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CD production

We can design and produce a CD to your requirements, including printed disc and sleeve/case, and containing presentations, graphics, photographs, animations, music, or combinations of all. Starting from scratch, we can create a presentation from your supplied materials or ideas and supply it on CD. Or a complete book can be created as a PDF e-book on CD. Email us with your ideas and we'll take it from there. Full consultation throughout so you get what you want.

We can produce the finished CD in numbers up to 50, or arrange bulk printing with a specialised service if larger quantities are required.CDs are a modern, convenient way of presenting information, be it a book, manual, database, Flash presentation or price list. An integrated CD and sleeve with specially designed artwork can present your product in the best possible light. As all projects vary widely, price will reflect this and will be worked out with you before commencement.



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Password Publishing has a strict environmental code; everything used is recycled at the end of its life from the obvious paper, to light bulbs, ink catridges and CDs. We use 100% recycled paper, and run everything on 100% renewable energy from Good Energy We avoid using more paper than necessary by doing everything electronically throughout the publishing process from word processor files to PDFs.