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Cover design

If you need a cover design for your book, we will produce a range of samples and ideas and allow you to guide the design process until you are happy with it. A full colour visual will be created to view onscreen, and, when finalised, a completed printer file with calculated spine width added [page count needed for this, so it has to be done when the book is almost completed and the final page extent known] and the colours balanced for optimal printing.

Photographs and other visual material can be scanned and used, along with non-copyrighted, purchased stock photos or public domain graphics as well as your own supplied picture files. Transparencies and film negatives can also be scanned at high resolution for use in either the cover design or within the book as illustrations.If you know exactly what you want, we will faithfully reproduce it to your exact specifications.

Our charge for cover design is £100 per cover for both black and white or colour which includes final files for print including spine and back cover. This service can be used either together with a book production package or on its own if this is all you require.




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Password Publishing has a strict environmental code; everything used is recycled at the end of its life from the obvious paper, to light bulbs, ink catridges and CDs. We use 100% recycled paper, and run everything on 100% renewable energy from Good Energy We avoid using more paper than necessary by doing everything electronically throughout the publishing process from word processor files to PDFs.