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Welcome to Wild Bird Seed

Here we supply information on feeding wild birds; what they like, where to buy etc.

We also review and feature bird feeders, nesting boxes, bird baths and other items designed for wild birds, along with feed suppliers and advice on caring for wild birds.

Each species of wild bird has different needs according to their natural diet. We offer advice and contacts to further improve your care for wild birds and your enjoyment of them.

There are also articles about wild birds, personal experiences with wild birds, and lots of pictures [of wild birds]!

Even the smallest garden can attract wild birds, all you need is the right food, and they will find you. If you put food out regularly, they will get in the habit of calling by, and some might even nest in your garden if it has suitable trees, enabling you to assist with feeding and raising the young.

Not all wild birds eat seed, some prefer insects, some nuts, and others mostly fruit. Most will eat bread, but don't overdo it just because you have a lot of leftover bread. Stale bread should be softened with water first so that they get some moisture as well or they could suffer dehydration.

Fruit, such as windfalls or bruised apples and pears, are popular with blackbirds and thrushes, and also attracts winter visitors like fieldfare and redwing. Remember to soak dried fruit in water before leaving outside.

You can choose which wild birds to attract to your garden with the food you supply. Providing a year-round supply of food and water in your garden, you can help compensate for the devastation of wild birds' natural habitats and food supplies.

In the UK, gardens are said to make up more than twice the area of land occupied by nature reserves which illustrates why we need to make them effective sanctuaries for wild birds.

The most likely wild birds you will see as visitors, in no particular order as it depends on where you live:

Starling - Sparrow - Collared Dove - Magpie - Crow - Wood Pigeon - Blue Tit - Pied Wagtail - Blackbird - House Sparrow - Warbler - Jackdaw - Great Tit - Goldfinch - Thrush - Wren - Greenfinch - Robin - Heron - Bullfinch - Siskin - Blackcap - Goldcrest - Sparrowhawk - Dunnock - Long-Tailed Tit - Green Woodpecker - Red Kite

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