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November 27 2007
What's in a name?

This is my sock puppet, I call it Mohammed [I considered Moray, he does look somewhat like a moray eel doesn't he?].


moray eel Moray eel

If any Sudanese lamebrains have a problem with that, they can write to me [Mohammed the Sock says 'bring 'em on!]. Or maybe not, all they seem capable of doing is threatening women and riding around in trucks with guns killing defenceless villagers. Writing probably doesn't figure in their lives a lot. But British teacher Gillian Gibbons was there to educate Sudanese children, and now she's in prison awaiting charges because parents complained after she asked the children in her class to vote for their favourite name to call a class teddy bear, and they chose Mohammed. What a piss hole. What ignorant, stupid people. Some might argue that any foreigners living and working in such a place have only themselves to blame if they fall foul of superstitious ignoramuses with a fascistic misogynous religion. I say, listen to the sock.


November 22 2007
It ain't rocket science, but still it's beyond government

Anyone with a basic knowledge of databases will know that the current excuse by government that the full data held by HMRC [Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs] was copied to CD to save the cost of an outside contractor 'removing the unwanted data' is ludicrous. Databases can be queried for anything, and if limited information was required, it would have taken seconds to produce just that limited data which could then have been transmitted over a secure line to the other office. The idea that a whole database has to be copied to CD and posted is so last decade that one begins to wonder what callibre of managers government departments employ. Even publishing houses, thought by many to be stuck in the past, have begun to upload files to an FTP server, where freelance editors and typesetters can download them via password protected logins.

Then there's the question of the courier firm, TNT, which 'lost' the CDs in transit from the Revenue, par for the course for couriers in my experience, even when parcels are tracked they can be mislaid, sometimes permanently. Who knows where they go, a bin in the depot probably. This level of incompetence makes one wonder if filling in tax returns online [to the same department!] is as safe as claimed. Although, as long as managers are kept away from anything important, it's probably safe. The repercussions of this appalling loss could continue for decades; so much detaled information on every child in the country is clearly of use to many people, some of them criminals. It should include the details of all the Eastern European immigrants who, having come here to work, leaving the wife and kids at home, can still claim child benefit, which they doubtless immediately send home, representing an automatic cash drain on the UK. Most people are unaware that immigrants can claim child benefit, and it certainly isn't broadcast widely although I'm sure all the immigrants know about it.


November 20 2007
Shooting damages the health of the planet

Gamekeepers are burning the moors at an unprecedented rate to encourage the growth of new heather shoots as feed for grouse for people like Harry the Parasite to blast out of the sky and feel like real men. The burning threatens to release millions of tonnes of carbon locked into the peat bogs underpinning the moors. Where burning occurs, the hydrology changes and the peat is open to decomposition and erosion. This strips the moor of carbon as surely as setting fire to the Amazon rainforest.

Yet Jeff Rooker, a keen bloodsports enthusiast yet inexplicably the government's Animal Welfare Minister, who is charged with overseeing the 2006 Animal Welfare Act, was reported in the Lancashire Telegraph as saying the following: Grouse moor management is an excellent example of a sustainable form of farming, balancing grazing and careful heather burning.

In fact the government appear to be sewn into the pocket of the shooting industry; Alun Michael and Ben Bradshaw are both apologists for bird shooting as a 'sport', as is Martin Salter, the government parliamentary spokesman for shooting and fishing, who said 'We want to actively encourage people to take up the sports and to develop policies under which they can develop and prosper. Note they constantly stick shooting [rich man's sport] with fishing [poor man's sport] together to get as much support as possible for anything planned, and as defence against any criticism of shooting and the practices that are carried out to 'protect' the shooting moors for their prey birds; killing indiginous mammals and birds, particularly raptors, to keep the area clear for their soon-to-be-slaughtered sport birds - indiginous animals eat growths intended for pheasant and partridge.

All the rehearsed rhetoric from Brown et al about reducing emissions is so much hot air, everything they do from allowing the building of new roads and airport runways to Parliamentary junkets round the world and encouraging the wholesale slaughter of birds for 'sport', contributes to climate change and the destruction of a world fit for humans. While claiming to want to 'lead the world in climate action to reduce emissions', Brown illustrates in the next sentence that he hasn't a clue about the environmental catastrophe which is now only just round the corner. Increasingly violent weather events happen with increased frequency; currently southern Bangladesh is flooded to a depth of several metres and perhaps 10,000 people drowned, and uncounted numbers of animals. Italy follewed soon after and is awash with mud and floodwater, the forest outside Rome burned this summer and there is nothing to stop the mudslides as has been found countless times all over the world, seems it takes our species a long time to learn really basic things. Must be because we're so smart that god made us like him.


November 13 2007
Bears look better in them

I see the Queen's guards still haven't resolved the issue of the bearskins they wear on their heads resulting in hundreds of bears being killed every year, despite animal rights organisations asking her to substitute them with fake fur hats. They could always learn from Amy Winehouse and grow their own, while avoiding her drug habits which might be responsible for her wanting to look like a guardsman. Whether Amy's hair piece is waterproof is unknown.

They have much in common with the Nawf Lundon songstress, both are part of show business, it being a long time since soldiers actually fought in these ludicrous hats having long since substituted their horses for tanks, it's hardly surprising, there's just not enough headroom.


November 11 2007

Lest we forget

Harry the harrier killer has now announced he will resign from the army unless they send him to Afghanistan. I'm all for that. He clearly can't contain his desire to shoot at anything moving, the difference being, that in Afghanistan the prey are shooting back. The pampered prick might just get something he wasn't bargaining for.

Nice timing. If any time was wrong for the head of the unelected Muslim Council of Britain, Muhammad Abdul Bari, to liken the UK to Nazi Germany in the 1930s, it was on the weekend Britain officially honours its dead from fighting two world wars, one of them against the Nazis. In typical Muslim fashion, he avoids accepting any responsibility on the part of Muslims for the perception of them by the bulk of the population, and instead claims we are treating them just like the Germans did the Jews. Big difference, the German Jews were Germans, had been Germans for many generations, and didn't criticise Germany incessantly and harrang Germans on a daily basis that they should change their ways and perhaps become more Jewish. Muslims on the other hand, having been here five minutes, and, in the case of this unelected 'leader', with little command of English, still think it appropriate to constantly criticise Britain for its sexual mores and drinking culture, and are now openly critical of the Government's anti-terrorism legislation pointing the finger at Muslims despite the fact that all suicide bombers so far have been Muslims, and it would be foolhardy to ignore that fact.

Leaving aside the inescapable fact that Muslims with their aberated, mysoginistic and bigoted religion have much more in common with the Nazis than any Brits outside the BNP, it has escaped this loudmouth that when you are a newly arrived guest in a country, experiencing integration problems, you don't go shooting your mouth off criticising the country you decided to move to for economic reasons without coming in for some criticism. He is, of course, attempting in his clumsy way to tug at the PC strings of the political class [doubtless thinking in his ignorance of the subtleties that he could capitalise on the ongoing row about Enoch Powell being right], but what he's succeeded in doing is pissing off just about everyone, many of whom were already getting pretty sick of hearing Muslims banging on about being victimised while refusing to accept any responsibility.

He added: 'I think it is creating a scare in the community and wider society. It probably helps some people who try to recruit the young to terrorism. There is a disproportionate amount of discussion surrounding us.' thus attempting to lay the blame even for terrorists on us as well. Continuing 'The air is thick with suspicion and unease. It is not good for the Muslim community, it is not good for society. I think it is creating a scare in the community and wider society.'

I agree it isn't good for the Muslim community which is now widely resented in the UK and across Europe, but this has nothing to do with the actions of government, the onus is on Muslims to behave like all other immigrants who have successfully integrated into this country, to stop banging on shrilly about their human rights and how precious they and their religion are, to stop lecturing the British on how to behave [more like Muslims], and if they really don't like the culture of our society to sod off and join their co-religionists in one of the admirable Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or Sudan where liberal democracy, freedom of speech and religion, and pluralism don't exist.

Coincidentally, we now find out that up to 5,000 illegal immigrants are working in the security industry, many of them given licences by the government and working in the Home Office, Scotland Yard and airports! This comes as a surprise even for this inept, self-serving political class, who care about nothing but their own continued overblown salaries, and shows a barely credible level of ineptitude. It's not known how many are Muslims.


November 7 2007

Another miscarriage of British justice

The appeal of Barry George against conviction for the murder of Jill Dando has so far resulted in a 'reserved judgement', which means the judges have gone off to have some lunch and think about it. I don't know what there is to think about, how slow are these judges and why do they clearly find thinking so difficult?

The case has had all the hallmarks of a miscarriage right from when George was arrested, it smelled to me like the usual police fit-up of a vulnerable inadequate as a way of putting a high profile case to bed, after a year with nothing found. Or perhaps it was politically expedient, considering that it was almost certainly a Serbian hitman who killed her - shot cleanly in the head close up in the manner of professional killings. Her killer was probably out of the country within a few hours while the plod were still scratching their heads. Jill had just fronted an appeal for Kosovan refugees while Nato was bombing Serbia, and this seemed to me then and now a valid reason to suspect a Serb did it.

Initial witness reports described a well-dressed man outside her house, then a 'sweating' man at a bus stop and even a man running across a park and jumping into the River Thames, none of which matched George. One theory was that a member of the criminal underworld might have been upset by something Miss Dando had worked on for the Crimewatch programme, but the criminal class had put up with Crime Watch for years without assassinating either of the presenters, and they don't generally go in for that kind of thing. Barry George didn't fit any of the ideas being put forward.

The most telling fact to come out of the recent Panorama enquiry into the case, was that the police, after a year scratching their heads, came up with a list of attributes for the assassin with no justification at all [considering they had so little to go on, why would they claim it was a 'loner' who had done it?] The list just happened to fit George to a T, and soon afterwards they arrested him. If that's not a blatant fit up, I'm a green skinned Martian with a liking for chocolate ants. It has all the hallmarks of a clumsy plod fit-up the like of which we have seen far too many examples over the years. What little so called 'evidence' they gathered together for the trial was circumstantial; he was seen walking in the area hours before, that kind of pathetic suggestion which wouldn't convince anyone of anything.

The only bit of hard evidence was one microscopic speck of so-called 'firearms residue' which could equally have come from a firework, and was found in his coat pocket A YEAR after the murder. It could easily have been transferred there by a policeman handling the coat before being given to forensics to examine. The guidelines now are that a single speck carries no significance and must be discounted, anyone handling a firearm, and discharging it would have millions of such particles on him. It was obvious at the time to anyone with half a functioning brain that George wasn't up to the job of a professional hit, being low down in the IQ table and generally known in the area as subnormal and a harmless fantasist. A perfect victim for the police wanting to clear up a high profile murder which had become embarrassingly unsolved.

The judges must now weigh up whether the liberty of an innocent man is more important than the loss of confidence yet another miscarriage verdict will have on the public. There seems no other reason to delay them in dismissing his conviction as totally unsafe. We shall see which they decide; let an innocent continue to rot in prison, or damage yet again the reputation of the state to get it right. We shall see. Whatever they do decide, poor Barry has lost seven years of his sad life.


November 2 2007

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November 1 2007

Invisible tanks? What next?

New technology that can make tanks invisible has been unveiled by the Ministry of Defence. In secret trials last week, the Army said it had made a vehicle completely disappear and predicted that an invisible tank would be ready for service by 2012. They then move on to making the British army disappear, which should make us a lot more popular in the world and save countless lives, not to mention scapping poppy day for all the maimed and crippled soldiers that don't feature on the recruitment posters... I'd settle for politicians being made invisible, then we could all get on with our lives so much without interference and taxation.

Unknown minor royal at centre of blackmail case? How about David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (born 3 November 1961), known professionally as David Linley, the son of the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon and 12th in line of succession to the throne. He's the chairman of Christie’s UK, the international auction house. So where's the problem with everyone knowing that? Most people will probably be more sympathetic than censorious, nobody likes a blackmailer.


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Fool on the hill March 2003

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