justifiable. Blunkett has thus come from a firebrand socialist campaigning for people's rights, to a twice resigned minister share dealing between cosy highly paid jobs given to him by crony Blair.

October 31 2005

Conflict of greed and manipulation

It's a measure of how corrupt this government and particularly Blair, that it's thought ok for a minister,who had to resign for misconduct, using his ministerial post for non ministerial purposes, to take a director job with a DNA testing company which is to bid on government contracts, and then to resign that to go back as a government minister only weeks later. Blunkett also bought a skip load of shares in the company which he thought would be ok if he 'gave' them to his sons! And Blair supports him totally. The only thing anyone seems concerned with is that he broke 'the rules' in not consulting a committee that examines conflicts of interest. Conflict of interest! Why would this company be interested in employing a blind man for a few weeks? What did they stand to gain from this largesse? Quite breathtaking. They act like looters as soon as they get power.

He may be corrupt, or not even quite understand the concept, but at least he's not a nazi like his replacement as home secretary, Clarke, responsible for shoot to kill and for letting the Metropolitan Police dictate policing policy. We seem no nearer to the police murderers of De Menendez standing trial in the near future.


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