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October 4 2009
Was it a dream?

Some time in the future: The UK, poorer and still in debt from the 2009-2012 recession, started emptying as many English people emigrated to Pakistan. They bought up land and property, opened businesses, began pig farming, built churches from which they rang bells every Sunday, lived together in 'English' and 'Christian' communities, spoke only English, and behaved as if still in the UK. They built distilleries and made beer and spirits, and imported wines, selling them all openly in off-licences and Christian-Shops in the British sectors.

Then they consolidated their influence with government, formed a Christian Parliament of Pakistan where unelected but influential Britons discussed the needs of the English community, lobbied government and extended their sphere of influence. Large areas became little Britains where nothing of the indiginous population or culture was apparent; shops sold only British goods, restaurants served only British food, only English was heard in the streets. Pork and ham were widely available, including in all the schools, as those English children who didn't go to the exclusively English schools had to have it as part of their diet.

Some of the more right wing British started demonstrating about their rights, publicly calling for violence against the host country, and criticising the Pakistani culture. Some even formed an English Human Rights Organisation [EHRO] to lobby and agitate for their community to be given special rights as Christians. A law was passed by the Pakistan government making it a criminal offence to criticise Christianity. Any Pakistanis who objected and claimed that Christians were taking over the country were labeled as Christianophobes and racists, no criticism of the new immigrants was allowed. Most British immigrants sent money home to Britain, visited Britain regularly, brought in relatives and even married Britons still in the UK, enabling them to move to Pakistan. The community swelled and took over more land and houses.

Then I awoke, it must have been a dream, no one could possibly behave in such an insensitive and arrogant way towards a host country which had accepted them as immigrants could they? Could they?

There are currently well over two million Pakistanis living in the UK, concentrated in several areas, where they consitute the majority population. Many of them, possibly most, behave in all or most of the ways listed above. The British establishment, wedded for decades to the post-colonial guilt-doctrine of multiculturalism, has allowed the brutal, backward practice of halal slaughter to ride roughshod over centuries of animal welfare campaigning resulting in legislation protecting animals from abuse. All schoolchildren have to eat halal slaughtered meat, if they eat meat, as that is all that is served in our schools in case a Muslim child inadvertently ate non-halal and was thus destined for hell along with all the Kafirs. Prisoners also are not allowed to have a conscience other than by becoming vegetarian.

The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), which advises the government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock, says the way Kosher and Halal meat is produced causes severe suffering to animals and has called for a ban, Compassion in World Farming backed the call, saying: 'We believe that the law must be changed to require all animals to be stunned before slaughter.' The multiculturalism breed of managers that now constitutes our government flatly refuses to consider this, their attitude being that all animal welfare legislation applies only to non-kosher and non-halal meat production, they will not act against halal as they are scared of the repercussions from Muslims. The other Abrahamic fantasy bunch, the Jews, have for too long been tolerated for their deviant attitude towards other sentient creatures. The very basis of kosher and halal is idiocy; the belief that bleeding an animal to death makes the meat safe may well have passed for science 2,000 years ago in the desert, but we know that the animal is dead long before the blood has all pumped out, and anyway, blood is contained in blood vessels, arteries and veins, and there is no appreciable amount in meat with either way of slaughter. It's a hangover, deviant practice from a time when science and a regard for animals didn't exist, another example of the backward nature of these cults.

Mosques, now numbering in excess of 1,500 [2007 figures] are being built at a rapid rate, some even being extended to accommodate the rising numbers of Muslims, now said to be around 2.5 million. I expect soon for a Muslim organisation [as unelected as they all are] to start calling for a ban on church bells, which disturb them on Fridays when practising, and are out of place on Sundays when Muslims are working. The tolerance we are so often told is a hallmark of Islam seems strangely absent from the devotees we have allowed to enter this country.

As I have argued for decades, multiculturalism, another word for apartheid against which many of us fought long and hard in the sixties, will lead to civil friction and the rise of the extreme right. It is now starting to happen and will continue. With the public disgust at the three main parties' expenses trough-fest, there is even more chance of minority parties making inroads as well as independents, who may or may not be right wing. Demonstrations against Muslims have already started happening, dismissed by the media and government as far right extremists, but with the passive support of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, who will eventually join them on the streets.

We are on the road to an ethnic civil war, and the possible rise to power of fascists who will take it as their duty to 'sort out' the immigrant question. We will all be the losers, not least our multiracial society which has accomodated and integrated immigrants from across the world successfully up to now.



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I moved to higher ground in 2000 when it was clear that flooding was becoming the norm and climate change was happening now.
On the journey west, we passed flooded fields right across the [UK] midlands, it felt almost apocalyptic.
Since then, floods have become common in the UK and many other countries.

When farmers get flooded out on a piece of ground repeatedly they know what to do – farmers are a very practical lot – they move to higher ground

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The scenes from this war will create thousands maybe even millions of militants intent on inflicting damage on the only superpower. The war will be waged across America and in any American outpost and embassy. It will be brutal and messy and will continue for decades. Bush doesn't know what he has unleashed.
Fool on the hill March 2003


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