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Project management

Our graduate [linguistics and philosophy] project manager is very experienced and much sought after. She will try to fit your title into a slot and you will be well looked after – your book will have a fully professional and meticulous edit with nothing missed, as well as being managed through all the stages from manuscript to final printer files including correspondence with author, supervision of proofreading and adherence to deadlines.

The charge of £20 an hour is value for money, as she is fast as well as efficient, with many years experience editing academic books across a wide range of disciplines and subjects. Books require a project manager if they are not to drag on for months or with vital stages missed or inadequately dealt with. Authors appreciate someone capable in charge to assuage their quite natural apprehension and guide their book into print. Email the project manager for details and a quote.

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Password Publishing has a strict environmental code; everything used is recycled at the end of its life from the obvious paper, to light bulbs, ink catridges and CDs. We use 100% recycled paper, and run everything on 100% renewable energy from Good Energy We avoid using more paper than necessary by doing everything electronically throughout the publishing process from word processor files to PDFs.