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We offer professional proofreading, always necessary however many times the document has been read, or how many different, unqualified, people have read it. The job of the proofreader is to check that all edits marked on the typescript have been acted on by the typesetter, check pages for numbering and that superscript references in the text are present and the references they refer to are the right ones, check all headers are correct for their chapters, spot anything that has hitherto been missed by the author/editor, and advise on anything else which they think should be drawn to the editor's or author's attention. Much embarrassment can be saved with a thorough proofread.

The charge for proofreading is £16 per hour, but can be based on a page price if required [ask for details]. Proofing is sometimes done by a copy editor, but will usually be done by an independent professional reader with proven track record and many years' experience.

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Password Publishing has a strict environmental code; everything used is recycled at the end of its life from the obvious paper, to light bulbs, ink catridges and CDs. We use 100% recycled paper, and run everything on 100% renewable energy from Good Energy We avoid using more paper than necessary by doing everything electronically throughout the publishing process from word processor files to PDFs.




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