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Tuesday 28 September 2004 - the energy crisis begins to bite

The wobbly nature of the oil market is about to be further disturbed by China which is seriously short of energy despite barely having got started on the mass industrialization they plan. Oil prices will rise and rise at an increasing rate in coming years, as competition increases for dwindling supplies. China, which doesn't recognise there's a problem, so keen are they to become a rich consumer society, already contributes a large percentage of the world's pollution and will add to this at the same rate as they increase their consumption. Vast stretches of highway are under construction for the billions of cars that will fill them as soon as they're built. Massive dam projects have already wiped out hundreds of entire forests as well as thousands of towns and villages. The Chinese economy is an unstoppable leviathon, that is if you ignore the chances of Asian flu laying waste to vast swathes of theirs and the world's population when it gets really going. They've bred it in the intensive chicken rearing sheds [their attitude to animals is as if they were inanimate objects, eating dogs is just the worst of their cultural crimes], so all that suffering will one day come back to claim its karma, and I relish it.

Sunday 26 September 2004 - value of a life

The British hostage, Ken Bigley, is still occupying the UK media, who are thus giving the terrorists the publicity they are after, while the government still says they don't deal with terrorists, and the US continues to fire rockets and bombs into built up areas. And while the western media obsesses about the fate of one British man, dozens of Iraqis are slaughtered in the night in Faluja, including children. The Bigley family appear daily on TV making appeals to men who are unlikely to be watching, and his Thai 'wife', at least half his age as well as half his size, appears on TV around the world pleading for his release. It's easy to see why men of his age are attracted to young wives and why he is attractive to her and her family [and the whole village], the contrast between rich and poor worlds is shown in stark contrast on the world stage, part of the many faceted situationist play performing in the Iraq theatre.

Another contrast is the unwillingness of the global policemen to interfere in the Sudan genocide, when just a few smart bombs on government buildings and a fleet of helicopter gunships to chase down the Janjaweed militia [do they mean Ganja weed?] doing the butchering on behalf of the Arab north, which has responded to UN demands to stop it by dressing the said murderers in police and army uniforms to guard the refugees. In other words, they're taking the piss. So the suits at the UN form committees, have press conferences, draw up documents and fail to do anything at all. Contrast with Iraq, where inspectors were all over the place, where bombing had been continuing since the last 'gulf war' and where people were no longer being slaughtered by the government, and where they couldn't wait to get stuck in and lied repeatedly to manipulate assent. And now Bliar faces the Labour Party conference, and we'll see if those remaining in the party after the mass resignations have the balls to deal with him as he deserves. While most commentators and political analysts are openly describing him as a liability for his party and thoroughly discredited, he appears on Frost grinning from ear to ear, looking well satisfied with himself and just full of it. Clearly insane.

I wish the Scottish National Party could stand in England after Salmond's recent blunt assessment of Bliar, repeating the call for his impeachment, which I understand is proceding nicely in the way of these procedures and has the backing of enough MPs to continue. As most of the government are Scots anyway, it would be a small step to be openly governed by the Scottish Nationalists. They could get rid of the German monarchy and put in the closest relative to Mary left alive, institute catholicism as the state religion and move government to Edinburgh. London is due to be flooded anyway, so it makes sense to move to higher ground before chaos ensues.

Thursday 23 September 2004 - intelligent or selfish gene

'It has often been said that, if the human species fails to make a go of it here on Earth, some other species will take over the running. In the sense of developing high intelligence this is not correct. We have, or soon will have, exhausted the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this planet is concerned. With coal gone, oil gone, high-grade metallic ores gone, no species however competent can make the long climb from primitive conditions to high-level technology. This is a one-shot affair. If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned. The same will be true of other planetary systems. On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only.' (Hoyle, 1964)

Hoyle is right about the depletion of fossil fuels, but he makes the mistake of conflating intelligence and industrialism/materialism, seeming to think that without a high degree of technology and its products intelligence could not exist, or develop [or couldn't be detected!]. This is of course homocentric, blinkered by a life spent depending on technology. It begs the question what is intelligence? If it's the ability to manipulate stuff into different stuff, then clearly one needs stuff in the first place, but if it's the ability to think clearly and deeply and to develop intellectually, I don't see that stuff is a necessary prerequisite. Hoyle, for all his intelligence, was a man rooted in his own materialistic culture and incapable of stepping back and seeing objectively. He doesn't elaborate on how our future could have been different. With finite resources, there was a natural limit on our progression from ape to addicted motorist.

I think the next species to become dominant after ours dies off will be canines, who have given it a go letting humans provide for them, but would be better off without us. They would probably never get to inventing the internet, but then, having telepathy there's probably no need for such crazy ways of communicating. Whether Fred Hoyle would have described the resultant wolf society as intelligent is questionable. Intelligence is anyway overated, it's brought us to this present situation without being able to do anything about it so as a species survival tool it's track record is patchy. Possibly the best thing we can do, apart from planting trees, is to help wolves recolonise up to the point when we bow out. After that it's up to them.

Herbal medicine boom threatens plants (Jan 8) Plantlife

The multimillion-pound boom in herbal medicine threatens to wipe out up to a fifth of the plant species on which it depends, wrecking their natural habitats and jeopardising the health of millions in developing countries, and the herbal medicines industry is doing nothing about it. Most people around the globe use herbal medicine for everyday healthcare, with as many as 80 per cent relying on it in some countries. But two-thirds of the 50,000 medicinal plants in use are still harvested from the wild, and research to be published later in 2004 suggests that between 4,000 and 10,000 of them may now be endangered. Others think that the assessment of the crisis by Plantlife is conservative. Changing health fads keep favouring different plants, so there is little incentive to produce particular species sustainably. Seems whatever we do, we damage something.

Wednesday 22 September 2004 - and wetter still

South Asia floods have killed more than 2,000 people since June and made millions homeless in low-lying eastern India and neighbouring Bangladesh, costing billions of dollars in damage.

Haiti looks like it's trashed after angry Jeanne came through for a visit, and even if the international community gave a shit and came up with massive aid, it would barely recover before the next one hit as 95% of houses are now matchwood. Others in the region have been similarly hit and the future viability of many island nations must be in doubt. They have nowhere to run, unlike Florida where eventually the whole population will have to depart north every hurricane season, only to return to mud and debris. Cleaners will become the new rich class. If this were a once-a-century event like they used to be, it would be something people could recover from, but every year? Do you build houses to try to withstand the onslaught, or make them cheaper, expendable and replaceable? Instant inflateable housing perhaps, take it down and put it in the boot of the car when the going gets rough. They could be tethered like tents for the duration, and packed away for the evacuation. Don't hear so many voices questioning global warming any more. My flood picture collection is set to grow and grow.

Tuesday 21 September 2004 - warmer and wetter

Blue mussels, which normally favour warmer waters off France or the eastern United States, were discovered last month off Norway's Svalbard archipelago in waters that are covered with ice most of the year. 'The climate is changing fast,' said Geir Johnsen, a professor at the Norwegian University for Science and Technology who was among experts who found the bivalves. Molluscs were a 'very good indicator that the climate is warming,' he said.

While so many parts of the planet are under water, here in Herefordshire it's been a hot, wet summer and as a result every tree and bush is smothered in fruit, so it should be a well-fed winter for the wildlife, which must have suffered last winter with so little food around after a hot dry summer. The weather has been so good, that I've recently found a number of empty bird's egg shells, evidence that some have decided on a second go this year. This is unusual in September, but not as unusual as mussels at the north pole.

Bliar has tried asserting that this is another war, nothing to do with the 'other' war last year, but a brand new one. No one seems to believe him. This war wan't of his choosing, he wanted everything to be neat and tidy in Iraq after being blasted into rubble, but clearly Muslims aren't neat and tidy and have started another war just to spite him and the monkey. Bloody inconsiderate when they're both facing elections, just can't rely on jihadists to do the right thing. Time was when a war finished properly with a capitulation, exchange of documents and entry of vanquished into court for being beastly. Now the bastards just won't admit they're beaten and keep coming back for more like a Monty Python sketch. All Iraq needs now is major flooding. The Marsh Arabs would then come into their own and suicide rafts would become the weapon of choice, sneaking up on unsuspecting Americans in their armoured dinghys and puncturing more than their pride.

Thursday 16 September 2004 - I've never been so pro police in my life

Not only did the uglies invade Parliament, but they thought they would get pushy and violent against the metropolitan police. This was a mistake as any 'stop-the-city' or 'class war' protester could have told them, and the sight of the ones usually doing the bullying in the countryside getting smashed about the head with truncheons was truly gratifying to watch and quite made my day. The police did a splendid job, though I would have liked to see some mounted ones crashing through the tweed-infested ranks, along with water cannon to ensure their trip back to the country was sodden and cold. There will have to be a national hunt task force to tackle them in the future as rural police are either in the pocket of the hunt hierarchy or related to them, and have in the past been only too willing to arrest hunt saboteurs on the instructions of the 'master'. Now, the boot will be on the other foot and hopefully kicking the head in of terrier-men everywhere. They were much in evidence in the violent sections of the pro-hunt march, and bleating madly when they saw blood that wasn't some defenceless animal's but their own. Heard one complain the police were animals, ah but animals that fight back huh?

Terrier men aren't content to go out with a hunt now and then, they are out most nights with torches, shotguns and Jack Russels, wearing balaclavas and camouflage jackets, making life a misery for badgers and foxes alike, neither of whom pose any threat to flesh farmers despite what is claimed by the hunt apologists. Real farmers, the ones who grow food, despise hunts and won't have them on their land, which is why they are mostly concentrated in the meat raising areas where hillsides are too steep to drive a combine. Despite being a protected species, badgers are constantly under threat from these unspeakables, and you often see the carcases beside the roads where they dump them after a night of 'sport' so they look like road kills. Evidence collected by badger groups has proved that none of them are road kills, badgers are too bright to step in front of a car, but have been killed by dogs and guns before being dumped. This is already against the law, so it's going to be difficult policing the hunt ban as well without new resources and public co-operation. I shall certainly do my bit to shop them to the police. They claim they all want to be arrested, well that can be arranged.

I know these people, I have spent many years living in the countryside and have observed the networks of rurals which sustain this backward, degenerate 'culture'. Newcomers are anyone whose grandparents weren't born in the village, anyone who speaks out against them is threatened with violence, they are used to bullying and getting their own way. They are so sick that they abuse their own children by introducing them to their blood lust at an early age. Life has barely changed in many rural areas for hundreds of years, they have not been the beneficiaries of enlightenment and progress, just of handouts from taxpayers, and they actually believe they have the right to continue like this and that no one has the right to an opinion on their depavity. They are totally unaware that it is depraved to want to chase a relatively small creature for miles and then watch it torn to pieces alive by a pack of overexcited dogs. They don't even understand why most people are nauseated by this.

Ivan the terrible is trashing Alabama now and words from Bob Dylan spring to mind [like they do], 'stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again' as Mobile takes the full force and twenty foot high waves come ashore and get familiar with the town. Whether there'll be anything left when the people return is anyone's guess. At this rate, even the Chimp in Chief is going to notice somethin's goin on. Maybe Blur should have a word with him about his newly found belief in global warming, perhaps between them they can declare war on it.

By an odd coincidence the Japanese volcano currently spewing lava and smoke and threatening to explode into more violent activity any day now is called Mount Asama.

Wednesday 15 September 2004 - tally ho

So Fony Blair has discovered that global warming is a threat to the planet and is shocked at the speed at which it is developing. Wasn't he listening for the past two decades? Has he been too busy furthering his career, socialising with dodgy businessmen and planning boys own wars to notice the environmental catastrophe unfolding? Now, he's lecturing Europe and planning to provide 'leadership' in this area, when most of Europe is way ahead of the UK in environmental policy, and the last decades have seen the UK forced to act by the EU, for instance with recycling. Renewable energy is far more advanced in Italy, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium, yet Blur is going to provide leadership to recalcitrant Europe.

This kind of dozy, arrogant and dishonest attitude is why most of the world finds the UK a joke these days. What must be understood though, is that this is all empty rhetoric aimed at the next election to suck in the more gullible of the greenish voters, and has nothing to do with any action the government might take to actually address global warming, which until relatively recently was still being discussed in the UK media and government as an interesting theory and which still isn't being addressed. They just hate to have to admit that the hippies were right all along. First it was the ozone layer, then recycling, then it was nuclear power versus wind power, then cannabis, pollution, agro-chemical farming versus organic. The list goes on, the story is always the same; ignore for years, dismiss for decades, ridicule and sideline, and then eventually adopt whilst claiming the credit as if no one else had thought of it until the wonderful political suits did. If he wanted to actually do something, he could provide grants to all householders to install solar panels on every roof in the country. This would actually be highly cost effective, would stimulate the solar industry including the installation side - loads of jobs - and would contribute the equivalent of a dozen nuclear plants to the national grid, and reduce everyone's electricity bills while reducing the pressure on the grid to provide peak power as needed. Electricity providers are already allowing consumers who have installed renewable generators at their own expense to feed excess power into the grid, and are paying for it at the going rate.

At long last foxhunting is about to get the chop, again as a sop to electors with an election looming. The ugly people are gathering in London as a last-ditch attempt at bullying [it's all they know] and I think Special Branch should be photographing them all in readyness for when they break the law as they claim they will. It's up to everyone in the country to report any illegal activities to the police, we'll see if these creeps actually have the bottle when it comes to going to prison. I hope they do, the countryside would be a nicer place if this inbred, ignorant bunch of sadists were removed for a while. Hunting with dogs isn't the end of it however, there still remains the problem of the number of guns in the hands of people who like to kill, and the continuing holocaust of wildlife that continues every day and night. After the Dunblane massacre, the anti-gun backlash only succeeded in banning guns mostly used for target practice rather than slaughter, and the rural peasants were still allowed to own their shotguns on the spurious grounds that 'pests' needed to be controlled. Anyone with an understanding of ecology knows that species numbers are controlled by environmental factors such as availability of food, and no amount of killing ever resulted in any of the target species numbers reducing.

Tuesday 14 September 2004 - swimming or non swimming?

The picture below taken in Dhaka, Bangladesh today shows what we are all in for in the near future. 74% of people in the UK think that wind farms are necessary to help us meet current and future energy needs. Unfortunately, their voices are not often heard. If you're in favour of wind energy, it's time to show your support:A new campaign has started in the UK to get the government to take wind power seriously. Wind power in the UK already generates enough energy to power half a million homes. It is creating thousands of new jobs, and is cheap, efficient and clean. A wind turbine produces electricity 70-80% of the time and only 3,500 additional modern wind turbines are needed for wind to supply the bulk of the country's 10% renewable target, the first step in building a future powered by renewable energy. One modern wind turbine saves over 4,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. Embrace the Revolution is a new campaign by the British Wind Energy Association asking people to sign up on the website to support them in their lobbying of government. High profile rich Nimbys like Noel Edmonds and David Bellamy are campaigning against wind generation and get more notice than they deserve for their lies and distortions. It's up to everyone who supports renewables to counter this by signing up in support of the BWEA. It takes only a couple of seconds and for your effort you get your name on a new wind turbine in 2005!

Thursday 9 September 2004 smoking or non-smoking

The anti-smoking lobby [health fascists] are gaining ground in the UK and pushing now for bans in public places. A recent survey found more than 50% of the public would welcome a ban, and around the same amount even wanted a ban on selling tobacco. These are clearly the section of the population who don't do thinking as the likely increase in crime from making tobacco illegal is obvious given the track record of other drugs. Interestingly, another recent report drawn from air sampling that's been carried out for a decades in several cities, found that the air in London was equivalent to smoking 40 a day, in Norwich it was 20 a day, and in Oxford a staggering 60 a day. This is for all people breathing in those cities, so kids too. The pollution is mostly from vehicles, but we won't hear these people calling for a ban on those. Clearly heavy smokers in any of these places are in danger, but so are non-smokers, and it's contentious how much smoking actually adds to the pollution being breathed in to increase the risk. If anyone was really interested in people's health, rather than making life miserable for tobacco addicts, they would be tackling the take up of smoking by children, most smokers wish they'd never started. I find particularly tasteless the anti-smoking ads on TV which feature people on the brink of dying from lung cancer, not something someone with lung cancer wants to see day after day, and they are only likely to make smokers more nervous and wanting to smoke more. But no, the health fascists want victims to pick on, and smokers are such a perfect target. Unlike obese people who are not to be criticised or ridiculed let alone attacked and banned from restaurants, but who are clearly responsible for their own predicament. You are what you eat.

Sunday 5 September 2004 - stormy weather and summertime

Since hurricanes have been going on for a long time, long before the US was occupied by immigrants, I find it surprising that when they decided to electrify Florida, a state which gets more than most, they decided to stick the wires up on tall poles and often close to trees which tend to blow over in 100mph winds. Frances has so far cut off power to 2 million homes and will doubtless cause more damage before it departs, and then the poles will be re-erected and the cables slung in readiness for the next one. It's as if the 'white man' disease of thinking he can overcome nature and just rebuild is at its most ludicrous here. Living in a mobile home in these circumstances seems the height of folly. This isn't living with nature's surprises, it's a reckless absense of forward thinking. This time it looks like rain will be a problem as Frances is slow moving and will deposit in excess of a foot of rain. I think I'll start a collection of flood pictures. It will grow and grow.

The Russians come up with their usual incompetent response to terrorists occupying a school, and end up firing mortars and tank shells into a building they know has thousands of people, mostly children in. If you translate 'war on terror' into Third World War or Oil Wars, Putin is correct to say [although for other reasons than truthfulness] that it's part of the war on terror as it's still about oil, or Chechnya would have been free of Russian rule long ago. Chechnya's oil reserves come uppermost over the lives of children whose deaths are at most an 'inconvenience', and it's this attitude which breeds terrorism. That it happened in the neighbouring 'state' of Osettia, adds an ethnic element that might result in internal wars between states in this region, and out of the control of Moscow. The non-Muslim states of the former USSR empire have now been integrated into the 'Christian' west of the EU, which must seem further evidence to young men educated in madrassas that the conspiracy against Muslims is real.

The funeral of a close friend was different in many respects from the usual black funereal affair one normally feels compelled to attend and which is a relief when over. A moving mix of tears and laughter, the humanist 'officiator' had taken time talking with the family to get to know the deceased, Rod, and his remarks reflected this especially when one is more used to disinterested vicars with their sing-song delivery. Clothes were as varied as the ethnic mix of people, all there because they loved and respected the man, and had been touched by him in some way. The coffin was hand made from wicker, a natural organic product with a long history in this island, and topped with pile of hundreds of sunflowers which everyone was invited to take one from, and a wreath of oak, mistletoe and ivy, all symbolically rooted in our pagan past and gathered from the fields of Herefordshire the morning before. Miles Davis [Summertime was particularly apt as it was a brilliant, hot day] and Van Morrison gave musical accompaniment rather than turgid hymns about salvation. Kids switched from sad faced to happy and back again like butterflies' wings, rather than being scared by the whole threatening and tearful event because even the adults they depend on for their security seem cowed by it. He was every child's father and then grandfather and would have laughed his big laugh at all of it. Afterwards, people swapped stories and hugs, tears sprang up unbidden and turned back to laughter, and he was present and real there in a celebration of his life, and there's not much more you can say except it was a good 'un like him.

Thursday 2 September 2004 - here comes Frances

And what a beauty. This is likely to be another big one and due to hit Florida [where else] on Friday or Saturday. Crampons at the ready.

Pity the Republican convention isn't taking place there, chance of the core slime being whisked into orbit would make a great news story ... Cheney sighted at 5,000 feet heading for Cuba ... Rumsfeld giggles as he is blown out to sea ... Bush claims Saddam Hussein is behind it and orders yet more innocent Iraqis slaughtered ... massed Republican happy clappies deposited in Afghanistan to the delight of Taliban remnants ... Michael Moore reveals the hurricane is a Rumsfeld conspiracy to get sympathy for the Republicans. Still, there's always a chance the scum will inhale enough asbestos while in NYC that the party will be decimated and take many years to recover while the environment recovers from the onslaught Bush and gang have waged against it.

There are so many countries experiencing flooding this year; crops lost, people wading about in mud and faeces, houses washed away, villages inundated, hillsides becoming hillslides. Much of the UK's cereal crop has been lost of damaged to such an extent it's barely worth harvesting, I'm just amazed there's the appetite for wars when so much is going down. They talk about food price rises as if that's the only consequence of lost harvests. And Africa is starting to experience the first phase of the great 2004 locust swarm, just stocking up and having sex now, but in six weeks when the billions of hungry baby locusts appear, the real eatfest will start ... recipes for locust, now there's an idea for a book.

Wednesday 1 September 2004 - Is this New York or Nuremburg?

The Third Reich style rally going on in New York, otherwise known as the Republican convention, is dredging deep into the fascist hinterland this year with more sick-making holier-than-thou platitudes per square inch of brain matter than ever before. These are the real simpletons, who apparently make up half of the US population, and god drips from their stupid lips constantly, in fact, some can't talk of anything else. This is a party which gives a bad smell to the word republic, and just loves an ageing fascist terminator who trots out the phrases they want to hear with monotonous regularity as if they meant something. There's something so deeply insincere in republican's sincerity that it's almost like a different planet where everything is reversed. They are so far to the right they make the UK's National Front seem like wooly liberals. It's all down to the type of immigrants their ancestors were, and god is the clue; they were the out and out religious rabids Europe was just fed up with and wanted gone.

First they set about the genocide of the indiginous people, then set up slavery from Africa to build profits and save them having to lift a finger, then embarked on a foreign policy which revolves round interfering in other countries if they don't like the way they're doing things. And the phrase they use most is 'the American dream', which is turning out to be a nightmare for the rest of the world which now waits in hope that the sane intelligent Americans get it together and get rid of the monkey, who's only a puppet for the really evil bastards like Cheney and Rumsfeld, and barely knows what's going on. I hear that as his popularity has nose-dived and he's come in for mounting criticism, he sulks around the whitehouse, slamming doors, throwing objects at staff and abusing them in the vilest language any president has ever used. Seems his thick wifey is his only friend these days, but the ones running the show find him a useful front man. No one honestly cares what Kerry is like, or how charismatic he is or isn't, I'd prefer a lump of wood to Bushmonkey, so anything better is a bonus. The world waits to see if America will come to its senses, but without a huge deal of hope.

My google ads have only made me $45 so far, and they don't pay until it's a $100, so way to go. Unfortunately, ISPs tend to like to be paid. Short of a steep rise in my e-book sales, or a lottery win, I have nothing to rely on in the short term.




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