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We are first and foremost dog lovers

We are also experienced dog owners, with decades of experience and knowledge on how to care for a dog. We are only too aware that many people get a dog on a whim; perhaps as a birthday or Christmas present, or after watching a TV programme or film on dogs - Dalmation puppies were bought in huge numbers as a result of the film 101 Dalmations, without the slightest regard for the needs of a large, active dog, and as a result many of them ended up in rescue centres.

The puppy is initially all that was expected, but then it starts 'misbehaving', or in other words, being a natural pup, which is messy and destructive. The people get annoyed and shout at the puppy, terrorising it and causing it to urinate, leading to more shouting, the puppy becomes more confused and fearful, wanting to be good, but not knowing how. Before long the pup is consigned to the outdoors, and there, unfortunately, too many stay, filthy from their own excrement, often hungry from insuffiicient or unsuitable food, cold and unloved until the day when the humans decide they no longer want her/him. Having lost the initial puppy charm, they are left with an untrained and unhappy dog who is often dumped to survive on their own as a stray, or handed in to a rescue centre.

It doesn't have to be like that. A properly cared for and trained dog is a joy to live with. They are very intelligent animals, and can learn a lot of things in a very short time, just like human children. But they learn by patience, not shouting; instead of punishment, rewards for 'good' behaviour quickly teach the puppy what is required of it.

We want to make the work of rescue centres redundant. The fewer people who get a dog without knowing anything necessary for its care, well-being, happiness and dietary needs, the less dogs will end up abandoned and in need of this vital work.

Here you will find links to masses of information both from our experience from decades of living with dogs, and from others including professionals who train, care for and rescue dogs. If you then still have any questions, email us and ask, and we will do our very best to provide an answer, or direct you to someone who can. Your questions and the answers will eventually appear in our FAQ pages.

This is a not-for-profit site, created and maintained for the benefit of dogs and their new humans. Donations are always welcome to help with the running costs.


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