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November 13 2010
Existential angst

I've found it difficult lately to write much other than flaming at idiots in forums. My problem is that I find few people appear to be aware as I am of the impending environmental armageddon; even greens, aware of much of what's wrong and the likely consequences, are still optimistic, and I find this almost as irritating as the fools who deny human-caused global warming and climate change. Where does this optimism come from? Is it the incurable optimism of youth, who feel invincible and therefore believe we must be capable of finding a solution to any problem? There are so many levels of awareness; from the deranged still talking about colonising the stars, to the new true green believers in the nuclear delusion who are probably grasping at that dangerous straw because they really are scared and that seems the only way to get a 'there there' fix, the kind nanny always gave. It's sad when people you once respected go down this particular escapist route, and it's gratifying to see Greenpeace holding out against it, perhaps because they've invested so much in the anti-nuclear struggle in the past.

Of course, there's an element of this optimism in everything I've done for the last forty years, and there must still be a little remaining or why would I be carrying ads for such things as the Eco Button to enable people to save on carbon and money by quick powering down of their computers when not in use. Which implies a belief that if we do these things there's hope. I know one thing, if I weren't an old man, but a young man, I would be gaining survival skills, and preparing for the breakdown which will surely come. Only those truly able to survive from their own skills and resources stand any chance when this highly complex global society finally comes apart at the seams. America looks as if it could fall apart any moment into another civil war, it's all hotting up for it and the two halves of America are further apart than they have been since the rational, intelligent, anti-slavery north won over the racist, slave-owning, right-wing south. If America goes, the world economy will crumble and even such waking giants as China will fall apart since they need America and the rest of us to buy their goods to fuel their rape of the land in building mega cities for the hundreds of millions teaming into them from the countryside. If nothing else, this alone will seal the fate of the planetary ecosystem for several hundred years. The economic breakdown will introduce the human cull since food distribution is part of this global capitalist economy, so famine will strike everywhere. We may not have to wait as long as forty years for the sea level rise to engulf all the major cities of the world [they're all coastal or riverine or both for obvious historical reasons] and cause farming to become near impossible across vast areas. But if the capitalists manage to limp on propping up the failed system, the ecosystem will surely get us in the end.

That so few even realise how urgent and serious this is, is what depresses me and puts me apart from the herd which mindlessly grazes on, oblivious of what awaits them. There's always drink.

November 10 2010
Hips and haws

That time of year again when the leaves are all but gone, and the fruits are exposed against the hedgerow greens. The hawthorn, smothered in white blossom in May and called maytree as a result, now has a rich harvest of dark crimson berries [or haws], which are food for many species including all the fruit eating birds, but also collared doves, magpies and even grey squirrels, the latter have been observed bouncing about on the bendy, thorny branches like expert trapeze artists, incongruously grey among the bright berries as they munch their way along. When not eatings haws, the squirrels can be seen busily digging holes, stashing food in them and carefully covering them up again, or alternatively, eating. They are on the go from dawn to dusk, it's a hard job being a wild animal and you can't afford the luxury of lazing around; there are no scroungers in nature, all must work at finding food in whatever way evolution has equipped them.

Winter is gripping the land tighter each day, heavy frosts and ice on the water butt in the mornings, with bright blue skies, and the days that little bit shorter each time. Since we got the roof insulated, the house has been a few degrees warmer, which isn't to say it's warm, but not so cold mopst of the time. The main problem I feel is the windows, which are huge and must lose much of the heat that is supplied them, despite being double glazed. Many houses in Glasgow in winter have their blinds and curtains drawn 24 hours a day in all but essential living rooms; why open curtains in bedrooms which are only occupied in the dark if by doing so the room loses more heat? So many houses have a blank look, with blanked off windows like empty eyes staring blindly on the streets.

We'll order some more daylight bulbs to boost the UV we get from the two we bought for our workrooms, since lack of sunlight in the winter is one of the biggest problems in northern countries. Exposure to UV enables the body to manufacture B vitamins, principally B3, and this vitamin is involved in winter depression that many suffer from, as well as other physical effects. Another way to make up the deficiency is to take B3 capsules daily, and we now have supplies from Denmark, where they know about this issue and have been routinely addressing it. In the UK, the authorities still think there are maximum doses for vitamins and are paranoid about people self medicating, as is the medical establishment, fearing a loss of it's power over most people's lives. Not over mine, I rarely visit a doctor except for ear wax removal since it's a hassle trying to do this yourself and most other professions refuse to.



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Time to move to higher ground

The time to move to higher ground link will change from time to time, illustrating how this phrase is becoming more and more common and relevent; from New Orleans, to Fiji to East Anglia to Holland and not forgetting other countries which aren't low lying but which can suffer devastating floods from too much rain, even Native Americans are affected.

I moved to higher ground in 2000 when it was clear that flooding was becoming the norm and climate change was happening now.
On the journey west, we passed flooded fields right across the [UK] midlands, it felt almost apocalyptic.
Since then, floods have become common in the UK and many other countries.

When farmers get flooded out on a piece of ground repeatedly they know what to do – farmers are a very practical lot – they move to higher ground

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Fadhel Al-Sa'd: The sun circles the Earth because it is smaller than the Earth, as is evident in Koranic verses... No verse in the Koran indicates that the Earth is round or that it rotates. Anything that has no indication in the Koran is false. [evidently, Galileo Galilei got it wrong]

The scenes from this war will create thousands maybe even millions of militants intent on inflicting damage on the only superpower. The war will be waged across America and in any American outpost and embassy. It will be brutal and messy and will continue for decades. Bush doesn't know what he has unleashed.
Fool on the hill March 2003


Some links to interesting climate-change related websites:



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